Rumor: Prologue

"Once upon a time," The white haired male started the story his daughter wanted him to tell.

"You are going to start off with that?" The young girl whined.

"What is wrong with that? All the good stories start out with that." He said.

"But Daddy, all the good stories have the same plot! I want something exciting!" Her viridian eyes stared at her father.

"You are six, what do you know about plots, Sweetie?" her father asked with a smile adorning his lips.

"I can sum up all those 'Once upon a time' stories!" The vibrant six year-old stated.

"Is that so? Care to do so right now then." His eyes crinkled just a bit as he looked at her.

"Once upon a time, a damsel needed help and her prince charming came to her rescue. They had to fight through obstacles to get to their destination and on the way they fell in love. Once finished the two love birds strolled away in their happily ever after. The end; so you see, the plot is really all the same!"

"Everyone wants a happy ending; making up these stories are a way to get them."

"That's the keyword father—everyone wants a happy ending. But no one is trying. You can want all your heart desires, but wanting isn't going to get you anywhere except the extra step you need to take!" The verbose six year-old stated.

"Baby, you can try all you want sometimes and you still will never get where you want to be. We are in a time like that."

"No, father, we are not. We are in a time filled with crooks and frightened people. We are like pigs in a slaughter house. We can choose what to eat, but we don't choose when we die. But we could, the question is would we? I think we could if we worked hard enough; if we wanted it bad enough. You are right though father; sometimes we can try and get nowhere. But for every one of those times we can do and get anywhere."

Her father looked at his daughter who knew too much for her age. She was intelligent and outgoing, but her opinionated spirit usually kept her friendless and in trouble. He sighed and got up from his spot on her bed. "I think you should go to bed, dear. I'll see you in the morning."

"Alright, father." The little girl kissed her father good night and drifted into a wonderful dream filled with danger, adventure, and not one 'Once upon a time'.

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