Dream A Little

"You can't always have you want, John," Elizabeth said. She frowned ever so slightly and crossed her arms over her chest.

"If you tell him that enough times, maybe one day it'll sink in," McKay joked.

John sent him a withering glare. "Why not, Elizabeth? Don't you believe that if someone puts their mind to getting something, then they can get it?"

"Sometimes that works, John, but not always."

McKay rolled his eyes. "Of course that doesn't work! Are you nuts?"

"You too, McKay?" John sighed. "You're both far too realistic and boring. Live a little. Think outside of what you already know."

"We live in another galaxy, Sheppard. How much more can we imagine?"

"Just try it. Dream a little." He looked at Elizabeth as he said it. "Maybe one day, what you've been wanting for years, maybe something that seems out of reach now, will be yours. There's always a chance."

"I suppose there could be," Elizabeth agreed. "When you put it like that."

"Traitor." McKay frowned and then left them standing in her office.

"You think?" John asked her.

She merely smiled at him.