Authors Note: This story isn't really set during any specific time in the manga… probably before the Impel Down arc. There will not be pairings. This story is similar to my other, Zoro Turned Marine. In this one however, Zoro does not turn marine nor does he lose his memories or such. Despite that, my two stories are plot similar, so if you like this one, feel free to check the other one out!

This is NOT yaoi.

Authors note: I mentioned something called a "Soot Spore." If you've ever seen Digimon season 2, it's a LOT like the Dark spore…

"We'll be back in about an hour!" A voice rang clear through the ships deck. The figure scaled casually down the side of the ship, with short orange hair whipping in the wind and was followed by a Champaign blonde male. He took deep and intoxicating breaths as the wind carried the girls perfume through the damp air. Behind him a young man with dark curly hair had his head down and fiddled with a small object, twisting it through and around his tan fingers. His eyes narrowed slightly and his brow furrowed as the device emitted a small ticking noise.

"What are you doing back there?" Luffy asked from in front of the odd pack. He scurried back to where Usopp had stood still, a frustrated look spreading across his face.

"I'm designing a new weapon! Whoever gets a taste of this sucker won't stand a chance against me, the Great Captain Usopp! Not that they would in the first place." The young teen boasted, his chest swelling with pride and a small bead of sweat dropped formed on the nape of his neck from the lie.

"Oooh what does it do?" A small voice peeped up from the ground. Large brown eyes looked up from behind a furry exterior. Chopper let out a great smile and stared up at Usopps invention.

"Ah, well, I'm not quite sure yet. But I know it will be great. After all, I designed it." Usopp chuckled nervously, feeling the small metal object roll between his palms.

The group wandered off into a dense forest, heading along a small beaten trail where footsteps had been traced before. Leading the crew where the two females. Robin's head was buried deep into a map while Nami was twisting a compass skillfully around in her delicate hands.

Soon they had all disappeared from the beach where they had docked, leaving the Thousands Sunny gently drifting along the outskirts of the shore.




Zoro sat propped up in what Frankie had deemed the health room. His muscular back lay firmly against the wooden wall and his head was cocked slightly, looking out the window as he watched his Nakama shrink away in the depths of the wilderness. He let out a small sigh and wiggled his strong fingers anxiously.

Bandages wrapped up and down his arms, practically covering every inch of his body on the upper half. His shoulder itched uncomfortably and Zoro shifted slightly, trying to relieve the small burning sensation.

I guess it's safe to take my bandages off now, Choppers out of sight. Zoro thought as he casually started playing with the end of the bandage wrapping. I need to train. I shouldn't have been that injured from that last fight.

His mind drifted off to a few days prior where the crew had gotten in a little fight with a few other high ranking bounties. He cursed himself a few times, replaying his fight over with the other crew's swordsman in his head. He could see every flaw and mistake and it almost made him sick to think about how weak he was. I need to get stronger and I can't do it if I'm just sitting around.

Zoro moved his awkwardly large fingers over the bandage, trying to find an opening to take them off. However he felt his hands go slightly numb and a cold sensation crept over them. Zoro sent his hands an icy glare and tried once again to remove the small wrappings covering him. Once again, he felt a wave of numbness spread across his body and his fingers would not move as he commanded them.

Zoro furrowed his brow with an angry look in his eyes. He shifted slightly, trying to move his arm to push him into a standing position. However it just slipped uselessly out from under his weight.

"Chopper…" Zoro growled as it dawned on him what happened. The damn doctor drugged him!

He could almost hear the doctor's voice echo in his ear "Don't go moving around too much! You were close to death last fight and it would be best if you just stayed still for a while."

Despite his frustration, Zoro let out a small chuckle. I guess he's pretty much figured out that I don't plan on listening to his doctor's orders. He still didn't have to drug and numb me…

Zoro used the last of his strength to push himself over onto his back, rolling into a more comfortable position. On the bright side at least this means that I'll get a little sleep. He thought as he felt the rest of his body succumb to Choppers drug.

He felt his eye lids begin to grow heavy as he felt the urge to yawn and sleep grow over him.

Yet just as Zoro felt his world go dark with sleep, he heard a sudden clanging from outside of his room.

Zoro's eyes immediately shot open and faced towards the wooden door. Only Frankie and Brooke are still on the ship. Calm down. Zoro told himself. Despite that he could not tear his eyes away from the door.

Again he heard a rustling noise, as if there were footsteps amongst the deck. They were neither heavy like Frankie's nor fragile and quite like Brookes. Zoro's ears perked up as he heard the padding of feet grow louder and louder. Through the stillness of the ship he could almost feel the vibrations formed from the powerful steps.

Zoro held his breath, not daring to make a sound. His expert eyes were trained on the door, searching for any sign of movement.



For minutes he stayed like that, with his hand weakly grasping the sword around his belt with pitiful strength.

"Must be my imagination…" He whispered softly to himself as Zoro forced himself to pull his eyes away from the wooden door.

An eerie silence filled the sick room as Zoro tried to wander back into the realm of sleep.

"Oh no dear Zoro," A voice cooed from above, "It is anything but your imagination."

Zoro's eyes shot open immediately and quickly scanned the room. He felt his breath leave him for a moment as he searched for the source of the voice. However, everything appeared to be normal, just as it was supposed to be.

