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Chapter 7

A Disastrous Christmas Morning

Saturday 3:45 a.m.

About three inches of snow had fallen during the long hours of Christmas Eve. However, since midnight had come and gone it was now officially Christmas which is otherwise known as the most commercial holiday of them all. It is also known as the holiday where thousands of people go into serious debt. The holiday that thankfully doesn't have twelve days like the evil song states.

Twelve days of Christmas would really put a person in the hole.

Aside from that though, Christmas was a holiday where the good little boys and girls received presents from jolly old St. Nick a.k.a. Santa Claus.

Of course thanks to a certain feline lunatic, many of the good boys and girls were afraid that Santa was too mortally wounded to give out presents this year. Nonetheless, Christmas had arrived.

It was still dark out. The sun would not rise for another hour, but that didn't stop certain people from prowling around.

"Well, that was a nice date despite the fact that Train chased us around the city for most of the night," a blond haired girl said as she and a boy with cobalt blue eyes and raven locks stood in front of an apartment building.

The boy sighed heavily. "When do you think we'll be able to go out again?"

Eve shrugged. "Probably never if Train has anything to say about it, but," she pressed a soft kiss to his lips, "we'll see each other at school."

"Right," he replied, blushing and a bit dazed. "Merry Christmas then Eve."

"Merry Christmas."

"Are you sure you don't want me to walk you home?"

"I'm in enough trouble as it is," Eve told him. "I'll see you around."

"Goodnight Eve."

Leon disappeared inside of the apartment building and Eve tightened the black suit jacket that Leon had let her borrow since she'd forgotten hers. She knew it was dangerous to walk alone while it was still dark out, but since she was made of nanotechnology and could beat the crap out of anyone that dared to trifle with her, well it's easy to say that she'd be just fine on her own.

"But Train is going to get it when I see him," she thought angrily. "He better thank his lucky stars that I like Leon and still managed to have a good time. Otherwise I'd have to kill him."

Speaking of Train though, where is our milk obsessed hero and his fire breathing girlfriend?

On the other side of town at Everdean Apartments and within the confine's of Kyoko Kirisaki's rented living space and on a perfectly made bed laid the golden eyed ex-assassin, Train Heartnet, who was fast asleep.

Kyoko sat near him, staring at him as the Black Cat purred in his sleep. His hair was a little ruffled and his clothes were a little disheveled, but otherwise he was in one piece again. Earlier that evening, she and Train had gone to the mall to track down Eve and Leon…


"There they go!" Train screamed, hopping down an escalator in that sexy tuxedo that really made Kyoko swoon. Still, if she had known that the two of them would have been going on a wild goose chase in order to wail on Eve and Leon, she wouldn't have worn such an extravagant outfit.

"Got to…catch up somehow," she thought frantically while taking off the dreaded heels and tossing them into a trash can before sprinting down a walkway that was crowded with people. She finally reached the escalator and ran down it, completely oblivious to the stares she had been receiving.

"Train!" she yelled. "Slow down!"

Train didn't hear her. His golden eyes had caught sight of his prey and he wasn't going to stop until he'd gotten his little sis in trouble. After all, how else was he to occupy himself from getting bored and thus start to think about Saya again?

Well, sadly for Train, he had forgotten that only two days before had he attacked Santa Claus within that very mall.

Not only that but in order to catch up with his prey he would have to pass the stage where he had attacked Santa and he would have to pass the demonic girl scouts that would surely recognize him as the man that nearly killed Santa Claus.

Unfortunately for Train, he had forgotten all of those facts.

He ran past the stage quickly, but a pair of innocent grey eyes caught sight of the Black Cat and remembered how he had almost ruined Christmas.

"Girls!" she screeched, calling on her band of girl scout subordinates. As the other girls arrived, the leader smiled and an evil laugh began to bellow out from her small, tiny, and irresistibly cute frame.

"Bring me the chainsaw," she ordered in that evil demonic voice. The vice leader brought her the chainsaw and after a moment she revved it up. "Now my minions! ATTACK!"

And just like that, the Black Cat was in horrible trouble again. Those little girls simply walked up to adults and to other kids, batted those adorable eyelashes and pointed at Train and cried about how he nearly killed the spirit of Christmas by attacking Santa. Those adults, having seen the news or having remembered seeing him at the mall on that day began to form an angry riot and in seconds they were chasing after Train, who still didn't have a clue that he was in horrible danger.

Kyoko however, saw the whole display as she ran down the escalator. Her Trainee was in trouble and she knew that she had to catch up to the riot and Train before it was too late.

