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The Consequences of Boredom

Chapter 1

A Date

Sunday at 11 a.m.


The clock chimed in the corner of the living room, thus drowning out the booming cry of the young man who laid on the couch. Still, even if the clock hadn't chimed, no one would have heard him. That's because no one else lived in the small house.

The brown-haired man reached for the bottle of milk that was sitting on the chestnut coffee table. He then took a hefty gulp before sighing heavily.

"Dang it!" he screeched irritably. "Not even the taste of fresh milk is satisfying today. I'm so BORED!

Train Heartnet, the golden eyed ex-assassin, a.k.a. the Black Cat or number XIII of the Chronos numbers, was bored.

This sort of thing normally doesn't happen with a sweeper. They were normally too busy catching bad guys to ever have time to get bored. However, Train was good at his job; therefore, peace now ruled most of the streets in the town he lived in. Still, even when things were peaceful he could count on his friends to keep him from getting bored.

Unfortunately, that was not the case today. Most of his friends lived nearby, but most of them were busy with early Christmas shopping. (It was December after all)

That also meant one other thing since it was Sunday. Sven and Eve were at church this morning. Now, Sven wasn't a holy man, but he proclaimed that as long it was December he was going to church. He offered for Train to come with him and Eve, but Train had been less than enthusiastic. He figured he'd be bored if he went.

Of course, now he wished that he would have gone. Either way, Train had a predicament on his hands. He was terribly bored and he had absolutely nothing to do.

An idle mind makes for trouble when you have tons of time on your hands. That was the case for our feline hero. Yes, it was in this state of mind that he decided to take a walk. It normally cleared his mind though he doubted it would help him today.

"It'll at least give me something to do," he thought as he got off the couch. He wore a black t-shirt, blue jeans, and his signature black shoes. After grabbing a jacket, a green one to be specific, he picked up the bell choker that Eve had given him and tied it around his neck.

"Weird how it's been almost two years since I got this," Train thought to himself as he left the house. The small bell chimed as he moved, which brought a smile to the his face.

It was a nice morning. The sun was shinning over the horizon. The area he lived in was suburban and quiet. It was still developing so there weren't a whole lot of people in the neighborhood so Train had few neighbors.

Next door was where Sven and Eve lived and across the street is where Rinslet stayed though she was hardly ever home. Most times she stayed at an apartment in the downtown area. She was still hard at work with her research and such. It's a surprise that she had enough money to pay for both places. Train never thought much on it though. The things he thought about were deeper issues.

The weather was brisk and cold as the wind blew, but Train didn't mind. He found that being out in the cold helped him think and reflect on his life. Some wouldn't think that Train was a really deep thinker, but under his somewhat carefree exterior was a man who had committed a lot of sins in his past. Those sins can weigh heavily on a person.

But for this Black Cat, boredom was a worse fate. It made him remember things he didn't want to remember.

Soon, the young man found himself in the downtown area. Apparently, he hadn't been paying attention to his surroundings. That was unusual for him, but like I said before…boredom can and will get you into trouble.

And trouble's name is Kyoko.

"Mr. Black Cat! Is that you?"

Train stopped dead in his tracks as he recognized the voice. He only had two options now. He could run as fast as he could, or he could stay and say hi.

Either one would lead him into disaster.

"What to do," Train thought. "Darn it, I should have brought some milk. I get thirsty when I'm nervous…or downright terrified."

The footsteps of the high school senior were close behind and he realized that there was nothing more he could do but just say hi.

As he turned around he noticed that Kyoko was puckering up her lips. At this, he immediately knew what to do.

In the next second, Kyoko found herself lip locked with a cat. Unfortunately it was not the cat she wanted to be kissing.



Train let go of the small white cat as Kyoko backed away from him. The little kitty being traumatized scampered away.

"Ewwww," Kyoko pouted. "Why do you always do that?"

Train didn't want to be rude so he just shrugged. "Your reaction is funny I guess."

Kyoko suddenly smiled. "Really, you think I'm funny Mr. Black Cat!"

"Yeah, but Kyoko you mind not calling me that anymore?" Train asked. "Just call me Train."

Kyoko's smile widened. "Okay, Trainee!"

"I think I liked it better when she called me Mr. Black Cat," Train thought. "What are you doing out here Kyoko? Shouldn't you be at school or something?"

