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Chapter 12

As the young rosette was walking down a deserted street, Sakura knew she should probably focus on the task she was about to perform. But her mind seemed to continue to replay the past. Questions kept popping up. Did they even want to sell her? If they did why didn't she pick up that something was wrong? From what she remembered of her psychology lessons with Tsunade, children were supposed to sense when something was different; they could distinguish it because of how unbiased they were to their surroundings. More importantly, why would they want to sell her? Was she not a good daughter to them? Was she a freak?

The rosette shook her head; she needed to get rid of those thoughts. Fugaku told her where she could find her last victim. It took a while to convince him to give her the information she so desperately desired. And because it took so much work, she would be damned that she would let her own fear make her back out of doing this. Shakespeare said in Macbeth one death causes a continuous cycle which would only be stopped by the death of the one who started the mess. To Sakura, this was ending the cycle once and for all.

It might destroy what was left of her humanity. It might make her a monster. But it had to be done, because if she didn't do it who will? How many children will have to go through what she had to before someone realizes that none of this is right? Sakura didn't care, because numbers shouldn't matter. What makes a million of unhappy children more important than one? Nothing, nothing makes just one trivial. Each child is alive, has friends, and is human. They each deserve their humanity and Sakura would go through hell to make sure they could.

With a deep breath, Sakura cleared her mind of all the past. She needed to look towards the future. She needed to focus on all the possibilities that could happen. The rosette came to a stop when she found herself at the entrance of a large building. Her eyes darted over its exterior trying to find the address.

7842 Blue Diamond Road.

A small smile curled at her lips. This was the right place. However, the young aspen eyed teen was not alone. There was a man at the door. Sakura let out an exasperated sigh before she put on a flirtatious smile. With the sense of false confidence she had perfected over the years, Sakura walked up to the dark haired male.

"Hello," she purred.

"Well, well, what do we have here?" A masculine voice crooned at the petite girl before him. His dull, brown eyes stared at her jeweled, green ones. He noticed how she would occasionally bat her eyes at him. She was going to be fun, he could tell.

"That depends. What do you think I am?" Sakura murmured. To him her voice sounded like the soft hum of a mockingbird right after a nice, spring rain. Her emerald orbs gazed up at him through her thick lashes.

"I think you are a very pretty little lady," he answered. He couldn't help but be mesmerized by her. She was pretty, young, exotic. She was everything he looked for in a mistress. He wanted her. He would have her, his wife be damned.

"I am pretty?" She asked. For a moment, she was startled. Pretty was never a word she would have described herself as. But she recovered quickly; this was not a task she could so easily let slip through her fingers. Even if the man had complimented her like no other person had ever done.

"You are very pretty, honey." He told her. Sakura watched as the man's eyes gazed her body. She felt disgusting as she allowed him to stare at her, despite his gracious compliment. It was wrong. But she needed to deal with it. He might be her only ticket into that building.

"This is to end it all. I need this to end." Sakura thought. She turned her attention back to the man. "Are you always this kind to women you meet?"

"Only to the pretty ones, Ma'am," he told her, giving her a—should could only assume he thought it was—sexy wink.

"Well this pretty gal would like to escape the wind. Could you grant her that small favor?" Sakura noticed how the guard seemed to hesitate for a moment. Sakura could practically see the internal battle he was having. This assured her that she was in fact in the right place.

"Well I really am not supposed to," he told her.

Sakura shot him a pleading glance. "Please, Mister? I am only asking you to grant me a place to get out of the freezing wind for just a little while. I promise not to overstay my welcome." Sakura bit her lip for added effect. She hoped that would be enough for the man to let her into the building; thankfully it was.

"Alright, pretty lady, but just this once, alright? And I expect a reward for this." He told her as he began to open the door.

"Oh you will get a reward for this, honey. I promise." She cooed in his ear before he fell limp to the floor.

Sakura couldn't help but think her brother really needs to teach his men that they were not invincible. And that they should never underestimate a stranger just because they look harmless. The man who allowed her to enter the building was by far the easiest to trick. The other Akatsuki recruits required a lot more charm or skill to slip past. But she had still managed to get to the heart of the base her target was at. She was close, and she could feel her heart racing at the idea of finding the man who made, well would have if it wasn't for Fugaku, her witness the murder of her parents.

