9000 Days

A/N – This story came to me based on a song from the film Invictus. 9000 days is approximately 24 years.

David Karofsky was twenty five years old. For twenty four of those years he had been hiding behind a façade. His parents had created it, society had molded and added to it, and then he, himself, had perfected it. Almost no one had ever suspected what lay behind it. He had dropped the façade almost exactly one year ago. Three hundred and sixty-five days out of twenty five years - such a short period of time to truly be yourself.

It had been a long journey that had brought him to this particular street corner in this particular city on this particular night. And it would only be a few more steps and a few more hours before he reached his destination.

He sat in the darkness watching the show, marveling at simple courage displayed there. Courage he had lacked for so long. Only a year ago did he finally come to the decision that courage did not entail violence, or confrontation. It was exactly the opposite. It took courage to walk away, it took courage to choose not to fight every battle.

His mind wandered to each one of those twenty four years. Every moment seemed to flash before his mind's eye, every mistake, every bad decision, every bit of hurt he caused. But that was not what this journey was about. This journey he had undertaken had a greater purpose. This journey was not about what had happened, was not about the past. It was about what could happen.

Once more he stood on the corner. It was less crowded due to the late hour. He waited. Waited for the one person in all those twenty four years who had caught a glimpse of the real David Karofsky.

The unmarked stage door opened and into the night stepped the man he had journeyed so far and so long to see – Kurt.

A/N – Okay.. I'm not really sure about this one. I was just trying to get these images that were appearing in my head out. Let me know if it makes sense. Oh, and you can hear the song this is based on. Just go to youtube and search for 9000 days Invictus I tried to match the tone.