It's a dance in the end. An eternal sequence of steps to a tune it seems only they can hear.

When Antony shakes his head and furrows his brow at her, uncomprehending of why her thoughts are so frequently upon the other woman, Atia furrows her brow right back.

Can't he hear her cold voice in the air?

Servilia will not explain herself to Brutus, because she truly cannot understand why he doesn't just know why the destruction of Atia is of the utmost importance.

Surely the whore's laugh rattles in his head too?

Whenever they meet they circle each other like vipers, veiled threats coming thick and fast fast fast to a rhythm only they can hear.

Octavia thinks the direction of their steps is the way madness lies. She's seen both women rage against the other and does not care to repeat the experience but knows that she is doomed to repeat her own pattern. She will go back and forth, being pushed from partner to partner but she will never be allowed to lead. She thinks that's why they clash so - they both want to lead and will never follow.