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A week had passed by in the psychotic world that was the 'otenguin' family, and life had become pretty routine. Filled with, "Skipper! Kotori's hungry!" "Marlene, Daitoru wants to play!" "Rookie! Please help!". Did I say routine? I meant completely, utterly, insanely, unpredictable.

Unbeknownst to them all, besides Marlene, was the fact that Rookie's birthday was fast approaching. Marlene walked over to Skipper quietly, for their children were sound asleep.

She took hold of his flipper and whispered something in his ear. Rookie, sitting on the other side of the room, was too caught up in a conversation with Scott to notice. "Hey, Skippy...Can I see you on the platform for a minute?" Marlene gave him 'the eyes'.

Skipper grinned and shook his head. "Oh, Marlene...You and your hazel eyes...Affirmative." He said this lovingly with a hint of seriousness. He wasn't real sure what she wanted to talk about. What else was there to talk about?

Marlene still held his flipper in her paw, leading the way to the ladder. Skipper looked back at Rookie, "Hey, Rookie." Rookie immediately jumped up. "Yes, Daddy." Skipper nearly had a tear in his eye. Boy does it feel great to have her call me that...

"Watch your brothers and sisters for a little bit. OK?" Rookie smiled and nodded with a slight salute. "Yes, sir." Skipper smirked and climbed up after Marlene.

Rookie walked over to her siblings and started to play quietly with the ones that were awake. Scott stared after her in wonder. She really was perfect for him. "Hey, Rook. Can I play too?"

[On the Platform]

Skipper looked at the otter in front of him. The sun beautifully detailed every part of her. The eyes that stared at him in every dream. Those lips...that seemed to spin him into passionate bliss. How had she broken him into this loving leader?

Marlene stared straight back into those eyes. Once again, she had become lost in them. Eyes that sparkled and shone brighter than every star in the midnight sky. Flippers that held her safe and warm. How did he do this to her?

"Marlene..." His sweet voice broke her from her reverie. "Oh, um sorry." She giggled a little awkwardly. Skipper could only chuckle at her shyness. Even after all these years...

"Anyways, uh, I just thought I ought to tell you...that Rookie's birthday is coming up!" Skipper blinked twice. "Really? When is it?" Marlene smiled wide at the excitement in his voice. "Well, it's in May...the...28th." Marlene came closer to comfort him. She knew that day struck a nerve.

Skipper closed his eyes. He opened his beak, only to have a soft "Oh..." emanate from it. All excitement had faded from his voice.

"Skipper...Let me explain. 14 years ago, on that specific date, I was many months pregnant. Nearly at the end of my trimester." Marlene looked up at him for a reaction, but receiving none, she continued.

"And then...I found out you were leaving on another mission." Her voice began cracking. She closed her eyes, as if to give her more strength.

"There was so much pressure on me with the baby coming soon and you being the only source of strength and support I had..."

"...To find that all of that would be gone even for just a little bit...It broke me." A tear slid down her face in remembrance. She let out a small laugh. "Literally...My water broke. It broke as I watched you guys waddle away. That also explains the pain I was stifling as you held me one last time." Skipper watched her facial expressions closely. Noticing the pain that also lingered in her voice.

Though he remembered that day thoroughly, he hadn't really thought of it. "On May 28th, by myself on my concrete bed in my habitat...I had Rookie." Skipper felt a tear well up as well as old emotions but quickly overcame it.

"Rookie was born on a Wednesday, one week early. She was beautiful...and she still is." Skipper could only smile. "I know that you would've liked to been there,'s OK because you're here now." The softened leader chuckled.

Marlene looked at him strangely. "Skipper? Why are you laughing?" Skipper looked in her eyes. Such beautiful eyes...

"Because...that's the exact same kind of logic you're daughter used on me." He wrapped his flippers around her with a sigh. "Marlene, it's OK for you and her, but...not for me. I was raised better than that. Trained...better than that. Never leave one of your own behind. Never...Never swim alone. It's the penguin credo." Marlene raised an eyebrow.

"You mean the one about the swimming in Bisquick?" Skipper face-palmed. "Am I the only one who keeps up with credos anymore?" Marlene giggled. "Yes." She grabbed the tip of his beak gently and turned it towards her.

"But, luckily for you...I love you for it." She went in to kiss him, but took her lips away at the last minute. Skipper nearly fell over. Marlene walked towards the secret entrance and turned to look at him over her shoulder.