Air rapidly shot up and down Zoro's throat as he began to feel tense and an uneasy feeling shook him. He could feel somebody else's presence, but he eyes would not find the source. His chest heaved, stretching the bandages against his toned flesh.

The room was empty, but Zoro refused to doubt his hearing and remained awake. Suddenly he heard a small knock on the window next to him.

His head turned sharply, cracking a small muscle in his neck. The window only a few feet from his mossy head, had quickly been opened and was left hanging in the breeze.

Zoro frantically tried to get up, but he felt the drugs holding him down to the bed. His muscles did not move and sat uselessly as Zoro once again searched the room with his eyes.

"Whose there?" He asked, his voice breaking the stillness of the room.

A dark figure hung in the corner of the room, the shadow covering all but the silhouette of the body.

"Come out you coward." Zoro said, his voice was forceful, but he also felt a twinge of fear. He was defenseless and weakened.

"Oh aren't you a little feisty." The voice taunted as the figure emerged from the shadows. Blonde hair stuck up shortly in a respected fashion. A large feather coat was draped over his dainty looking shoulders. Small sunglasses shaded his eyes, but Zoro could still feel them looking at him.

Zoro inhaled sharply "Do-

"Hush boy." The man chuckled, his voice pitching to varying octaves. "Don't need you calling for help, now do we? Not that you would."

Zoro glared at the man as he tried to yell for Frankie or Brooke. Yet his voice would not work and he could feel his vocal cords pulling in his throat. The bastard. Zoro thought.

"No, you're too strong and too proud." The man continued to say as he advanced towards Zoro. Through every step Zoro could feel his heart beat quicken and his breath grow shorter.

Zoro's hands fumbled weakly at his sides, trying to grasp the hilt of his sword again. However they would not listen to him. Damn Chopper… Shit

"Hmmm what's this? You can't move? Well isn't that just a shame…" The man spoke with fake sympathy. He was at the edge of Zoro's bed and he casually placed his hand on the edge of the bed. "I have a question for you.'

"Back the hell up!" Zoro shot at the man. He was surprised for a moment to have his voice back.

"Rather rude. I'll just keep your voice restrained for the time being." The man chuckled maliciously. Zoro immediately felt his throat tighten and swell slightly. He gave the man a sharp look.

"Now, back to my question. I would like to have you join my crew. I need a strong swordsman who doesn't need to be controlled." The man spoke quickly and with authority, as if Zoro already knew what was coming.

"That's not a question and I already have a pirate crew." Zoro responded, his voice was raspy and broken in several sections.

"Yes but you could leave them for mine." The figure added. He raised a pale hand up to Zoro's face. Zoro attempted to flinch away, screaming at every muscle in his body to run or fight or call for Brooke and Frankie. Yet he stood stiff and frozen in his bed.

"They are my nakama." Zoro declared with an edgy tone.

"Yet they drugged you. Do they not trust you?" The voice came in sweet and silky, as though it had been preparing that line for a while.

This snapped a nerve in Zoro's mind. "They trust me plenty! You don't know shit!" Zoro retorted with anger. They trust me. They trust me more than I trust myself.

The mans quirky smile quickly faded away in a broken frown, where the corners of his lips hung upwards still but there was a sense of hatred in his eyes.

"Very well. I do not agree but eventually you will find your way back to me." The man lamented.

"No, I won't. I will stand by my crew until death." Zoro insisted, his voice growing stronger and more firm.

"I wouldn't be so sure of that." The man mocked, a sly smile returning to his pale face. He reached into his pocket and withdrew a small sphere. It was black and glistened slightly in the slight light of the room. "Do you know what this is?" He asked with fake curiosity.

Zoro just glared back at him, clenching his jaw. He wiggled his fingers slightly, trying to test if the drug had begun to worn off. Yet this was to no avail as his muscles still felt numb and cold.

"No, no of course you don't." The man mumbled, more to himself than to Zoro. "This is called a Soot spore. Or Dark spore, whichever you prefer." He twisted the small bead lightly in his fingers.

Zoro felt a shiver go down his back. I need to call for Frankie! Brooke! Shit anybody! Yet his voice grew faint in his throat and he could only project to a quiet whisper.

"It's a very special bead. I got it from the government, quite horrible in fact. I'd tell you what it does but you'll find out soon enough. After all, tomorrow you won't even remember this conversation."

"What? Like hell! Once I get out of here I will kill you!" Zoro whispered angrily.

"That's the spirit. Just keep thinking like that." The man whispered back. He looked down at the bead in his hand one last time before lifting it in front of Zoro.

Zoro tried to turn his head to the side, to connect his body and make it move. Yet he found he couldn't even move his head or neck because the drug had set in so much.

Fear locked into Zoro's eyes as the mans hand drew closer and closer. The man placed his soft fingers onto Zoro's forehead and gently pushed the bead through Zoro's skin.

Zoro's eyes grew wide as he felt the black bead slowly sink into his skull, moving past his bone and flesh. A muffled scream began to form in his throat as he felt the bead maneuver itself to his brain.

"I'll give you a few days…" The man said quietly as he climbed over the limp Zoro and exited the ship through the window.

A few moments later silence had returned to the medical cabin of the ship. Zoro lay unconscious on his bed, with not even a trace of the man having been there.

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