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"Isn't it kind of funny how our minds work?" asked Gwen, popping a strawberry into her mouth as her torso and head hung over the side of the bed; Julie laid out on the floor beside her with a book splayed out so she could read it.

The Asian-American's eyes lifted from the tiny printed words of her biology textbook. "What do you mean?" she asked, placing her chin in her palm so she looked at her red-faced friend whose blood was all flooding in her head.

Gwen munched on the strawberry for a few long moments. "Have you noticed how quickly the kind of guys we want changes from when we're like nine to when we're like nineteen?"

Silently, Julie raised an eyebrow, her fingers twirling a pencil in one hand.

"Let's reflect, shall we?" Gwen closed her eyes and hauled herself into a sitting position, her abs suddenly in pain from moving her body in a full one-eighty degree angel so sharply. Then she maneuvered so her legs were folded over the side of the bed and she was looking down at Julie. "What kind of guy did you want when you were nine?"

The ebony-haired girl thrummed her fingers against her lower lip. "Well, he had to be funny and sweet and cute. And smart. Definitely smart."

A smiled twisted Gwen's lips as her mind processed it all. Her answer would've been almost exactly the same at that age. "And when you were about twelve?"

"Shy, smart..." Julie had to rack her brain for a little bit more. "Famous. Funny." She closed her eyes and envisioned the guy that she waited for to sweep her off her feet and onto a beautiful white horse so they could ride off into the sunset. "Creative and nice."

Gwen knew her answers would've been exactly the same too. "Now, Julie, have your opinions changed at all since then?"

The smaller girl mulled over her thoughts for a long moment. "Not much. I mean, I'm dating Ben, aren't I?" A weak smirk played across her lips as Gwen was up and pacing towards the window. Then her brow furrowed. "What are you thinking?"

"It's just funny how all girls think the same thing for a while, but then they either go complete opposite or keep the same kind of guy they want in mind for the rest of their lives." She twirled a strand of her crimson mane around one finger. "You're one of the static ones. Changes aren't enough to really notice."

Julie suddenly understood where her friend was going with this. "And you're one of the ones who did the total switch, aren't you?"

"I blame it on Kevin," defended the redhead, emerald eyes almost worried.

"Gwen, seriously, like you said, it's one or the other. I'm one and your the other. So if one sucks, the other one rocks and we'll know what to do because we'll have each other."

"I'm not worried. I'm just thinking how most girls want the dark, dangerous, sexy bad boy and how most of them don't ever get to be with one." She turned to her friend, confusion pressed across her usually calm features. "How did I wind up with him? It's not supposed to work that way, Julie!"

The other girl just put her head back down to her book while Gwen carried on a monologue with herself. The slightly built Asian-American couldn't help but smile at the way her best friend seemed to over-analyze every single little detail of everything.

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