Chapter 1

Sasuke back-flipped and landed on a jagged rock. He then jumped back up to punch Naruto in the face, hard. He crashed into several rocks. Naruto jumped up and started to run, mirroring Sasuke. Sasuke then punched him again so he flew into the fence with a grunt. Sasuke began to repeatedly punch Naruto, as though he was a punching bag.

With a kick, Naruto freed himself and began to attack Sasuke again. Naruto then sent some Kage Bunshin to attack Sasuke. It was from pure rage he found the will to do this this.

Several punches, kicks, and spins later Sasuke defeated all the shadow clones. "Teme!" Naruto shouted.

"Katon! Goukakyuu no Jutsu!" Yelled Sasuke while a huge fireball came from his mouth. He suddenly heard chirping noises. Sasuke had powered up his Chidori and was no longer holding back. Naruto formed his Rasengan, deciding to end it for all, thinking about how this started in the first place.


Naruto had finally learnt how to summon Kyubbi, with the help of Killer Bee. He had only just managed to escape from Madara, when killer bee had taken the blow for him. It was obvious they were losing, Naruto saw Hinata, Kiba and Shino on the ground with blood everywhere. "No," Naruto whispered. He looked around and found Sakura , he ran to her and dropped to his knees, "Not you as well!" Naruto was paralysed, "No, this wasn't happening," he thought, he promised he'd protect the village and his friends, but he'd failed! He shut his eyes as tears began to form. Sakura was like a sister. "Only if Sasuke hadn't left!" he muttered. He turned to see Team 10, lying together as if they were sleeping only they weren't. It was a massacre, there was blood and cut limbs everywhere. He couldn't recognise konoha anymore. There was a large hole instead of buildings. He heard a cough, Naruto ran towards it, glad that someone was alive. He got there and shouted, "Kakashi-sensei," his mask was torn off showing his face, there was blood coming out of his chest Naruto didn't notice anything as he ran to his sensei's side. "N-naruto yo-you," he coughed as more blood came out of his mouth.

Tears were freely falling from Naruto's face now, "Don't die, no, don't leave me!"

"N-naruto, I a-am very p-pr-proud of you, y-your f-fa-father would be h-happy," Kakashi closed his eyes and didn't move.

"Nooooooooo," naruto screamed, heavy loud sobs hurting his chest. He was alone now, everyone he cared about were dead.

There was a chuckling , behind him. He turned, his eyes flickering from blue to red. There was Sasuke holding his sword. "ku kuku ku," Sasuke mocked him. Naruto screamed, "teme!" and leapt at Sasuke.


Sasuke and Naruto were charging towards each other, with murder in their eyes.

'I can't stop!' Naruto realized in horror as his rasengan was going straight to Sasuke's chest. Sasuke was the only one left, his best friend, his comrade, even though he turned traitor.

The Chidori hit Naruto as well. They both fell, together.

Everything slowed. Naruto and Sasuke stared at each in realization, it was the end, for both of them.

Naruto struggled, kyubi couldn't heal him, the hit was too deep. "no, I cant die yet, Madara isn't dead yet, no," Naruto turned to face Sasuke, who was struggling as well.

As his vision began to fade, he whispered to Sasuke, "w-we both failed, huh…"

Sasuke gave a strangled cough, and replied, "Dobe…" he brought his hand to Naruto's hair and played with a few strands, he'd never noticed before, Naruto's hair was golden, like the sun.

As both of their visions faded, they her a loud roar and someone saying, "I won't die like this," and a red flash invaded their vision, before nothing.

To be continued….