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normal- present

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And he's a killer, he's a keeper

Am I blurry, in your vision?
Was I just, a poor decision?
Cut me open, with precision
And we'll finger, the incision
Tell me, what have I done?

To watch you lose, Control

Ghost Flowers

Prologue: Past Mistakes that Come to Haunt us



War was created by the ambitious, those whose anger would never be contained and those whom were egotistical; not able to understand the price of death and the sacred sanctity of human life. It was something that caused pain, strife, and suffering; something that not only destroyed lives at an instant, but would eradicate them for all eternity.

Madara loved war. He was an egotistically ambitious man who's first and only concern were his desires. Suffering was part of the world, so what difference would it make to concentrate the worlds suffering at a certain point in time?

The youngest survivor of the Uchiha clan himself would feel tremors of pleasure run through his system at the very thought of the cleansing he would be doing; to terminate those parasites in Konoha and clearing the Uchiha name. His desires would finally be fulfilled…

Even if it meant letting go of his own sanity.

His family would be avenged – it was the last thing he accomplished in this god forsaken world.

Of course, the Fourth Shinobi War had already started, but this was just the beginning; a little test to see how strong the allies really were. It was a test of their defense that if won to their favour, would shatter the weak and be rid of the vast numbers. Then, in two weeks when he and Taka would go out to battle, Konoha would be crushed.

He would finally be free.

Of course, that didn't mean he would be truly free. He was haunted. Every night he'd dream of Itachi, his dead family, that snake Orochimaru and sometimes… the dobe. That stupid blonde idiot not only had to chase after him in reality, but she had to visit him in his dreams as well.

However whenever she would come to plague his mind, the dreams were always the same. A memory that would play over and over and over in his head. A memory from the very week before he had left for power. The week that those two young shinobi, so full of valour, passion, a rage had taken each other's virginity.

Bodies touched, breath was traded, and the heat in the room sky rocketed in seconds. The covers and remains of clothing were scattered around the room as hormones reached their high. Her ocean blue eyes were clouded with a lust that darkened them, more beautiful and stunning than anything he had ever seen before.

His eyes were swirling with blood red, using the Kekkai Genkai to his advantage making everyone of her moans hoarser, her breaths deeper, and her screams louder. Each thrust was plunged deeper then the one before, making her cry in ecstasy.

When they had finished, basking in the after glow, she lay on his chest, panting softly. In return, he kept an arm around her waist possessively; leaving a wet, open mouthed kiss on one of the many scars he had graced her with just moments ago.

"Will it always be like this?" she asked slowly and quietly, is if the very question were taboo. Sighing deeply, he leaned back into the large pillow, now obsidian orbs observing her lazily with curiosity.

"I don't know. Do want it to be like this?"

She nodded, "I do."

The curse mark on the back of his neck began to burn, as it usually did at night, but he wouldn't let it bother him in his moment with her.

"Sasuke what would you say if I loved you?"

He became tense, hands fisted in her hair as his mind struggled with the thought. He had deep feelings for her, intense feelings as a matter of fact. She was his best friend, but was it love?

"I would say that you're being stupid."

She frowned, mumbling out loud, "you're such a teme," with pain in her voice, although she struggled to keep it hidden.

"Hn, just sleep dobe."

Even though she tried and failed too sleep, she noticed that his arm had never once left her waist, despite his cold and predictable reaction.

Smiling against the pale expanse of skin, the blonde left a small kiss on his chest.

He might not 'love her,' but care for her he did.

A week later he had proven exactly why, it would be stupid to fall in love with him.

It was his fault of course, to be so caught up in passion as to not think of the consequences of using his Sharringan, memorizing the event to a point where it still felt real.

Sometimes he could even taste the scent of her skin…

Shaking his head angrily, the young man glared ahead, digging blunt nails into his palm as punishment.

He had broken his ties with Konoha, his friends, and Naruto. He didn't need flash backs of his past mistakes to haunt his every move. He didn't get enough sleep as it were already…

However, with the dreams being so fresh and life-like he couldn't help but think about that very night all those years ago.

Did he regret it? He wasn't sure.

Did he want to forget it? As soon as possible.

He didn't need to be guilt tripped by her in his sleep too.

The dreams started to become more frequent as of late, never before being so prominent in his unconscious state of mind. IN fact, ever since their encounter approximately a month ago, ever since Naruto had once again preacheduselesslyto him, his silent torture had begun.

It was beginning to become increasingly difficult to block her out of his mind...

"Sasuke, Sakura-chan is part of team 7… just like us." It was clear that Naruto did not appreciate Sasuke treating Sakura like trash, but what did he care? He smirked at Naruto, the blood still pouring from his eye

"In case you forgot, I'm EX- team 7."

What did that idiot know? She began to glare at him and he felt like laughing. Did she actually think her lectures had any effect on him?

Kakashi had shot him a disapproving look turning whilst speaking to Naruto, "isn't that enough proof Naruto? Sasuke isn't the same as he was anymore."

Wise words, from a stupid old man. Of course he'd changed.

