Chapter 6

Ichigo stared, as he listened to the unbelievable story being told by the so called ninja. It was surreal, almost impossible to imagine. If he hadn't heard of Soul Society, he would have a hard time believing this.

'He must be lying,' Ichigo thought, he tried to feel the blonde's reaitsu, but instead he felt the a complete different power, not one but two. 'One them must be Kyuubi's' the power was stifling, so Ichigo stopped looking for reaitsu and went back to listening to the orange clad ninja's tale of Villages? Fire Country? Nine tailed foxes? And Kyuubi was this fox?

Last thing he heard was that Kyuubi was Uruhara's lover, it would be disgusting if Uruhara had a fox for a lover, knowing him that wouldn't be surprising What Ichigo found most surprising was that Uruhara didn't like Women, Ichigo couldn't care less about it.

He stared at Naruto's face as he was talking, his face was open and honest, he displayed his emotions openly, unlike Ichigo who wore a continuous frown on his face. But there was a strange kind of grief in those ocean blue eyes, as if he had suffered great loss, then Ichigo suddenly remembered, the ninja had cried out that everyone was dead, before they had to knock him out.

Ichigo suddenly had a new found respect for the orange clad ninja, for how he dealt with the loss, he had just put on a mask of happiness so he doesn't affect others, even Ichigo couldn't do that, he hid by frowns, they were both similar in many ways.

Ichigo went back to paying attention as Naruto started to say something else, "Kyuubi said that I would automatically be sent back to Konoha in a week, as soon as he gets all his chakra back," he scratched his head and tilted it to the side, deciding weather to tell them or not, he nodded to himself as he came to a decision and spoke out loud, "The problem is that I have a high chance of ending up in my past self's body, Kyuubi did say that I should keep my abilities and memories."

Rukia was amazed, time travel, was possible, it was unimaginable.

Naruto was felling sympathetic, he had gotten attached to the shopkeeper and the fox, and felt great sadness for them, never being able to meet again. It was bittersweet.

Before Naruto could sink into more depressing thoughts, Uruhara spoke up, "I have been researching a way to get into your world, Naruto-kun, and I might have found a way, all that's left is that it would have to be tested." Naruto cheered up at that, but then he realised, Kyuubi was sealed inside him and how exactly were they going to get him out.

Before he could voice this problem out loud , Yoruichi put her arm around Uruhara and teased, "Kisuke-kun had been working on the portals for the past few hundred years."

As soon as she said that, there was a massive killing intent coming from Naruto, they all focused on Naruto and gave him confused looks. Only Uruhara and Yoruichi were standing still and looked as if nothing extraordinary was happening,

Ichigo realised that the killing intent was coming from the strange red power he sensed from within Naruto, not from Naruto.

The ground was shaking, debris was falling from the rooftop, some cutlery fell to the floor and smashed. They had all taken their weapons out, ready to defend themselves in case.

Ichigo frowned, whatever was happening, wasn't good.

To be continued…

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