"No silly, we're out for Christmas break," Kyoko replied. Train sighed. He certainly wasn't bored anymore, but now he had to pay the price for being bored in the first place.

It was a hefty price indeed.

Kyoko suddenly grabbed one of Train's hands. "Would you like to go to lunch with me? We can catch up and reminisce on old times. What do you say?"

Train would have said no thank you, but the look in Kyoko's eyes stopped him from doing so. She looked as if she were pleading with him and the smile on her face was just too cute to resist.

"Sure, I'll go out to lunch with you," Train said finally. Kyoko squealed in delight and started pulling on his arm.

"I know this great pizza place around the corner," Kyoko stated as she pulled him along. They serve milk too.

Train was parched, so he allowed the high school student to pull him along. It wasn't like they were going out on a date or anything right.

That boy was dead wrong.

Oh, yeah they went to a place that sold pizza, but it wasn't all they sold. After all, it was a big fancy Italian restaurant. The place served milk too, but only if you ordered coffee. Train was not a fan of coffee, but he ordered it in order to get his desired milk. The poor guy felt really out of place, but Kyoko seemed to be right at home.

She ordered them both pizza after they'd received their drinks. Once she'd done that and the waiter had left she began to ask Train what he'd been up to. He hadn't had much to say.

"Not much is going on with me," he told her as he sipped at the small amount of milk he'd been given to pour into the coffee. "Just sweeper business and such. How about you?"

She took a sip of her sweet tea. "Just preparing for college. I've applied everywhere, but I'm not sure if I'll be accepted anywhere or if I even want to go to college."

"Well, if you don't want to go to college," Train began, "where do you want to go."

Kyoko's expression turned grim as her brown eyes gazed somewhere distant. "I'm not sure Train-kun."

Train sighed. "There's no need to be so formal when you say my name Kyoko."

Kyoko's smile returned to her cute little face. "I just want to show that I respect you Train-kun."

Train wasn't sure what to say to that so he took another sip at the milk. A silence filled their table. It didn't subside until the pizza arrived. They were both hungry so they dug in quickly.

"So, how are your friends doing?" Kyoko asked.

"They're doing pretty good," Train replied. "They've just been busy like I have."

"I guess everyone is busy this time of year," Kyoko stated, her voice taking on a sad note. Train looked up from the food to find that her gaze was downcast. He noticed a small tear slide down her face.

"Are you okay Kyoko?"

Kyoko abruptly looked up. The single tear was clearly there, but Kyoko denied that anything was wrong as she picked up another slice of pizza.

"Are you sure that you're alright?" Train asked as he watched her eat.

Kyoko nodded. "Don't worry, it's nothing important. It's just…this time of year always makes me think of my parents. They died…a long time ago."

"I understand what you mean," Train replied sympathetically. "My parents died too."

"Oh, I'm sorry," Kyoko amended. "I didn't mean…"

"Not to worry," Train cut in. "I barely remember them anymore."

That was when the waiter came by and dropped off the check. Train barely glanced at the price. However, upon realizing what the price was he picked up the check and stared at it.

"Something wrong?" Kyoko asked while finishing off her pizza.

"Kyoko, you forgot to mention how expensive this place was," Train muttered as he notably shivered.

"Oh, it's not that much is it?" Kyoko asked with a sweet smile on her face.

Train looked up and finally gave her the bill. She looked at it and then shrugged. "It's not that bad Train-kun."

Train's face paled considerably. "Not that bad. Kyoko! Look at the price!"

"Yeah, five-hundred and ninety-nine dollars," she stated matter of factly. "Not bad for a place like this. Pretty cheap if you ask me."

Train nearly fainted, but he calmed himself down enough to address Kyoko.

"Listen…I don't…"

She suddenly dropped six hundred bucks onto the table and then put another twenty dollars for the tip.

Train's mouth hung wide open as Kyoko started humming to herself. After a moment of shock he looked up at her.

"Kyoko, where did you get all that money?" he asked

Kyoko continued to hum as she answered. "I robbed a bank yesterday."

The ex-assassin fell out of his seat while Kyoko kept on humming.

"You did what!" he stammered indignantly. "Kyoko! I thought you gave up the life of crime. Do you realize that stealing…"

He suddenly noticed that the girl was giggling, wait no, she wasn't giggling…she was cackling.


Train used all the patience he could muster in order to ask his next question. "Kyoko, why are you laughing? This is a serious matter and…"

"I lied," she interrupted as she laughed. "You totally fell for it!"

