Harry sat slumped over a bar, somewhere in Berlin, head in his hands, already on his seventh pint of beer. Somewhere in this city, Persie was hiding, and he was going to find her, take her back to 165 Eton Place. He wasn't saying that because he believed in all that crap about true love, he knew she was alive for the simple reason that Sir Hallam had received a telephone call from her, frantic and distressed, as the Allied troops descended on Berlin.

He had truly thought that he had found the woman he loved enough to marry in Persie. Hell, he knew he never could have married her, she was minor aristocracy, he was a chauffeur. Her family owned a castle for Christ's sake, and all he owned was a rundown cottage in the middle of nowhere. But he had thought that she was the person he would have married, when the new world order was introduced, and the class barriers broken down.

He hadn't realised how wrong he was.

The new world order wasn't right, it wasn't good, hell; it was the very thing he had spent the last six years fighting against. Persie wasn't who he thought she was either, but maybe that was his fault, in a way. If only he hadn't gone to that damn meeting, let her go inside, take her to the march. If he'd just told Sir Hallam what had been going on earlier then maybe this whole mess could have been avoided.

As it was, Persie left, moved to Berlin. She lived the high life for two, three years, surrounded by handsome officers, thought of affectionately as a surrogate daughter by Hitler. He had even heard rumours that she had married some high up SS officer, but Sir Hallam had dismissed those rumours as woefully untrue.

He was going to find her though, he was going to find her and take her back, show her the nephew she had but had never met. Show her Lotte, flourishing at boarding school and coming back to visit every holiday happy and smiling. Ask her how she could bear to idolise people who would have killed Lotte without a second thought, just because of the religion she had been born into.

Oh yes, he was going to bring her back, alright.