Doctor Who: The Dalek Way

'The Adventures of the Eleventh Doctor'

Series Two: Episode Two

Starring Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, and Arthur Darvill, as the Eleventh Doctor, Amy Pond, and Rory Williams -

Chapter 5: Conversion

By Nathan Mullins

"What? No… we won't, I will not! Davros, control your pet!"

"Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha, he-he," Davros chuckled, menacingly.

"Davros… how can I be connected to this war machine?"

Davros held a switch down on his control panel, sending him forward.

"You've fought the Daleks for so long. In all the many years you have done so, did you not think I was capable of using technology such as mind enhanced variables to focus on their greatest enemies thought patterns, to convert you if you could change them. Many years ago, you thought you could avert the Daleks destiny, and failed. The Dark Dalek was a reassurance, and you and it are now as one!"

"But that's horrible Davros! Why have you done this, why must you continue to bring about devastation through the Daleks?"

"Because for so long now, I have failed as their creator! Through you, our greatest threat, you will become my supreme victory. The Daleks were unable to make you see their ways, and through your own way, on your own journey as a Dalek human hybrid, you will see what we are, as one. And as punishment, you will be sent into battle and die, splitting the Dalek's personality, and forcing your mind to cross into the dark casing, of the ultimate evil, starting now!"

Davros switched his control panel over to automatic, and suddenly… the Doctor fell beyond his group of friends. He crumbled before Davros, grasping his head, his mind taking in the demands of the Dark Dalek.

"No Davros!" he bellowed. Amy and Rory were now at his side.

River had her weapon trained on the mutilated form of Davros, the creator of the Daleks.

"Stop it!" she ordered.

"No female, I refuse to!"

And River did not fire, because Davros was her only hope in returning him to who he was.


The voice of the Dark Dalek took hold of the Doctor's mind.

"WE ARE THE DARK DALEK!" he heard himself chanting.

"No Doctor," Amy tried to reassure him. "You're the Doctor! You're a Timelord. You travel through time and space with two of your best friends, Amy Pond and Rory Pond, the two Ponds Doctor, come on!"

River saw the Doctor turn to them as if remembering.

"Keep at it Amy, it's working!" yelled River.

"River Song, you came then, hurrah!" said the Doctor.

"You will stop this form of interaction with the Dark Dalek!" demanded Davros.

"Come on Doctor," shouted Rory. "You've fought Daleks, Cybermen, Sea Devils, Ec Check Black, and so many monsters beside us!"

The Doctor, after concentrating on the voices of his human friends, turned to look at them and pulled them in on him, until somehow their heads smacked into his own, and pushing them back, he stood up, magnificent.

"Ah, fantastic, just what the Doctor ordered! A good old one to one collision with as many companions at once, all the memories flooding back in one instance. I'm no Dalek Davros, but a Timelord, the last Timelord, but no matter, because you know what, I'm not going extinct for anybody!"

The Dark Dalek was fuming at the side of Davros, until it exploded and crumbled among the flames.

"What have you done Doctor?" wept the Dalek's creator.

"I've defeated you, Davros, and not for the first time!"

Davros slid past the Doctor, towards his golden retrievers, the other Daleks.

"EXTERMINATE him and his associates!" he ordered

"Come on!" shrieked River, grabbing on to the Doctor, who latched on to Amy and Rory dragging them on into a tunnel, followed by another, and another.

The Daleks were in pursuit, but there was no way that they were going to catch up with the Doctor and his companions.

When they reached the TARDIS, they piled on inside and left immediately.

On board, River frowned over the shoulder of the Doctor, and Amy and Rory stood awaiting some sort of explanation.

"Oh right," he said, noticing their muddled expressions. "Sure, it seems as though we're on the run from Davros and his Daleks, but we aren't, because we only arrived on Skaro because this one event was to be seen as why I was selected to be brought to Davros, and we defeated his plan, to give the Daleks an ounce of who I am in order to win, but together we defeated him. Yes, there are Daleks still active, and Davros is still mad as a hatter, but he can't progress any further. He has no cells to populate Skaro again, unless…"

"What?" pondered River.

"I'd like not to think about it. The idea Davros still may have the ingredients to construct another Dalek army."

Coming Soon: Doctor Who: The Next Adventure –

Trailer: The Doctor must confront his demons. He must face up to his errors. He must bow down to his superiors, and die at their hands.

"It sounds impossible, imagine that. Me dying, eh… but will I bear it, or can't I face death because for too long, I've been willing to regenerate?"

But like it or not, the Doctor will die. He will perish, and be forgotten, until…

The shop door bell bonged, and a girl strolled in. A bag of jelly babies in one hand, and a yoyo in the other. She approached the shop desk, and said – "Would you like a jelly baby?"

It was the beginning of something new, but don't be put off. This isn't the tale I tell of the little girl becoming the Doctor, but something new, something else entirely unusual.

This is the story of how a random girl, who never met the Doctor, remembered him. Nobody else did. Nobody else knew of the work the Doctor did. UNIT did not exist, and his companions had never travelled in the TARDIS. This was how the Doctor was remembered, in his final agonising days.

"And you know what, I've done cowboys and cowgirls, I've seen myth as fact and fought the Daleks repeatedly, but you know what? This isn't it. This is never the end!"

The Doctor was sure he was not going to die, but then even Timelords make mistakes.

Authors Note: I would like to say thank you for being patient with the last few updates regarding my stories. There was a brief moment when I considered I might never return to ! Oh the nightmare, but at the moment, things are all terribly topsy-turvy. This story update comes from the college I attend, but you see my problem? I never update from college, not usually!

Anyhow, I would like to add that my next DW live action adventure, to be broadcast on youtube, will be called 'The Return of the Master', and stars you know who, and then with a possible return of the Daleks, well… youtube should see some exciting additions shortly!