As for our lovable kitty cat, he continued to run after Leon and Eve, neither one having been too far ahead.

"You're in trouble Eve," he taunted as he ran.

He watched in sudden horror as Eve smirked. "You're the one that's about to be mauled by an angry riot."

Train barely glanced behind him and once he had it was all over. The evil girl scout had the chainsaw in her hands and she was ready to strike.

"Muhahahhahahahahaha! Bwahahahahahaha! Ahahahahahaha!

"Enough with the evil laughter!" Train ordered.

"Hey! Don't you yell at the cute yet evil girl scout!"

"Yeah, you Santa killing LUNATIC!"

Train couldn't say anything back then, because numerous adults began to pounce on him. Train fought back, but because of his straight and narrow ideology, he couldn't bring himself to hurt civilians. It wasn't long before he was at the mercy of the girl scouts.

Luckily the lunatic's girlfriend had finally caught up.

"Unhand him you fiends!" she roared, kicking one guy off of Train and punching another.

"Kyoko!" Train exclaimed happily as she took away the chainsaw from the little girl. "I've never been so glad to see you in all of my life."

"I know," she said with a cheerful smile. The girl scout snatched back her chainsaw and revved it again. She would have sliced Kyoko, but she got out of the way.

Unfortunately for the girl scout though, Kyoko wasn't totally unscathed.

To the horror of many who were witnessing the scene as well as Train himself, the chainsaw had done considerable damage to Kyoko. The look in the woman's brown eyes was one of pure pain and horror as scraps of black fabric fell to the floor.

Yes, you heard me right. Scraps of black fabric, not blood. This is humor after all. Got to keep the stuff PG.

Anyway…where was I? Oh, the drama.

The scraps of black fabric fell to the floor and Kyoko stared at her ruined dress in absolute horror. The simple, strapless black gown was her favorite not to mention that it had taken a lot of hard sweeping to get it.

"How could you?" Kyoko asked, tears having formed on the corners of her eyes. "This is my favorite dress. How could you ruin it in such a despicable way?"

No one spoke.

Kyoko's fists clenched and her blood boiled.

Train had seen this before. "Kyoko, darling, no! Don't do it! Refrain! Refrain! For the love of God I beg you…"

Kyoko took a deep breath and then…

Well, lets just say that Kyoko blew up the mall. Thankfully, no one was killed though many had third degree burns along with mild concussions. Easy to say that she and Train were arrested on the spot by mall cops and taken to jail.

Once they were booked and photographed, in which Kyoko tried out various poses, both she and Train were sitting in a crowded jail cell. The clock far above their heads had read eleven o'clock.

"This is bad," Train stated as he had begun to pace the jail cell. His cellmates, including Kyoko pretty much ignored him. "We're in jail!"

"Paulina!" Kyoko screeched happily. "Long time no see!"

Train grasped the bars that trapped him within the cell. "How are we going to get out of this? I doubt Sven will be able to bail us out. He's barely managing to pay the mortgage on his house. I can barely pay the one for my house! How are we supposed to get out? Can we be bailed out? What if they charge us for arson or homicidal intent? What will we do then?" He sunk to his knees and pressed his forehead against one of the bars. "I'm not guilty I tell you! I'm not a homicidal maniac! I've done my time in that prison called Chronos! I wasted nineteen years of my life in that place. I've only lived a couple of years of freedom. I don't want to be trapped again because of my infatuation with a high school senior. I'm too old for her! I'm twenty-three for crying out loud and I'll be twenty four in a couple of months."

"So whatcha been up to Paulina?" Kyoko asked, having not heard a single thing Train said.

"I've been knitting sweaters," she muttered dangerously. "Being trapped in this cell gives me a lot of free time."

"NO!" Train wailed. "I don't want to knit sweaters!"

"Hey, want to play a game of go fish?"

"Sure, why not. I've got nothing better to do, you know being in jail and all."

"TAKE ME NOW LORD!" Train screamed in absolute terror. "JUST TAKE ME NOW!"

Kyoko looked over her hand. "Got any seven's?"

"Go fish," Paulina replied, flipping her blond curls. Train finally noted that this woman had an eye patch over her right eye and a bunch of tattoos on her left arm. He sighed, knowing that his fate was sealed.

"Can I at least have milk?" he begged.

The bars suddenly slid away and Train looked up. A man wearing a black top hat, a black coat, and black jeans stood before him. He wore sunglasses over his eyes and a security guard stood next to him.

"Kirisaki, Heartnet, you're free to go," the guard grumbled

"The guy in the top hat!" Train screamed happily, hugging the man. "Thank God you've come!"

