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A/N: This story is written as if Paloma knew all along that Betty was a guardian if she's under guardian witness protection, she would probably recognize the bracelet from a block away. Plus I gave Betty's mother a full name (meaning Betty has a last name) and her grandmother a last name

Some of this plot was inspired by the book Bones to Ashesby Kathy Reichs (which I just finished reading and highly recommend) other parts are my original creation. I also said that if Paloma wants to talk to Juanita without anyone understanding they would speak another language... in this case, Spanish since I speak some Spanish

okay, yeah that was long winded for me... whew... now on with the fic! ^-^


Searching for Betty

It was quiet in Moose Jaw Heights, Betty and her friends were enjoying the nice weather. They were out on their skate boards having fun and trying to do different tricks. Betty went to the bathroom.

Fifteen minutes later, Noah and Paloma were beginning to wonder what was wrong with Betty. Paloma went into the girls bathroom and was horrified to discover Betty was no longer there.

"Betty!" Paloma called "Betty!"

Paloma knew about Betty and the Galactic Guardians and she knew a way to find out if Betty was called by the guardians she could ask her 'sister' Juanita to check with Admiral DeGill.

"Juanita, ven (1)" Paloma said

Juanita went to Paloma

"*Juanita, I know you're supposed to be under cover, and not contact guardian headquarters, but we have an emergency, I want to know if DeGill called Betty*."

"*Okay, I think that can be arranged*" Juanita smiled and activated her communicator

"Juanita, I thought you were to be on radio silence" DeGill said

"I know, but I think Betty is missing, did you call for her?"

"No, nothing has come up requiring Betty's skills, do you think she was kidnapped?"

"Unfortunately that is what it looks like, I'll keep you informed Admiral"

Juanita cut communication

"*Gracias(2), Juanita, I had to know if DeGill called her... this is bad*"

"*DeGill will probably handle this the best he can without revealing the existence of the guardians to this world seeing this is an untouched world*"

"Claro" (of course... or I'm pretty sure that's how that translates my Spanish is very rusty thus why I didn't do full translation)

"Paloma, have you found Betty?" Noah called

"No, Noah she's not in here" Paloma replied

"*Do you think on of her foes could have got her?*" Paloma whispered to her sister

"*Not without alerting somebody*" Juanita sighed

Meanwhile Betty was just waking up from the dose of chloroform

"Well, looks like you've recovered yourself, too bad you can't stay conscious"

"What?" Betty demanded and began to fight her bonds. Then a chloroform rag was pressed to her face and soon she passed out again.

"Little brat, why did you pick her instead of that Hispanic looking girl?" the driver asked

"Prettier, this one is prettier" his buddy replied

"Now how are we getting her out of Canada again?" the driver asked

Betty's mother was getting worried, it was after dark and Betty hadn't arrived home, she soon reached for the phone and called the cops.

"Mrs. Tremblay, you say your daughter went to the park with her friends, and you haven't seen her since."

"Yes, officer, she always comes home for dinner, she didn't make it, I thought she had gone to one of her friends' houses for dinner, I called them and they said that their children had come home but Betty wasn't with them and I started to get frightened then I called you"

"Easy, we're going to do everything possible to find your daughter and get her home... is there a chance she ran away?"

"No, I doubt she would run away, she is such a happy girl, she would never, she's twelve! She'll be thirteen in June"

"I understand, ma'am"

Martha wiped her eyes, she couldn't believe that they even considered Betty running away, the only place she would go was Beatrixo's farm, and that would have meant going by where she lived, not to mention they had called Beatrixo and she had reported no sign of Betty. She also said she would keep a watch for Betty to see if she came.

"We called my mother, her name is Beatrixo... she goes by Bea, she's really close with Betty, we figure if she ran anywhere it would be to my mother's farm. Mom and Betty are really close, but Mom has said she hasn't heard from Betty, she also said she would call us if she did hear from Betty."

"Would Bea lie on Betty's behalf?"

"Only if she felt Betty was in some kind of danger and doing so would protect Betty... she loves Betty"

"Okay, I just thought I would make sure that wasn't a possibility, because we could get her for harboring a runaway, if that is indeed what occurred"

A missing person report was filed and cops were sent to her last known location to investigate. They also got a scent article for the tracking along with her toothbrush to get DNA.

What they didn't know was Betty was hidden in a secret compartment in the back seat of a vehicle heading for the border between Canada and the United States.

To Be Continued

(1) Juanita, come

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