Review on what happened last time:

Alyssa, Jacob, and Mariel; three siblings sent from the real world into Ed Edd n Eddy's world. Jacob had become good friends with Rolf and Johnny, Mariel had been good friends with Jimmy and Sarah, and Alyssa became good friends with the Eds. At the near end of the last story, the Kankers had challenged her to a fight for them. Alyssa won with only a few scratches, but the victory was shortly lived when all three were called back to the real world by some unknown force. Double D, was totally stricken with greif until Alyssa had somehow come back, and now they were classmates. But how she got back is a complete mystery to him.

Alyssa plopped down into the seat next to Double D and behind Eddy in the way back of the class. She couldn't help but feel like someone was glaring at her. Then, a small note flew onto her desk. She opened it to see some writing.

Where the hell have you been all this time? She looked up to see Eddy impatiently waiting for an answer. She grabbed a pen from the bag and scratched on her reply. She flicked it like a paper football onto Eddy's head.

Settling my PERMANENT stayings here. He looked at her, a little smile on her face. The he wrote something else.

Are you serious?

Yep, why? Did ya miss me or something? Eddy's eyes widened at that question. He sweated a bit, then scrawled in his answer.

Pffft sure. I do know someone who went moody just because you left. There were droplets of sweat on the paper, but she didn't ask why.

Orly? Who?

Sock head.

Alyssa couldn't help but stare at the paper. Then she shifted her gaze to Double D, who was sneaking glances at her. When he noticed her looking back, he turned his head the other way. Ed was just balancing a pencil on his upper lip. Then the teacher came in. Alyssa was even more surprised. There was an ACTUAL adult in the room. What. A. Surprise. It was an old man, graying hair, sweater vest, tacky shoes, big rounded glasses, the whole lot.

"Hello class. My name is Mr. Dull, and I'll be your English teacher for the school year." Some of the kids chuckled a bit. "What? What's so funny? Why do kids always laugh after I introduce myself?" Alyssa bit her lower lip, trying to hold back the chuckles trying to come out. Eddy and Ed on the other hand weren't holding back at all.

Soon enough, papers were handed out for this lame 'get to know your classmates' thing. You write down the kids name, then favorite color, hobby, and other personal stuff. Double D walked over to Alyssa's desk nervously as she was reading through the whole paper. "H-Hey Alyssa." He said, getting her attention. She looked up at him.

"Hey Double D, um, sorry... about, well... uh... you know..." She tried to lead on about the whole thing with her disappearing in a swirling vortex.

"Ah, i-it's alright. It's nice to see you again though." He said.

"Nice to see you too. I really missed you guys." She said, trying to ignore the heat rising to her face as she said that. "So... uh... what's your favorite color?" She asked.

"Um, red. What about you?"

"Blue. You know, I can try to explain everything later, you know, when there aren't as many people who can listen in." She offered as she wrote.

"Um, sure. If you are feeling comfortable about it I mean..." He said, but inside, he was screaming YES! A THOUSAND TIMES YES! He tried to not show it though. "So what class do you have after this?" He asked. She pulled out her schedule and groaned.

"Math. Man, I've always sucked at that class..." She wrote down some more things on the 'get to know your classmates' sheet. "Hey, what's your favorite class?" She asked.

"Science, I've always enjoyed studying about how things work in this world and scientific discoveries. Why, just last week I-" He was cut off by Kevin.

"Hey, it's great to see you again." He said, pushing Edd away from her desk and leaning his arm on it.

"Same here Kevin." She said dully. When in her mind, she never even thought about this guy even once when she had left.

"So... are you single?" He asked.

"Kevin, are you asking me this because of the assignment or something else?" Her eyebrow raised a bit and expression a bit bored. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see Double D fuming. His paper was starting to rip a bit.

"A little bit of both." Then he chuckled.

"I am, but I have no interest in dating you. Shouldn't you be asking Nazz this?" Kevin was shocked, this girl had no interest in the coolest guy in school. "Now if you'll excuse me, I was in the middle of talking to someone before you rudely interuppted." She said cooly and walked away from her desk towards Edd.

"Don't you want to talk to him more?" Edd asked. Alyssa raised an eyebrow.

"No... I've got no interest in guys who hurt people just for kicks. Why? You jealous?" She teased. He was about to say something when the bell rang. Thank you lord... He thought.

Eddy and Ed met up with the two. "ALYSSA! YOU'RE BACK!" Then Ed tackled her into a hug. She couldn't breathe because her face was buried in his smelly jacket. He put her down then. "Do you have the next issue of that black diary thingy?" He asked. She pulled out a copy of 'Death Note, volume 8' and handed it to him. He jumped for joy.

"I want that back once you're finished Ed." She said sternly. But he just opened the manga and started to look at the pictures of demons and stuff. Eddy and Double D looked at it from over his shoulder.

"Where do you get these books? I've never seen these kinds anywhere around here before..." Double D said. Alyssa pulled out an issue of 'Fullmetal Alchemist volume 1' and handed it to him.

"It's mostly about physical science. Oh, and what makes the whole thing ironic is that the main characters name is Edward." She said with a light chuckle. "He's pretty cute too..." She mumbled.

"What? I didn't hear that last part." Double D said as he started to scan through the pages.

"It's nothing." Eddy then grabbed her bag and all of the contents spilled out. "Hey! What the heck was that for Eddy?" She yelled at him then proceded to pick up her things.

"I wanna see if you got anything for me." He said, then started to rifle through her books on the floor until he came across a volume of 'Gravitation'. He started to open the book and flip through the contents.

"Wait! Eddy, that's a-" She warned. His eyes widened and he passed out. She grabbed the book from his hand. "A yaoi manga." Alyssa looked at the book to see he had flipped to a romantic kiss scene. Eddy then shot up and pointed at the book.

"Why the hell do you even have that kind of shit in your bag? It's disgusting!" He yelled.

"Look, I only like how the person draws. I. HATE. GAY. GUYS." She tried to point out. The bell rang. Alyssa scooped all her stuff into the bag.

"Let's get going then shall we? We don't want to be late for our first math class." Double D said happily, putting the book inside his bag. He ignored all the groans his friends made from that statement.