"Sasuke…" she started off softly, as if trying to sooth a child with a tantrum. What did she think he was? A fucking child?

"What!" he had screeched. He's had enough off them, her, chasing after him like they knew him. No one knew him.

"Tobi told us the truth about Itachi!" Sasuke's eyes narrowed. How dare she speak his name like she knew him.

"I don't know whether to believe it or not, but either way, everything you've done... I understand why you did it!"

He breathed in sharply through his nose, hating to have to explain over and over again why she physically could never understand him.

"Naruto… I've told you once before, you never had parents or siblings… you never had ANYONE,"

She had set a whole new rage streaming through his veins.


He's had enough of all this bullshit, of this 'trying to change him'. He wanted to laugh at the sight of those warm blue eyes slowly turning into ice. Sakura had started ranting about how Naruto was his friend, blah, blah, blah. That girl never did learn how to shut her mouth.

His eyes were locked with Naruto's, ignoring everyone and everyone around them. It was like they were in an entirely different world.

He felt… different… like he had to share with them how he wouldn't let any of them get in his way. They needed to finally understand that he was no longer the 'Sasuke' that they knew.

"Just now… just moments ago I finally got revenge for Itachi on one of his betrayers… one of the leaf's top brass… his name was Danzo."

Her eyes still held his, hard as ever, and he broke out laughing.

"It was a high unlike anything I've ever felt. Like I was finally cleansing the Uchiha name of the stigma that's dogged it for all these years!" he couldn't help it, he just felt like roaring with laughter, as if he was snapping on the inside.

He stared at Naruto whose face seemed to calm down, listening intently rather then glaring.

"It was like I was freeing the Uchiha from being associated with this corrupt shinobi world! In a sense that's always what the leaf wanted... After rejecting my clan for generations, I'm finally going to wipe it from your memories..."

By crushing the leaf and killing everyone in it he was freeing them one by one. Freeing his father, his mother, Itachi, his relatives, his clan and himself.

"By killing every last one of you, until the leaf is crushed forever! Any link to the Uchiha will be severed and our name will be purified! That's how I'll revive my clan!"

At the mention of reviving his clan, he could see the blonde girl twitch slightly, as if wanting to tell him something very important. Probably just more shit about how what he was doing was wrong. He didn't need their pity. That's all he had gotten in that God forsaken village, PITY!

She looked saddened, immediately creating one of her Kage Bunshins. She was going to strike. Excellent, he would meet that strike head on and finally end their rivalry, friendship, and her life. She ran towards him with determination, a Rasengan swirling in her hand and he ran towards her with his Chidori.

Their jutsus clashed, almost as if countering one another. He could feel how much powerful her Rasengan had become, but then again, so had his Chidori. Suddenly their eyes met. He didn't understand the determination in hers. It wasn't like the usual, almost clouded with regret.

Like she had more then one reason to bring him down. Something much more personal than all the original meanings.

It was probably just the realization that there was no friendship between them anymore.

Then, it was just the two of them standing in a place enclosed with white. Naruto looked at him upset, clutching her stomach.

"You know, everyone hated me as a kid, because I have the nine-tails inside me." She looked up at him, eyes hard, mature, and serious. "I hated all of them too. I wanted to get revenge on them."

He could only stare at her calmly. He didn't feel the same high as he did earlier, he felt… as if her needed to hear her story.

"One misstep and I might've been thinking the same horrible things as you." She started smiling slightly, as if recalling her childhood memories.

"I thought I'd never have a real bond with anyone..."

"Not until I meet people like you and Iruka-sensei."

Sasuke's eyes hardened slightly. What was she trying to get at? It's almost, as if she was having difficulty to get out what she really wanted to say.

"I knew you were always alone. I felt better knowing there was someone like me… I wanted to hang out with you! It just made me happy! But I couldn't… I was jealous of how skilled you were so I turned you into a rival," she seemed to be smiling at him sweetly now.

"I wanted to be just like you. I started with nothing… but I finally made a connection. We went on missions as team 7, and I kept chasing you, wanting to be just as strong, just as cool..."

He didn't understand. He didn't want to be going back into the past, but there she was bringing him down memory lane and there was nothing he could do to stop the images from playing in his head.

She closed her eyes, still smiling. "I'm really glad I meet you!"

He glared at her hard, searching for something, anything that would give him an answer. There was still something Amis, something she wasn't telling him… but it was too late now.

"Naruto… it's too late. Nothing you say can change me! I'm going to kill every last person in your beloved little village!" he was serious. She needed to recognize that he wouldn't hesitate to kill her. Not anymore.

"It's time to make your decision! You can kill me, and become a hero, or die by my hands and become another one of my victims." She bowed her head for a second, before looking up, eyes a flame.

"Neither! I'm not going to be one of your victims, or go down in history as the women who killed you!"

Unexpectedly, when their fingers touched, the reaction from their jutsus created an explosion, throwing both of them back. He was caught by Zetsu, one of the Akatsuki.

Sasuke looked out at Naruto, noticing how her eyes were ice again, her chakra flaring with intent to kill – much like his own.