"Let the games begin," Sakura said as she pushed open a door.

"You did what?" Naruto hollered at his adoptive father.

"She is a very convincing person, Naruto." Fugaku tried to reason.

"The dobe is right, Father. You should have never given her that information." Sasuke explained in the only way he knew how. Sakura was his friend; he would protect her when he could. But he can't protect her now. And Sasuke had never been so afraid in his life.

"She is an adult, Sasuke. Sakura can take care of herself."

"But who would prevent her from going too far? Who would calm her down? Who will be there when she breaks?" Naruto screamed. Unlike Sasuke, Naruto had no regards for these people's feelings. Yes they adopted him, clothed him, fed him, and gave him a home to live in; but Sakura was the first person to like him when she wasn't obligated to. She helped him when everyone else just sat back at let him cry. He needed to help her; to save her from herself.

"She will not break! She is a strong girl." Fugaku argued. He didn't want to think that she was unstable, that she couldn't handle herself. He wouldn't because it was not true. She was like his wife, capable of kindness to all but dangerous when crossed. That rosy haired girl he watched grow up was strong like Mikoto.

"Father she is mental. She is my best friend but she does not think rationally!" Sasuke argued. He pinched the bridge of his nose; this was supposed to be just another family brunch. How it spiraled into Sakura leaving the city and probably turning into a psychopath, he wasn't so sure.

"Where is she?" Naruto asked.

"Is this going to kill her? Answer me honestly boys," Fugaku asked.

"It might, it very well might." Sasuke answered.

"Then I guess I have no choice," Fugaku let out a sigh before he went into the details. He explained to his young sons where the base was, how to get in, and what the worst case scenarios could be. When the boys got up to leave, Fugaku added, "And boys, take your brother with you."

This surprised the two younger males. "Why?" The both asked.

"I know your brother a lot better than he knows himself, just take him with you." Fugaku said with a knowing smile.

"Where did you two insist I go?" Itachi asked with slight annoyance. He had already been in a foul mood when Sakura was not in his room when he woke up; it didn't help that he could hardly remember anything after he had kissed her. So when his brothers barged into his room and demanded that he go with them on request of their father did not help lighten his mood.

"We are going to retrieve our friend." Sasuke replied.

"And where is Sakura?" Itachi asked. Itachi was surprised when his raven haired brother slammed his foot against the breaks, or at least he was until he remembered he never mentioned to his brothers that he knew the rosette's name. For once, he was glad for his brother's love of speeding; it was the main reason they were on a back road.

"You bastard! How do you know Sakura-chan's name?" Naruto screamed.

Itachi winced before he replied, "Her brother told me."

The two boys looked at each other before bursting into a fit of laughter. "Sakura-chan doesn't have a brother! You must have gotten lucky and guessed the right name." Naruto said between snickers.

"Looks like I know her better than you do," Itachi murmured before letting the topic slide. "Now Sasuke if you are going to look for Sakura, I suggest that you should start driving again."

"If Sakura does have a brother, Aniki, who is it?" Sasuke questioned as he pressed the accelerator once more.

"Pein," Itachi's response got him another round of laughter from Naruto and a slight snicker from Sasuke.

"If he was her brother, then you two must have fucked rabbits!" Naruto roared with rabbits. The blonde could not see how the harsh, workaholic, and rude Akatsuki leader could ever be related to their sweet albeit sometimes psychotic, caring Sakura.

"Well I wouldn't say like rabbits," Itachi teased.

Sasuke had to resist the urge to slam on the breaks once more. He and Naruto didn't know what horrified them more, Itachi teasing them about that or the question of whether or not Itachi and their best female friend actually had sex.

"Please tell me you are choking," Naruto begged. Itachi gave him a look.

"Do you mean joking, Dobe?" Sasuke asked.

"That too," Naruto said. "But seriously, you and Sakura didn't….you know…right?"

"You were the one that said sex would solve the problem between Sakura and me," Itachi reminded.

"I wasn't serious! I mean you might be her type and everything…but, but you're not! She is kind and amazing whereas you are...well you." Naruto explained.

Itachi rolled his eyes at his brother. 'The feeling is mutual, Naruto' he thought. "Sasuke, if you want to go find your friend I suggest you start going at a faster pace."