Kyoko sighed and put her cards down. "Awww, so soon Charden? I was just about to win?"

"Don't worry bout it Kyoko-chan," Paulina replied, setting her cards down. "You'll be back."

Kyoko cheerfully got up and waved goodbye to her friend while Train clung to Charden for dear life. If it's one thing cats don't like, it's being confined in one place for too long.

(End Flashback)

Train's traumatic experience in jail had caused him to pass out as soon as they were out of the police station, so Kyoko simply brought Train back to her place.

The young woman looked at the clock on her nightstand. It was exactly four-fifteen in the morning. She yawned a bit but otherwise didn't move from her position next to him. Aimlessly her fingers stroked the top of his head. His hair was soft and it idly reminded her of caramel.

She watched as his lips parted slightly. His snore was so soft that she could barely hear it at all.

"Sweet dreams Mr. Black Cat," she thought before laying her head down to rest on his chest. She breathed in his scent. He kind of smelled like a caramel latte, one of Kyoko's favorites. The scent was comforting and it wasn't long until the feisty girl was asleep.

7 a.m.

His vision was blurred slightly when he woke up and he felt that there was something heavy laying on his chest. Even so, Train Heartnet felt rested and renewed of strength.

The sound of soft breathing caught his attention as his blurred vision became clearer. He realized all too soon that the environment was unfamiliar. He was not in his home.

"What happened last night?" he wondered, not remembering a thing from the previous evening. He shifted his body slightly and listened to the soft breathing in order to find the source of it. After a moment, he realized that Kyoko's head was laying on his chest and that her arms were locked around him. Her features looked oddly angelic and it reminded him a bit of Saya.

However, the little bit of drool that was escaping out of her mouth was purely Kyoko and Train found that to be weirdly nice. He lifted his arm slightly and gently stroked her back. An involuntary smile crept onto her face and Train felt his heart flutter.

His eyes then locked onto the diamond necklace that now hung around Kyoko's neck. The light of the sun seeped in slightly from the open curtains, making the necklace sparkle endlessly. Nothing in that moment looked more beautiful to Train except for Kyoko herself.

Still one thought nagged at him. This one little thought was about to ruin the peaceful moment.

"What the heck did I do last night!"

He stared up at the ceiling with a deadpanned expression before taking a deep breath. There's only one warning I can give you for what's about to happen next.

Cover your ears.


Around the same time

Eve finally walked in through the front door. She had long taken her red heels off and was now holding them lifelessly in her left hand. Her other hand held the spare house key, which she unceremoniously dropped seconds after she walked in. The house was a complete and total disaster, obviously due to Train's rampage.

And waiting for her was Sven Vollified and Tearju Lunatique.

Wait, Tearju Lunatique?

Sure enough, the older version of Eve sat on the sofa by Sven, an amused smile on her face.

"Eve where have you been?" Sven asked.

"Train chased me half across the globe," Even replied simply. "I would have been back by eight o'clock if he hadn't decided he was going to spy on my date with Leon."

"So you went on a date without my permission?" Sven asked, a dangerous edge to his voice.

Eve shrugged. "Yeah, pretty much."

Sven mentally sighed and decided that he'd let this go. There was something more important he needed to deal with.


"Don't start," Eve replied, holding up her hand to stop him. "You and Miss Tearju are getting married and you want to know if I'm okay with it. For the record I do not care about your love life dad so if you aren't going to give me my punishment I think I'm going off to bed."

With that, Eve groaned and traveled up the stairs as quickly as she possibly could. (It wasn't very fast though, seeing that she was moving like an old lady.)

Once the sound of the door shutting was evident, Tearju smiled. "That went rather well. She even called you 'Dad'."

Sven shook his head. "I really need a cigarette."

Seconds later, Sven was randomly bonked with a baseball bat that seemingly came out of nowhere. He fell to the floor with a loud thump.

"Oh, are you okay dear?" Tearju asked.

Sven wanted to cry. "That authoress has issues!"

The sweeper was bonked again.

"Fine! Fine! THE END!"

Tearju began to shake Sven, who hadn't moved from off the floor as another newscast came on the TV.

"In other news, the insane duo managed to destroy the mall last night and would have been prosecuted if it weren't for that stupid Charden Flamberg. The two lovebirds are loose in the city again. I suggest we all move to Honolulu and leave the lunatics alone. Of course if your stupid enough to stay in this town after hearing about these crazy people let me just tell you this…BEWARE OF TRAIN HEARTNET AND HIS BAND OF CRAZY PEOPLE!"

"Um…thank you Mr. Tsubaka. In other news…"


"Get that man out of here!"

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