I should never say never about not doing a sequel.

Guess what? I'm doing a sequel. I was inspired by how easily the Dear Spock Universe fits in with what happened in STID. Not only that, it actually makes the film make more sense.

This is a tiny taste/bonus feature.

This does contain spoilers for STID

As mentioned before, I am horrible at star dates and therefore will not be using them. For the sake of making everything cohesive we are going to assume that our villain destroyed the Kelvin Memorial Archives in early June 2259 instead of February 2259.

From: SpockX

To: mental_health_help_desk_Suarez

Subject: I am concerned about James and I am uncomfortable speaking about this with your replacement Dr. Cruz.

Time sent: 6/4/2259 22:42:01

I apologize for not writing you sooner but several things have happened since the ship was forced to leave the Vulcan colony early due to the situation on Nibiru and communication has not been possible. The mission was a success in the sense that we were able to preserve the inhabitants. However, we were not able to do so without violating multiple Starfleet regulations including the prime directive. We had no choice but to be completely honest in regards to what happened due to the presence of your replacement Dr. Cruz. Because of this and the doctor's assessment of our partnership, it was deemed that James and myself can no longer serve together on the same ship. I am being reassigned to the Bradbury. James has been demoted to the rank of commander and will be serving as first officer on Enterprise under Adm. Pike. Obviously, neither of us is pleased with this situation.

After an altercation in Adm. Pike's office, where both of us said things that were inappropriate, James disappeared, leaving me to entertain his brother for the evening. I am certain he is at the drinking establishment three blocks away from our temporary lodging. I do not believe he wishes to speak with me right now. However, I believe that he would be willing to speak to you. It is imperative that you talk to him right away before he does something self-destructive.

From: mental_health_help_desk_Suarez

To: SpockX

Subject: We really do need to talk but not in an e-mail

Time sent: 6/4/2259 22:59:55

He is not the only one that needs to talk to me. I just read a very interesting e-mail from James. We are so scheduling a conference call, because you sacrificing yourself for the 'greater good' is still suicidal behavior. I really thought you had moved past that. Barring Federation Catastrophe, I expect you and your Jim to be on my screen tomorrow at 9 AM your time.

In the meantime, talk to (or e-mail) your fiancé. He is just as worried about you as you are about him.

To be continued in Dear James

Summary: 'Happily ever after' is not an endpoint but rather a state that needs constant maintenance. Set during the events of a slightly AU STID. This is the story of dealing with all the unpleasant stuff between our protagonist saving the day and the start of the five-year mission. Getting out of the darkness will require a lot of hard work, as well as total honesty, even when it's painful.

Pairings: Established and trying to keep it that way K/S, and it's complicated U/M.

now available at fanfiction dot net / s/9437589/1/Dear-James

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