Itachi wouldn't say it aloud, but he knew something must be going down soon. Why else would his father suggest that he go with his brothers to retrieve their friend? Their friend that he saw daily, that he thought about constantly, and that he kissed a couple times…not that his father knew about that.

The men in this room were far more observant than the ones Sakura had previous encountered. They had noticed her within a few minutes, but they stood there and gaped. Not one of them tried to stop her. In fact it took a few minutes for one of the scrawny looking ones to even get the courage to talk to her!

"What are you doing here, Ma'am? This is a secure sector and I doubt someone like you has authorization to enter her." One man confronted her. Sakura looked at him for a moment, slightly impressed.

"What do you mean by 'someone like me' grunt?" Sakura pretended to let out a harsh snarl. These men were higher ups, not as easy to fool. However, she was Nagato's sister. No matter how upsetting she might find that fact at times—he is still a monster to her—she could use that relation to her advantage.

"First off, I am not a grunt. I am an E3! Second, I meant someone like you, someone who is ignorant and has no right to be here." He told her. He seemed so sure of himself, so sure that she wouldn't be the one to tear him to shreds. Sakura smirked at that. She could play the big, mean bitch everyone feared. She took a moment to acquire that 'I am better than you' attitude she had learned from Sasuke before speaking.

"Well E3, I don't give a damn about your rank. I have connections you couldn't even fathom. And 'someone like me' can crush someone like you with the snap," Sakura snapped her fingers "of my fingers." She had learned a long time ago that when in a tight situation never be kind, always be commanding. Kindness gets you trampled on whereas if you are demanding you get results a lot faster. "You will learn real fast that when I say jump, you jump. When I say speak, you speak. When I say jump from a building, by God you will jump to your death if I so wish it. I can be a real nightmare when you piss me off E3." She gave him a sly grin when she noticed him begin to quake. "Now, be a good puppy and go fetch me your commanding officer. And tell the other grunts to scram!"

"Yes ma'am!" The grunt said before running off to fetch the man and telling his fellow peers to leave the room. Sakura stood in her spot, pretending to be confident. But inside, Sakura was nervous. She didn't know how she was going to approach this man. For some reason, walking up to him and saying: "Hey you killed my parents when I was eight. It has been ten years since then but I decided to kill you now, so stand still!"

She could use Kakashi right now. She really needed his comforting aura. Especially since this was just as much of his problem as it was hers. She wanted to curse herself, why did she want to do this alone? Oh yeah, so others didn't die. Sometimes she wished she was selfish, wished that she had clung to the idea that her life was valuable. Even if she knew it didn't mean a damn thing, she could have at least pretended right about now.

I can't lose you.

Tsunade's implied message rang through the rosette's head. Memories of Tsunade flooded Sakura's mind. Tsunade pushing her on the swing, feeding her the first warm home cooked meal since the death of her parents, the long talks out growing up…and the comforting hugs. Tsunade loved her.

And then another person's face showed, Kakashi's. He cheered her up when she was sad; talked to her about things she could never discuss with anyone else. Kakashi was her rock in the middle of a stormy sea. He loved her too.

Maybe her life wasn't completely unappreciated. Maybe there were people who would miss her if she died, people who would be heartbroken with her demise. Could she really risk her life so carelessly for revenge, knowing someone will actually miss her?

"You are the one who asked for me?" A man's voice pulled her out of her reverie.

Even if she wanted to, it's too late to turn back now.

"Yes I was, Mr. Uchiha." Sakura turned on her sultry voice. She occasionally batted her eyes to give herself that demure, harmless appearance once again.

"I remember you," He said in a gruff tone. His ruby eyes checked out her figure. She had grown into an attractive woman. It was a shame that she probably didn't want into his bed. She would be a nice lay.

Sakura's bashful glances shifted into ice. "Good then I don't need to play coy, Obito. Do not check me out, you are repulsive to me. And I only want one thing from you," She told him.

Obito looked at her in shock. He couldn't believe that a person could do a complete 180 within seconds. She was a juicy sweet who turned rancid before he even touched her! His eyes flitted across her face searching for any clue as into what made her change so quickly. He couldn't find it. "What is it you want from me then?" He asked, raising an elegant eyebrow.

