Hello everybody :)



This is just a note to let everyone know that the second part of Ghost Flowers is officially out and is called

Death Flowers.

You can find the first chapter by either going to the In-progress stories under Naruko U./ Naruto U. and Sasuke U. or by going to my profile and finding it there.

After much deliberation, I have decided to put Naruto and Naruko as characters to all my FemNaru stories.


For the longest time I have avoided the 'Naruko' side of fanfiction as I believe people make her extremely out of character, a Mary Sue, and for the plain stupidity of it. Why should FemNaru stories go under Naruko? You don't any other characters or fan universes giving special treatment to genderswitch, so why Naruto?

However, I eventually conceded... knowing that at least under Naruko, people are looking for genderswitch so it keeps it more organized since the Sasunaru side is so huge. However, this still bugs me, since the majority of my readers were found when I kept the stories under Naruto with a simple tag of: SasuFemNaru.

Due to keep both parties happy (myself and organization) I have decided to have all SasuFemNaru stories with the characters

Naruto U. Naruko U. and Sasuke U.

Therefore, although the story is strictly SasuFemNaru and there is no extra Naruto, Naruko, etc, all people looking for these stories will have access from them. Take it from me. I refused to look at Naruko for the longest time and honestly, I still don't unless someone suggests a certain story for me.

Once again, to eliminate confusion,

All SasuFemNaru stories will have both Naruto and Naruko tags on them. This does not mean both characters are in the stories. There is only one Naruto and yes, she is female.

Also, this story will be much darker then Ghost Flowers as my writing has greatly matured.

Due to this, I will be slowly re-editing each and every single chapter of Ghost Flowers to mature the story. When I first started it almost three years ago, my writing was still underdeveloped and immature. I just figured out that I enjoyed writing. Now that writing is my passion and I plan to pursue a career in it, I have greatly researched writing techniques and it has changed drastically. This is seen in Ghost Flowers as the beginning chapters are much different then the ending ones.

To eliminate this technical gap (as mentioned earlier) these chapters will be re-edited. However, this will not change the pace of Death Flowers. I will continue to update it as quickly as I can while editing Ghost Flowers in my spare time.

I warn you though! I can get lazy very easily so do not hesitate to PM me as a reminder to get the next chapter out as soon as possible.

See you in Death Flowers!