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It took Callie Torres a while before she could even consider the reality she was facing. She had been wishing Arizona would return ever since her departure, and the fact that she was actually facing the blonde surgeon made her stomach revolt against her last margarita. It was as if she was living in an alternate universe that had her dreams coming true, but made her violently opposed to them actually becoming something other than a fantasy. After running to the bathroom to throw up her third margarita she felt okay enough to face Arizona once more.

When Callie re-entered her living room she found Arizona sitting on the couch looking at a photo taken of her and Jules right before they jumped out of plane, parachutes strapped to their backs and ready to experience an insane high. It had been the happiest day of Callie's life, besides kissing Arizona in front of Joe's. The resident slowly sat down on the chaise across from the blonde and eyed the picture too. She remembered that day like it was yesterday, and her smile told Arizona that it was definitely one of Callie's favorite experiences.

After some eye contact and slight hand contact Arizona felt like she had enough nerve to speak.

"I don't get to see this smile too often which is a shame." It wasn't the first thing the blonde wanted to say and she immediately felt stupid after it came out of her mouth. Callie gave her a crooked smile.

"I save that for special occasions."

"I see," Callie paused and shoved her hand through her hair. She chewed on her thumb nail which Arizona found alarming.

"What are you doing here?" Callie finally asked, Arizona was wondering when the million dollar question was going to come out. This time it was Arizona's turn to awkwardly run her hand through her hair and as she did she thought of an answer but was too afraid to admit it.

Callie couldn't bear the silence anymore and walked over to the door motioning Arizona to make a speedy exit, but the blonde just sat there. The resident became irritated with the situation, but found it oddly comforting to have Arizona sitting on her couch in silence. It wasn't long before they were sitting so close to each other that Callie could see water dripping off of Arizona's earlobe—her hair was still soppy from the rain outside.

Arizona could feel Callie's tequila laden breath on her neck and she inwardly swooned. She'd missed Callie so much it made her regret ever leaving the resident. It made her regret ever considering getting back with Kara. It made her realize she couldn't waste any more time not being with Callie. She touched the brunette's cheek and felt a warm sensation enter her body. She felt alive for the first time in many months.

"I'm sorry," she said which lead Callie to move closer and touch their foreheads together

"Be here with me," Arizona touched their lips together softly then Callie changed her angle to increase the intensity of the kiss. Sweet and innocent lead to hot and hot lead to sexy in a matter of minutes they were half naked and rushing for the bed. Finally, Arizona tore herself away from Callie's pink puckered lips and contemplated the situation. Yes, she so badly wanted to undress the resident and do naughty things to her, but she had to be reasonable. They had to have a real conversation about their feelings before things got physical otherwise nothing would ever get sorted out.

"Wait Calliope I think we should talk about some stuff." The resident's face looked confused and disappointed. The blonde sensed this and placed her hands on the brunette's hips. "I want to talk about us." Callie brightened a tiny bit and led Arizona by hand toward her bedroom. She threw the peds surgeon a pair of yoga pants, sexy underwear and a sleep shirt. Arizona changed quickly and snuck a few peeks at Callie while she changed too. They both climbed into the residents enormous bed and Callie looked at Arizona intently. The blonde reached out for the other surgeons hand and their fingers came together.

"So, I'm dying to hear your thoughts." Callie said with a smirk, Arizona smiled, she missed Callie's smirk.

"I'm being serious you know," Callie nodded. "I want us to have an actual chance this time. I want us to be together and to go on dates and to fall in love. I want a real commitment with you." The brunette nodded again, everything was coming at her quickly and she needed time to process.

"You leaving was devastating."

Arizona sighed, "I know, it was for me too."

"You can never do that again."

"I don't plan on it."

"For us to make this work we actually have to get to know each other."

"You're right Calliope, I hardly know anything about you. But what I do know is that my feelings for you are very strong. Strong enough to make me quit an amazing job, and leave my family to fly three-thousand miles away to be with you." Callie smiled and kissed Arizona's cheek.

"Nobody asked you to do that."

"True, but I couldn't stand one more day without you." They kissed again, but with more passion and less ferocity.


The next morning Arizona woke up in Callie's bed feeling better than she had in a very long time. She could hear the shower and thought about joining the resident but decided against it. They were supposed to be taking things slow. She rolled out of the bed and headed for the kitchen, she smelled freshly made coffee and wanted some. Jules Adams eyed her devilishly as she grabbed a mug and filled it up.

"You stayed over,

Arizona smiled slightly, "Very observant of you Dr. Adams."

The resident rolled her eyes, "So you and Callie are together?"

"We're still figuring things out." Arizona took a sip of her black coffee and watched over the rim at Jules squirming.

"You're going to hurt her again, especially with Germaine hanging around."

"Dr. Germaine and I's relationship is none of your business."

"Callie is my business and you running away almost killed her. Do you even have any idea how miserable she was?"

Arizona nodded, "I do,"

"Then why are you back here?"

"Again, it's none of your business."

Jules looked like she was going to punch a wall. "I love Callie, but I think she's making a huge mistake with you." She grabbed her coffee, poured it into a thermos and slammed the door as she left. Callie walked in moments later wearing her scrubs.

"What was that all about?"

Arizona sighed, "You don't want to know."

"I'm sorry she doesn't like you she's very protective of me." Arizona smiled and pulled Callie closer kissing her softly.

"I'm glad you have someone who is willing to go to battle for you."

"Jules is great once you get to know her."

"I'm sure she is."

"She'll come around eventually."

"I hope so,"

Callie leaned in and kissed Arizona. "But for now, it's just us okay?"

Arizona nodded and wrapped her arms around Callie's waist. They stood like that for a while, enjoying the fact that they were finally together. Even though it took a long time to get to this place Arizona knew that Callie was the one for her. She knew it since the moment she laid eyes on Callie. Now that they were there together everything felt perfect.


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