As promised! Here's the acknowledgments chapter!

I KNOW this took forever, but seriously, life has gotten pretty damn hectic. I've only been back in town from my vacation to Daytona Beach a week now, and I've had to jump right back into college AND work. And to top it off, I have a wedding to prepare for in which I am the maid of honor, prom in two weeks (and I still need a dress), choir practice, church, and pretty little panic attacks almost daily due to my anxiety disorder. So yeah, Robi's life is pretty crazy, but hey, I love it. Can't say that I don't! :D (The panic attacks I could do without...)

Anyway, some BIG thanks are in order for this story! Seriously! I went through with a pen and paper and was writing down everyone's names and putting tally marks next to them for every review I got, but I found myself getting so confused I couldn't even see straight, not to mention I lost half of the notes and tally marks...completely by accident, but it happened...

So I just wanted to say right here, right now, THANK YOU much to every single person who ever took the time to review this story! Never once, when I started writing this story completely on a whim back in December, did I expect this kind of feedback! You have no idea how much of a confidence boost (something I've been in desperate need of as of late) this was for me! You have no idea how much your reviews meant to me, not only as a young woman from a completely personal perspective ("Somebody actually likes my writing!") but also as a growing, developing writer trying to find her niche in between the walls of her reality and her dreams.

There are a few people, however, I would like to personally give a huge hug and shout out to (in no particular order):

Sophie, for teaching me everything she knows about writing angst and pain; Nisan, for going to see "Tangled" with me the first time, and for going total fangirl with me over Flynn, and for buying me a cast iron frying pan for Christmas; Danielle (aka AIOFanNCRM/chuckirvingbartowski), for sending me beautiful Tangled Panini stickers, and for all her kind words through this site, her reviews, and through tumblr; Cyril (aka tanglicious), for making an AMAZING audiobook of this fanfic (Continue? Please? Pretty pretty pretty please? With a huge cherry and Flynn Rider on top? Pretty please?) and for making me smile through her blog; pixie-blue, xwittychickx/pikapelt, sheep1215, and thenumber8xD for their AMAZING artwork on my fanart request (as you will never know the level of inspiration your art supplied me with!); oasis1314 for your AMAZING fanvid trailer for this fanfic (because it was epic, just saying); Kathy (Kathy Ann) and Tabby (Tabi 'Chi' Moon) for providing me with hilarious suggestions and just overall fun conversations (including one in the post office parking lot; Tabby, you know what I'm talking about); Lacey for all those early Friday mornings going with me to the podiatrist (even though you hate feet more than I hate going to the doctors) and for grinning and bearing it when I ranted about this fanfiction; and finally, Logan, my amazing boyfriend of nearly two years who only just learned of my fanfic writing a week ago and has taken it upon himself to read ALL OF MY FANFICS, including this one. You provided more inspiration you know, especially when you held me all those nights I had panic attacks whilst trying to write this story. I love you. :)

Also, I'd like to thank my two cats, Jake and Meeko (Yes, he is named after the raccoon from Pocahontas, and yes, he DOES eat any and everything) for not only the endless hours of entertainment, but also for keeping my feet warm this winter as I wrote this. I promise I'll feed you more wet food from now on.

A shout out to Michigan Bipolar Weather, because without you, I probably wouldn't have holed myself in my cozy house for nearly five months to write this story, and for making some of my nights at work slow so I could brainstorm.

In terms of musical inspiration, I have the amazing talents of Skillet, Imogen Heap, Lifehouse, Breaking Benjamin mostly, but I also have Linkin Park, Seether, Evanescence, Kelly Clarkson, Don Henley, Daughtry, P!nk, Journey, Avalon, The Script, and the cast of Les Miserables: The 25th Anniversary Edition to thank!

I'd also like to thank my iPod, named the Awesomeness, for being just what it's name suggests (awesome) and sticking with me throughout this whole ordeal. :)

And, as the whipped cream on top of the sundae, I also have hot herbal tea; Dayquil and Nyquil; my diary; my various pens and notebooks; my hair clippies and hairbrush; mangoes; Doritos; Nutella; peanut butter; smartwater; chocolate; coffee; bubblebath; mint; cupcakes; snow; Coca Cola; my glasses; Ibuprofin, Advil; my trusty Converse; my cell phone (both of them, named Bernadette and Merwin); fuzzy socks; Skullcandy headphones; duct tape; band aids; eyedrops; my security blanket, teddy bear and stuffed Simba (for moral support), Walmart and Meijer's (for providing me with Tangled coloring books); and rechargeable batteries to thank for making this story possible. :)

And finally, I'd like to give a big shout out to Disney, whom without, this fanfic would not have been possible. :)

Look for the sequel soon! I hope to have it out by May first, under the working title of "Heaven Can Wait."

all again!