Ch.3: Burning Heart

Fear shown in Aporia's eyes has he beheld the might of my Life Stream Dragon. Me and Jack stood ready for any move the villian had to make. Luna was still on the ground, breathing hard. Her life points were at 65 and dropping. Aporia finally decided to make his move.

"Divine Dragon Asterisk's effect activates" said Aporia " whenever a player synchro summons a monster, that player takes 2000 points of damage,"

Asterisk roared and began his attack, but I wasn't going down that easy.

"I activate Life Stream Dragon's effect!" I shouted " as long as it's on the field, all effect damage is negated!"

Life Stream Dragon let out a mighty roar and Asterisk's attack came to halt.

"Furthermore" I said " when Life Stream Dragon is successfully synchro summoned, all players life points that are 2000 or less are restored to 2000!"

Life Stream Dragon's four wings suddenly exploded into a rainbow of colors restoring my, Jack's, and Luna's life points. And just in time too. Luna's life points were almost down to zero by the time I activated this effect. If I had gone another second longer, she would have been dead.

My heart cheered with joy as Luna stood back on her feet, looking confused at how she had gotten there. Her eyes met Life Stream Dragon, and widened in shock. The shocked expression only grew worse when she saw the Signer mark glowing on my arm, and the fact that I was no longer dead.

Embrassed, I tried to explian the situation to her, but she just shrugged it off and told me how proud she was. I swear I could hear Jack giggle silently as we talked. It was rare for him to see me and Luna having a sibling moment like this.

Aporia's voice suddenly decided to cut through the cheerful reunion, and focused our minds back on the duel.

"This doesn't change anything you hear me!" said Aporia " just becuase your life points have increased back to 2000, you still shouldn't have any hope of staying alive,"

"You don't get it do you?" said Jack " you may have lured Leo in with despair. But he turned that despair into hope and awakened his true power. Hope will always overtake despair! Leo evolving into a Signer is proof of that!"

"You're wrong!" said Aporia " that's not true!"

"Life Stream Dragon!" I shouted " attck Divine Dragon Asterisk! Beauty Howl!"

With that said, Life Stream Dragon threw his head back and unleashed a powerful golden beam right at Asterisk. Aporia's monster would have been destroyed if he hadn't sacrificed Skiel Ein to prevent his dragon's destruction. Regardless, his life points still took a major hit, going from 3200 to 1800.

Right after taking that major hit, Aporia activated his Cursed Syrncho trap card. Now neither of us could attack his life points with a synchro monster even if we wanted to. He was really determined not to lose.

I ended my turn by setting down a face down card. Aporia immediately tried to counterattack by activating the ability of his Lock On Laser, but thanks to Life Stream Dragon's effect my life points remained untouched.

Luna stepped up to the plate next. Using her Ancient Fairy Dragon's ability she destroyed Aporia's Fortimisso the Moving Fortress. Chunks from the cieling started raining down all around us, and I swear I could hear Aporia cry out in pain.

Thanks to activation of Ancient Fairy Dragon's effect, Luna's life points rose to 3000, but my sister wasn't done yet. Activating the magic card Synchro Momument, she negated Aporia's Cursed Synchro trap. Now we could attack with Synchro Monsters again.

With the end of her turn, Jack took the lead. Activating the magic card, Descending Lost Star, he resummoned Red Dragon Archfiend to the field in attack mode. The side effect may have cost his dragon a level and all it's defense points, but it was good to see the powerful beast back on the battlefield.

Next, Jack activated the trap card Pot of the Crimson Devil Dragon, allowing him draw two cards. Out of the two cards he drew, he activated the trap Crimson Hell Secure, blasting away all of Aporia's spell and trap cards.

Without Level Cannon and Lock On Laser on the field, Jack could now summon any type of monster he wanted to without taking damage. First, he activated the magic card Call Resonator and brought Creation Resonator to the field. Then, he normal summoned Dread Dragon.

Using the power of double tuning, Jack summoned forth his ultimate beast! Soaring into the field bellowed the awesome might of Scar Red Nova Dragon! Thanks to the four tuner monsters in his graveyard, Jack's dragon's attack points rose from 3500 to 5500. Aporia was finished now!

"Get him Jack!" I yelled.

"Scar. Red Nova Dragon!" yelled Jack " destroy Divine Dragon Asterisk!"

"I won't allow it!" said Aporia " I activate the trap, Chaos Infinity! With this, all monsters switch to attack mode and I get to summon two machine type monsters from my graveyard. I resummon Skiel Ein and Machine Divine Emperpor Infinity!"

With three machine monsters now in attack mode on Aporia's side of the field, Asterisk's attack points soared up like a rocket! Asterisk's attack points were now a whopping 8300! Jack's Red Nova Dragon would be destroyed in an instant!

Quickly, I activated my trap Synchro Big Tornado. Now Asterisk's attack points would be decreased by Life Stream Dragon's defense points. However, there was only one problem with my plan. Life Stream Dragon didn't have enough defense points to power down Asterisk with.

Luckily for me, Luna came to the rescue. Using her trap car, Fairy Plus, she increased Life Stream Dragon's defense points by Ancient Fairy Dragon's defense points. Thanks to our combined efforts, Asterisk lost 5400 attack points, making his strentgh a meager 2900. It was all over now.

"It ends here" said Jack " Scar. Red Nova Dragon! Ultimate Power Force!"

With a big surge of energy, Asterisk was destroyed, and Aporia's life points plummeted down to zero. Our shackles unlocked, and Aporia's devices fell from our chest. The shock of Jack's last attack stopped the planetary gear we were on from turning, and the whole room started to fall apart.

"Quick!" yelled Jack to me and Luna " we have to get out of here!"

Not wasting a second, me and Luna hopped onto Jack's duel runner, and we all flew out of the room before it started to collaspe. My eyes landed back on the room we had just vacated, and widened in shock as they saw Aporia's body start to fall.

His eyes seemed to wiped of all emotion, but on his face was etched the unmistakeable expression of fear. I kind of felt sorry for him as he plummeted to his doom. He had lived his whole life in despair, and now, he was being drowned by it.

"So long Aporia," I whispered in mind.

And with that last thought me, Luna, and Jack sped off towards the center of the Ark Cradle to help Yusei take down Zone once and for all.

The End