Well…this was something that bit me as well when I was watching the movie, especially the scene when the Jabberwocky attacked the village. I just thought of it…don't really know how though. It is completely random. But whatever…

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Can it be ironic, that it was suppose to be him that was suppose to kill the Jabberwocky so long ago?

Is it sad that a father could not change his own son's mind?

Does it always hurt in my heart when I see him look spiteful at me?

The answer to all these are yes. So painful to admit it, but the answer is 'yes.' Yes, Yes, YES! It hurts to admit the truth, but lying wouldn't change it. Yes, the answer I have to admit.

He was such a young but strong boy, was that why he was changed to the evil queen's side? I really do not know. I wish to…but sometimes I don't. Would the answer to it quell my thirst for the truth? I have doubts.

But he left with her -that evil Queen- as the blazes roared around and consumed the forest. His final words to me, as the Jabberwocky roared and burned everything in sight and he held the vorpal sword –how ironic that he now wields it–, was…


As I stared at him, many emotions running through my eyes, and my hat blows by-it had been signed in some parts-. Was that all he had to say to me? Just a simple 'Father.' Could he not grant me more? Anything to help me see. I doubt it so. And then so, my final words to him were…

"Why, my son?"

It was short but made me point. Why indeed? Why did you choose that side? I loved you, my son! So, tell me why! What possessed you to turn on me, on all of us. People looked up to you, but now, you just look down on us. What happened?

He scoffed at me, turning his back to me. I didn't get an answer from him before he walked away. And I still wanted to know. I burned inside of me that I didn't know.

Why my son?

I slowly fell to my knees, the world burning around me. Let it burn. It would just add to the burning inside of me. The guilt, the pain, the hurt. All of that burned inside of me. I just wanted to know-

What went wrong?

My hat blew by again and stopped before me. I numbly reached out, clutching onto it. It was part of me that hadn't left, I thought morbidly. Then I could feel the tears running down my face.

Was it me?

I could almost laugh to the fiery heavens at this. But I didn't, but instead go up. As the sky and earth burned around me, I wondered what had happened. Where did it start, and what had truly sparked this AWFUL betrayal. But, that would have to be put to the side, painful but necessary.

What was now to be done? What about the White Queen?

I sighed. I didn't know, because the one thing I did know, was that my son was the betrayer. A cruel and merciless betrayer to us, to me, to everything.

Oh, the cruel fate.

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