Awakened By Despair

By: Phoenix Ride

Ch.1: Powerless

I was so sure I could help. I was so sure I could be of some use to my friends, and help them take down the Ark Cradle. But now, during this duel with Aporia, I'm starting to see myself as a burden to this team. Just a joke of a duelist people decided to adopt, and let him hang with them out of pity.

After all, I'm not Signers like them, what other reason would they need to pity me? I looked back and forth between the two Signers beside me. Jack and Luna had both taken heavy damage all becuase of me.

I tried my best to support my teammates and just ended up mutliplying the pain I was trying to erase. No matter what stragety I had layed out, Aporia had a counter move for each one, and used it to his advantage.

My heart stung with saddness, at seeing how powerless I really was. I promised that I would protect Ruka and help Jack take down Aporia, but I failed. I failed to keep my word.

Aporia grinned at my despair as he began his turn, summoning to the field what seemed like a minature version of Machine Emperor Grannel. Using it's specail abilty, Luna's Armored Bear monster was flung to the ground, and it's defense points were decreased to 700.

He wasn't done by a long shot. Using the minature version of Machine Emperor Wiesel, he sliced Jack's Red Dragon Archfiend in half. Because it had no attack points Jack's lifepoints took a major hit. A hit that wouldn't have occured if I hadn't been such a lousy duelist.

Jack's life points were decreased to 700, and at first it looked like he astianed no pyshical damage, but that thing on his chest had other plans. Aporia's sick little device was attached to all our chests, with needles digging striaght into our hearts. We had been warned that if our life points reached zero, it wouldn't just be the duel that was over, our lives would end too.

The device on Jack's chest started pulsing red, and he fell to the floor severly injured. Seeing Jack in pain was bad enough, but then Aporia decided to go after Luna.

Using his minature versions of Machine Emperor Skiel and Grannel he attacked her without mercy. I begged for him to stop his attack, but my words fell on deaf ears, and I could only watch helplessly as my sister collasped on the floor, her life points decreased to 200.

"Luna!" I cried.

I tried to reach my sister and make sure she was alright, but the shackle that Aporia placed around my foot, prevented me from getting anywhere near her. My heart about snapped in two when I looked at the two unconious Signers.

"Luna. Jack" I cried in my mind " I'm sorry I failed you,"

" Do you feel it boy?" said Aporia, his words echoing in my thoughts " all the happiness gone in your heart? Your hopes and dreams crushed into powder? The heart is as worthless as the emotion it carries. Hopes and dreams are what leads to worthless future where no emotion resides. Feel it boy, this is Despair,"

I sank down to my knees as he ended his turn, my body paralyzed by the saddness inflicting my heart. Jack and Luna had been severly hurt thanks to my foolish support. Maybe I should have never come with them to the Ark Cradle in the first place. They might have done a better job againist Aporia without my help. I'm the one who caused them to get hurt.

"My foolish dreams!" I yelled in my mind " I should have let them be buried long ago. I'm as worthless as my heart. I'm no protector, I'm a burden, and I deserve to die,"

And with that thought in mind, my tears fell to the floor.