Tears filled Betty's eyes and Bea stepped forward to hug her granddaughter. She knew what Natalia was hinting at... trying to tactfully dance around an issue that Bea herself hadn't wanted to consider.

"They took my shirt and started taking pictures... I tried to cover myself but the guy grabbed my arms and threatened to hurt me if I did that again" the normally exuberant girl began to sob, her mother and grandmother both embraced her, Martha didn't understand why they had to ask about that, but Bea seemed to realize it had to be done.

"Oh God... Betty I... I'm so sorry" Natalia understood Betty was emotionally traumatized, but it seemed Betty was very resilient and would recover

Betty calmed and turned to Natalia

"Are you okay, sweetie, I shouldn't have asked"

"You needed to know" Betty replied "now they can get what they deserve"

"The only problem is we need to find that pictu..." Calleigh started

"Bingo... I think we have the image right here" Eric pulled a stack of pictures out of the glove compartment and bit back a curse word the pictures weren't only of Betty Tremblay... there were other girls. Some weren't actually caught, some were from spy cameras placed in bed rooms to catch the girls changing clothes. Betty caught a glimpse of the faces of two of the girls and gasped in shock.

"You know them?" Eric said holding the two pictures that got the reaction for Betty to examine

"That's Paloma, she's my best friend, and that's Penelope Lang... she's the school snob... but she didn't deserve to be spied on! She didn't even know they were... oh my gosh!"

"Betty, it's okay, these men won't get away with what they did... I won't let them" Horatio said and hugged Betty gently "and now, the gift I was speaking of..." he pulled out a pin that looked like a Miami Dade police badge but read CSI on it "now you are an honorary CSI, with your eye for detail you might actually make a good investigator when you get older"

Betty laughed slightly "Maybe... thank you so much"

"You're very welcome, Betty" Horatio smiled


Betty sighed happily as she, her mother and grandmother arrived home. She was shocked to see Paloma and Noah waiting at the house for her.

"What... how did they know when we'd get here"

"We called them... I thought you would want to see your friends when you got home" Martha said

They got out of the car and Betty went to hug her friends

"Welcome home Betty... we missed you" Paloma said as she hugged Betty. Noah hung back for a few moments allowing Betty and Paloma to have their moment.

"Noah, what's wrong?" Betty asked as she turned to him

"I was afraid I'd never see you again" he said

"I was too, Noah, but I'm right here, I'm safe" Betty said trying to make things okay again

"Yeah..." Noah smiled but Betty could see the nervousness in his smile and wondered what was going through his head.

Martha and Bea went inside, but continued to watch through the front window to see what Noah was about to do.

Noah reached out and placed his hand on Betty's cheek... this action confused Betty, then she got the shock of her life. Noah leaned to her and the next thing she knew he had kissed her on the lips. His hand had moved to behind her head to hold her in the kiss for a moment.

Paloma gasped and Betty's eyes went wide, neither girl saw this coming from Noah Parker, he had always been so shy, what had given him the courage to kiss Betty. She felt is tongue touch her lips and, without so much as a thought, she opened her mouth to allow access. She melted into the kiss her eyes closing in the moment, this wasn't what she would have ever expected from Noah... Chaz, maybe, never Noah.

The kiss broke and it looked like Noah might bolt from fear that he had just made a huge mistake, but Betty stopped him dead in his tracks. She kissed him back.

"Betty you liked that... I thought for sure I'd just screwed up"

"You didn't, all you did was surprise me" Betty smiled and hugged Noah who returned it confident that he had a very good chance with Betty.

Bea smiled as she watched her granddaughter receive her very first kiss.

"I definatly didn't expect Noah to do that" Martha stated

"The kid may be rather shy, but he really cares about our little Betty... he'd walk through fire for her. I just don't think she realizes exactly what lengths Noah would go to just to make her happy" Bea said

The End