Nessie POV

Technically, I am only nine, going on ten. But on the outside, I am estimated at the age of 19, and my boyfriend is a werewolf.

I can't remember life without him, only the first few minutes in Edward's arms and then Rosalie's arms, and then my life was full of love - Jacob Black. I knew his secrets and his supernatural life. How lucky was I that such a wonderful person imprinted on me?

But no - one was expecting what was going to happen next.

Me and Jake were walking in the meadow my parents loved. It was silent, apart from the trees and the birds fluttering in the sky. We sat down on the grass, with flowers blossoming around us.

"Renesmee," Jacob said as we layed in the flowers.


Jacob laughed awkwardly. I sat up, flowers tangling in my hair. "Whats wrong?"

Jacob understood my alarm. "No, don't worry," He said. "Nothings wrong."

"Then what, Jake?"

"Renesmee Carlie Cullen, would you make me the happiest person in the world, and marry me?" He was on one knee at this point, holding a ring in his hand with three glittering diamonds. They twisted around each other.

I was speechless. Jacob looked at me worriedly. "Oh, you don't like it? T-thats fine. I'll go down to town and go get you a new one. Which colour do you like? Gold or-"

"Shh," I said, gazing down at the adorible ring. I bent down and slid it onto my third finger. I touched his cheek. Of course I'll marry you, Jacob!

Jacob stood up, wrapped his arms around my waist and spun me round. I wrapped my arms around his neck. "I love you, Jake."

"Same here," He laughed, and spun me round once more.

He changed into a wolf and I leaped onto his back, something I had done since I was small. We charged back to the Cullen house to tell them the news.

Jacob changed back, and we walked into the house. My mother and father where sat on the sofa, Rosalie was getting her her done by Alice, Emmett was reading some magazine on the stairs, and Jasper was talking to Carlisle whilst Esme read a book. They all stopped, apart from Alice who smiled at me but kept braiding.

"Hey, Nessie," Rosalie greeted me as I stepped inside.

"Hey." I said, putting my arms behind my back so they didn't spot the ring and guess. "I've got something to tell you."

Esme looked up from his book. The TV was muted. "Yes?"

"Jacob proposed," I grinned, bringing my hands to the front of my body. "And I said yes!"

They were silent for a moment before Alice darted over. "Right. OK. We'll have a wonderful wedding, don't you worry! We can have it here again! That'll be fun, right? I'd better get shopping! I'll need a new dress, Rose, you can come with me! Oh, this is so great!" Alice hugged me excitedly and headed out of the door with Rosalie.

My mother came over and kissed me. "Oh, Nessie, aren't you a bit young?"

I shook my head. "We would get married when I'm older anyway. Why not now?"

My father stood up. "Jacob, word?" He said, and I looked at him worriedly. He saw my alarm and smiled.

I watched as my husband-to-be and my Dad walked into the woods.