"Now, I'm certain," she said out loud with venom in her voice. Perfect, the moron had finally realized.

Instantly, Madara had then appeared beside him, pleasure streaming through his voice.

"Oh look! The nine-tails. When we do fight them it'll be in a more suitable place, for now we retreat."

"Well," Zetsu started, "we've got to catch the nine-tails eventually, why not now?"

"No, the nine-tails will be too much for you Zetsu, her close combat will obliterate yours." Sasuke scoffed. As if the idiot was actually powerful. "We'll leave that hunt to Sasuke... that should be entertaining."

Of course it would be. He'd prove to Naruto how much of a weakling she really was.

"Wait," Naruto said softly. "I need to tell Sasuke something."

Madara was trying to pull him up, getting him to leave, but he wanted to listen to Naruto. Again, it was that strange feeling as if he HAD to.

"Wait…" he said, taking a step towards her, waiting patiently for her to speak.

"Sasuke… do remember what you told me at the Valley of the End? About top class ninja?" he remembered well. About how top class ninja didn't need words, they could see each others hearts. He had asked her that question. He also remembered shoving a Chidori threw her chest and leaving her there to die.

"One direct clash later…" she began, taking a leisurely step forward, "and I understand a lot more. We've become top class ninja's Sasuke, both of us." She closed her eyes.

"So did you see what was in my heart? How I really feel? Then you must have seen what will happen if we both fight again." He raised his eyebrow. What was the dimwit trying to get at? She opened her eyes, a cocky smirk on her face, which was almost sinister. "We're both going to die."

He narrowed his eyes, listening to her preach again. "Our battle will be inevitable, if you really do attack the leaf. So keep your hatred, let it fester, and hit me with it full force. I'm the only one who can bare the full burnt of your hate! Because I've been there!" she looked dead serious, for once in his life, Sasuke believed what Naruto was saying.

"It's my job and no one else's! I'll bear the burden of your hatred, and we'll die together!"

He had snapped. The idiotic blonde moron had crossed the line, one to many times.

"What! Tell me what the fuck is wrong with you! Why do you care about me so much!"

Naruto looked saddened again, almost… no, it couldn't be love. Tch, he had told her not to, but it was a love for him, along with something else. That weird feeling she wasn't telling him the most important detail was there again...

She smiled in response, raising her fist at him cockily, "Sasuke we'll never understand each other through words alone, I knew that from the moment I met you. The only way you and I can communicate properly is threw our fists! Remember what I said, we're both top class ninja now! I haven't given up yet!" she then ran a hand threw her sunshine locks. "Then maybe we won't be jinchuuriki, Uchiha, or anything. Then you'll be able to understand me properly." What a stupid dobe, there was nothing too understand.

It only darkened his mood farther and he cursed himself for being so exhausted. If he wasn't so weak from his battles, Naruto would be a flame from Amateratsu by now.

"I will never change! I don't want us to understand one another! And we're not going to die; only you will!"

Even as he remembered every word she said, the high he felt from killing Danzo, the clearest image in his mind was that sinister smirk

"We're both going to die, so hit my with your hatred full force!"

She was an idiot. They were all idiots… mere worms beneath his feet.

He would let his hatred fester, and when he'd fight her, Sasuke would kill Naruto.

Of course, he still didn't understand why he had dreamed of her. Was it his inner self trying to guilt trip him? Or maybe he really didn't want to kill her…

The young Uchiha shook his head furiously, balling his fists. He should have killed her long ago, and then he wouldn't be going through this… remembering things he had forgotten long ago, nor having the mental image of her smiling brightly at him stitched into his brain.

As he entered the master chamber Madara turned to face him.

"It seems that the eye transplant has healed nicely" the masked man greeted.

Sasuke crossed his arms, still adjusting to using his brother's eyes. Itachi's eyes. He vowed to use them to rid of every single one of those Konoha swine. He would set Itachi's and his clans souls free from their burdens in Konoha.

Madara cocked his head. "You seem troubled Sasuke, is everything alright?" he nodded in response, not in the mood to exchange 'pleasantries' with him.

"Good, because I'm sending you on a very special assignment, and it would be… bothersome, if your mind was somewhere else."

Furrowing his eyebrows further, the raven kept his Sharringan activated, untrusting of the other.

"I thought I already told you that I don't work for you or Akatsuki."

Madara chuckled deeply, "this is a matter of warfare Sasuke and we already know what side you've chosen. I'm sending you to fetch a certain person that will help us greatly in battle."

Sasuke practically growled. "I'm not your delivery boy Madara," He simply chuckled again. "If you haven't noticed Sasuke, our numbers aren't as great as I would like them to be, and this person is of extreme importance. But don't get me wrong, they won't come along willingly. So have fun, but don't have too much fun. I want them alive."

He stared long and hard, before asking quickly, "anything I need to know about this person?"

The masked man shook his head, "the details aren't important, other then their whereabouts and to not underestimate them." The younger Uchiha snorted, "You underestimate me."

The only way that he'd be truly freed, would be either by her death, or his own.