Train finally got up from the floor and sat back into his seat. "You didn't rob a bank."

"Of course not, I got this money after I did a little sweeping."

"Sweeping?" Train asked. "But how could you get that money from cleaning floors?"

Kyoko giggled some more. "Not that kind of sweeping. I mean sweeping."

Train finally understood what she meant, but he didn't quite believe her at first.

"Are you saying that…"

"I am a licensed sweeper now," Kyoko said as she laid the small card on the table. The evidence was clear. She was a sweeper. Train felt an overwhelming sense of pride.

"That's amazing Kyoko," he stated happily. "Congratulations."

Kyoko smiled. "Thanks Train. You're the only person I could tell, so I'm glad that your happy for me."

"She has no one else to tell," Train thought to himself. "I thought she would have at least told that guy in the top hat she used to hang around with. What was his name again? I can't remember."

In the midst of thinking, Train found himself being dragged away from the restaurant and the rest of the food that had remained uneaten.

"Wait, Kyoko, where are you taking me?" Train asked.

"We're going to celebrate further by watching a movie," Kyoko stated as she dragged Train away. "The movie theater isn't too far from here."

"But Kyoko…"

"No buts Mr. Train," Kyoko cut in. "You're going to have fun today."

Train sighed, but didn't protest any further. It's not like he could anyway. His arm's circulation was being cut off by how tight she was holding him. For the first time however, he didn't seem to mind all that much.

Of course, that changed a little when she made him sit through a romantic comedy.

Now, Train Heartnet has been through a lot in his young life. He's lived through his parents being murdered, he's lived through living with an assassin, he's lived through killing countless people as the Black Cat, he's lived through watching his first friend die at the hands of an imbalanced insane person, and he's lived through plenty of other horrors.

But none of those things could be compared to having to sit through a two hour comedy on love. He would have rather have his eyeballs cut out than watch the senseless movie on love. Unfortunately, Kyoko would not release him from the horror of it all. And so, he had to sit and watch the whole thing from start to finish. He couldn't even leave to go to the bathroom.

Once it was over, Train was relieved. He thought that the madness was over, but Kyoko didn't want Train to leave her and so she dragged him into another movie. A horror film this time.

After thirty minutes of the movie, Train took back what he'd thought earlier. He'd gladly sit through a romantic comedy any day.

It wasn't that the movie was really scary to Train. He'd seen worse in his life. What was terrifying was how Kyoko was forcing herself on him. He could barely keep her off him.

"Please protect me Trainee!" she exclaimed in quiet enthusiasm. "Hold me and kiss me all the way to the dawn."

"This girl is crazy!" Train screamed in his mind. "I've got to get out of here now."

It was a lost cause. Kyoko had him locked in that seat. Sure he could always force her off him, but Train wasn't a violet guy if you can believe that. He didn't believe in hurting anyone unless they were criminals or if they hit him first. Kyoko was just being…overly aggressive. There wasn't much he could do about it.

He needed a plan, but the Black Cat wasn't one to plan much. He normally acted on pure instinct. Right now, those instincts were telling him to run, but that did little good to help him escape.

"Hang on Kyoko," Train whispered frantically. "This place…it's too…uh public."

Kyoko finally stopped. "You're right. Lets go someplace more private."

Train swallowed hard as Kyoko stood and dragged him out of the crowded theater. She had a devious grin on her face as she led him down the street.

"I know a nice hotel…"

Train didn't listen to the rest of what she said. He decided that now was the time to lose her.

"Listen Kyoko, go on there and wait for me," he began quickly. "I have a quick errand to run first."

"Oh, are you sure?" she asked, obviously disappointed.

"Yeah," Train replied with a quick nod. "Just wait for me and don't leave that hotel until I arrive."

"Okay my dear Black Cat," she said lovingly. "See you later. Meow!"

The school girl took off for the hotel and Train began running in the other direction. He'd had enough excitement for one day. He could deal with boredom.

Unfortunately, we all know that this is not true. The second he gets bored again, he'll be in trouble.

Later that night

Kyoko was sitting cross-legged on the king sized bed in the hotel room. She wore a red silk housecoat and lingerie underneath. She was waiting for the infamous Black Cat to arrive.

"Where is he?" she wondered, getting irritated.

Little does she know that he's not coming.

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