Doctor Who: The Dalek Way

'The Adventures of the Eleventh Doctor'

Series Two: Episode Two

Starring Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, and Arthur Darvill, as the Eleventh Doctor, Amy Pond, and Rory Williams -

Chapter 1: Greetings

By Nathan Mullins

The Doctor was strolling home, when he paused and considered - "But one thing's certain, something's seriously wrong. Time is haunting me, and so is this 'filing cabinet'. Whatever it is, it's powerful. We've got to head back to that Ice Structure in the North Atlantic, this instant!"

Wheeze, shudder, murmurs in the darkness, and tantrums from within. The TARDIS was materialising, in and among a crowd. Gasp, after shock, after orders to stand down from the highest of authorities present. Her Majesty took a step forward, judging the blue box by its character and class.

She turned to William Langley, who stood at her side, also admiring the Doctor's craft.

"Open it, William, for this is your moment!"

William felt a sudden rush of excitement snatch hold of his very body, his heart and mind full of excitement, his soul telling of a little fear, just to numb his fears of death anywhere less so in his design.

But as he pulled on the blue box's door, he heard the sudden rumble of someone approach from behind them, and as he tripped backwards, falling over, the door fell open, and out strode a man. A strange man, dressed in strange clothes, braces, and unusual trousers. He wore a dark jacket, a tasteful 'thing', something Her Majesty also admired.

"Were you trying to pull this door free, so you might enter my ship, and disrupt the chaos within?"

The Doctor was shouting, yelling, and demanding an answer from William.

"Yes," was his answer. "But to the second question, I heard but nothing going on in there!"

"There was, Sir," said the Doctor, helping William up, lending him a hand. "There was an argument going down, between my two pals. Their first argument, since they got married a while back, long story."

"Then I'm sorry," said William. "But you've disrupted this party…"

"Otherwise known as a social gathering? I believe we were on the list, I'm the Doctor, and yet to show themselves, are Amy and Rory, my plus one and two."

"Ah yes, sorry," William apologised, turning to face the crowd surrounding him, the Doctor, and the blue box.

"I invited this man, and his friends. In fact, the one message I happened to send into space, thanks to NASA lending a hand, but tell me Doctor, have I got the wrong one?"

The Doctor nodded.

"You addressed the letter to my previous self, but we are one in the same."

"Bravo!" exclaimed William. "This is terrific. What do you think of this place?"

The Doctor surveyed his immediate surroundings.

"An unusual place, a strange place, one of odd occurrences, wouldn't you say Amy, Rory?"

His two companions exited the TARDIS.

"Yes," said Amy. "We were transported via…"

The Doctor covered her mouth, preventing her from speaking, as what she might say may tickle William's wits.

"I'm sorry?" said William. "Please give access to your companion's speech; I gather she was going to say something 'important?'"

"Um, no she wasn't," the Doctor cut in.

"I was," said Amy.

The Doctor turned to face her, his eyes were trying to communicate with hers, and somehow she got his drift.

"Wasn't," she continued.

The Doctor turned back to face William.

"Party on," he said, turning back to face the crowd, who went off, whilst the music rose in volume.

He quickly made one last attempt to speak with Amy, but the Doctor monitored them closely, preventing him from getting a word in. He quickly got the message he was not permitted to speak with his friend.

The Doctor rushed over to her, and asked her –"Are you and Rory alright?"

Amy was sobbing. Real tears streamed down her cheeks.

"Our first argument," she groaned.

"There, there Amy. Couples row, all of the time. It happens, now come on! Rory's waiting for us!"

"Rory's waiting for us?" Amy repeated, thinking how unlikely that statement was.

Rory had gone on ahead of the pair of them. Having been handed the sonic, he had deactivated the force field to the room that stored the pandorica like box, and snooped around that until his friends arrived.

"Ah, well done Rory," said the Doctor, taking his sonic device back. "Now, did anybody follow you here?"

Rory didn't think so.

But still the Doctor felt a presence lurking from behind him. And he was right to consider the option to turn the force field back on should something 'go wrong'.

After that, he tucked his screwdriver away in his breast pocket, and the worries slowly went away.

"Now, to return to this puzzle box, an object so mighty the whole universe wish to get their hands on it, only… we aren't quite sure we know what it is?"

"And we want to know?" asked Rory.

"Yes, of course," replied Amy. "It'll be an adventure, working out what it is, what it does, and what the entire universe wish to use it for, aye?"

The Doctor nodded enthusiastically.

"Okay," he said. "I am going to attempt to transport us to another time, another place via another 'package'. Are you two with me?"

There was a moment's pause. Then, the two agreed, Rory still a little hesitant.

"Trust me," said the Doctor, dipping in among the files, and selecting one. The moment he prized it open, he and his friends were off, and no sooner had they arrived elsewhere.

Amy and Rory spun out of control until they found themselves falling until toppling over the Doctor on arrival. They had arrived on a rugged surface, full of shapeless holes that fed into space beneath them, and the rock itself.

"Blimey," shouted the Doctor, huffing and puffing, brushing himself down, and turning to his pals. "What do you make of it? I'd say a teleportation module, but the box itself… no, something more to it than that, that's what I say," he rambled.

He surveyed his surroundings.

"Horrid looking place," said Rory, crossing to his side.

"Yes, too red, and bleak, and deserted. But we were brought here Rory, so why? Why were we brought here? The box delivers, I'll give it that!"

"But why would it deliver something to a complete stranger?" Amy pondered.

"Because it's whoever touches the material within that it then works its magic on. Why? Because something's going on here, and obviously… it has something to do with me."

Rory turned to Amy, and grinned.

"That's good," he said. "It has nothing whatsoever to do with us, marvellous!"

The Doctor shot him a glance. He then turned back to his surroundings. The sky was a pale shade of red, the clouds were misty and fading, and the ground obstacles, being dead plants, rocks and distant mountains were out of reach. But then, the Doctor was reminded of something awful, and too ghastly to think back to, when he heard a familiar shriek of an order.

"Stay where you are! Do not move!"

Amy and the Doctor exchanged looks of both astonishment and horror.

"Doctor," she said, in a whisper. "What are they doing here? It's the Daleks, but how?"

The Doctor turned to her, and whispered – "I don't know."

It was that simple.

Rory was alarmed, when he turned to find a chunky salt and pepper like tin pot staring back at him. He spun the Doctor around, in shock.

"What do they call you?" he asked it.

"I am a Dalek!" it replied, mechanically.

"Yes, you are that, aren't you," said the Doctor. "And I'm guessing this is the dreaded, the most feared, the worst and the forbidden, Planet Skaro?"

The Doctor had spoken in grit teeth and anger.

The Dalek answered – "It IS!"

To be continued...