Skipper smirked and chased her down the ladder. They erupted into soft, playful laughter as they descended. Skipper grabbed Marlene from behind; His flippers wound tightly around her waist. Marlene held onto those flippers and laughed as quietly as she could.

That is, before Skipper started nuzzling her neck in the way she loved. "Ski...Skip...Skippy...Skippy stop.." She giggled. "...Stop, stop! Stop." He did eventually, but not before making his signature 'I love you' penguin noise.

Marlene laughed, clutching her neck. "That tickles you know." "I know." Marlene turned around in his flippers. They were really, really, really close.

Skipper leaned in to kiss his wife; completely oblivious to the world around him. Marlene shortened the distance and kissed him full-on. Her arms were around his neck before Rookie finally cleared her throat and shouted.

"Mom! Dad! Not here! Please..." Rookie's feathers flushed. What teenager wouldn't be embarrassed by her parent's love?

Scott laughed. Honestly, he could see himself and Rookie doing that. Which was a little scary, seeing as how young they were.

Marlene immediately broke the kiss with her cheeks flushed deeply. "Oops. Sorry." She smiled sheepishly as she turned to apologize to Rookie and the others. Skipper smiled mischievously. "Well, I'm not."

He embraced Marlene again and nuzzled her before kissing his little otter once more. Rookie rolled her eyes. Scott pulled her in and nearly did the same to her, before Skipper suddenly popped up out of nowhere to stop them.

"Nice try. Access Denied." Scott looked at him like it was a joke, but noticing the daggers piercing back into his eyes...He caught on.

Rookie put her flippers on her hips. "Daddy..." Marlene rolled her eyes and came forward. "Skippy..." Skipper still had his eyes glued on Scott. "Yes, Marlene."

She pulled him away, with a little difficulty, but he was still watching the two of them. "Come on, Skippy." She got real close and whispered in his eye. "You have more important things to focus on." Skipper, shocked, looked at Marlene.

"What? Like what?" Marlene gave him her other 'eyes' and walked slowly away from him. "Hmmm..." With a single paw on her hip and the other hanging loosely to the side, she replied. "I just don't know..." Her tail curled around his foot; tickling his toes.

" could tell me...?" Marlene smiled as she could sense his defenses crumbling. Skipper stared in her eyes. Hoover Dam, Marlene...that isn't fair.

She chuckled, as if hearing his thoughts and leaned in tantalizingly close to his beak. And history repeated itself. Skipper smirked as he noticed Marlene's new position over by the ladder. "I'm taking this as a challenge, Marlene." Mom to the rescue!

Marlene gave him her own smirk. "Really? Then I guess...It's only logic that you get a reward for success..." She slowly climbed the ladder then looked down at him form the hatch. "Come on now, Skippy. Let's go..." Skipper chuckled softly.

He turned around to face Scott. He gave him the 'I'm watching you' signal and left. Rather hurriedly actually.

Rookie rolled her eyes for what felt like the tenth time. She got closer to Scott and rested her head on his shoulder. He carefully placed his flipper around her. She looked up at her boyfriend and leaned in to kiss him.

Scott placed a flipper to her beak. She grunted in disappointment. "There are eyes everywhere." Rookie removed his flipper from her beak and replied, "Come on, Scott. Just one little kiss? He's not here right now. Please?"

Scott gave her a look of amazement. He should begging her for a kiss, not the other way around. He gave her a smile she absolutely loved and leaned in towards her.

Their beaks got closer...and closer...and closer...and- "I'm still watching you!" Skipper screamed down at them. Scott and Rookie sighed in annoyance and went back to playing with the babies. Skipper nodded and closed the hatch.

Rookie looked at the hatch then gave Scott a quick peck on the cheek. Scott looked at her incredulously. His feathers reddened. "What if your father saw that?" Rookie smiled. "Don't worry. He didn't."

[On the Platform]

Skipper held Marlene in his flippers. She got free and ran to her habitat. Skipper chased after her, but not before looking at the video he had just received on his camera with Rookie and Scott sitting below him. "What if your father saw that?" "Don't worry. He didn't."

"Oh yes I did, Rookie. But...I'll let it slide." Skipper heard Marlene's squeals of laughter as he chased. "...because I understand."

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