"Your head on a golden platter," Sakura said. "And I expect it soon."

Obito let out a harsh laugh. "And what do you expect me to say? Here you can have my head right now?" His eyes turned to slits, "Not a chance in hell bitch."

"Hell is all around you honey, it's time you realize what you are truly up against." Sakura said. Then she punched him.

The left side of Obito's face stung and throbbed; it hurt. "You bitch!" He yelled. His face contorted with rage. He presumed she would call him some names and cry to her brother afterwards, not hit him.

"We established this already; I am indeed a bitch. But this bitch is going to make you wish life was but a dream." Sakura growled. All her previous fears were gone. Adrenaline filled her blood and her thoughts turned bloody.

"I would like to see you try!" The older man laughed.

"Fine," Sakura lunged at him. She threw a punch at him, but this time he dodged. This time, expected an attack. He continued to dodge the few punches she threw at him, trying to find a nice opening.

Once he found it, he threw a counter punch. Sakura bit her lip to prevent a scream as his fist dislocated her left shoulder.

"Damnit!" She growled. Obito was too close to her right now, she needed a break. Sakura needed just enough time to relocate her shoulder. The rosette couldn't fight with a dislocated shoulder. He was strong, stronger than Sakura expected. It was her mistake. She knew he was strong, but Sakura should have never given into her emotions. And she shouldn't have thought that she could handle this on her own. She was a fool.

Obito ran at her again. She had to take the hit, there was no way she could dodge it. She let out a hiss as his punch grazed her hip. A bruised hip was easier to handle than a hit to -the stomach.

Itachi was the first to notice something was not right. There should be a guard at the door, but strangely one was absent.

"Well here we are," Naruto said, staring up at the tall building. He attempted to break the awkward silence.

"It looks empty," Sasuke commented.

"Apparently everyone is inside," Itachi said before walking up to the door.

"But shouldn't someone be on guard?" Naruto questioned.

"Not if Sakura got here," Sasuke mumbled.

"Then how are we going to get in?" Naruto asked.

Sasuke shot him a look. How was this idiot his friend? Oh yeah…he was his brother. "We use the pin code."

"…do you remember what it is?" Naruto asked. Sasuke was about to smack the blonde when he realized he didn't remember it.

"…shit." Sasuke mulled over some ideas on how to break in. Without a guard they couldn't get in. Without a pin code they couldn't get in. How were they supposed to get in?

"Dumbasses, hurry up. The temperature is dropping." Itachi told his younger brothers. The two younger siblings gaped at Itachi, who had somehow managed to open the door.

"How did you do that?" Naruto questioned.

"I knew the pin." Itachi answered.

Still Obito was too close for comfort. Taking a deep breath, Sakura quickly placed her right palm on his chest and forced him a decent distance away. This was her break. She could use this small amount of time to relocate her shoulder.

"Want to relocate your shoulder?" Obito said with a sly smirk. The raven haired man didn't let her respond. "Well I am confident that I will win this fight, so I will let you have a break. Think of it as your parting gift for when I kill you."

"You won't kill me." Sakura hissed out. But she did take the opportunity he so kindly offered her and popped her shoulder back into place. She let out a scream when it repositioned. The pain was even worse than when it was popped out.

"Hurt, didn't it?" He said with a cheeky grin. Sakura gritted her teeth. He loved this, her pain. He still got some sick satisfaction out of her agony. Even after ten years she was still a source of amusement for this bastard. "Good, I think you deserve some pain."

"I think you deserve a knife in the throat," Sakura snarled.

"Well some thoughts are better as dreams," He told her.

"Are we going to fight or not?" Sakura asked. She hated how he was toying with her.

"You are not fighting at all!" a new voice sounded, shocking Obito and Sakura both.

The two had different reactions at the new arrivals. Sakura's was horror. She didn't want them to be there. Any of them to be there, they shouldn't be there. Obito on the other hand, his eyes lit up with glee.

"Cousins!" He said with an elated tone. "How happy I am to see you!"

"Leave," Sakura whispered. Obito seemed to be the only one who heard her.

"My dear, they are not leaving at all. In fact, I think I will let them help me kill you!" Obito's cheerful voice didn't seem to disperse.

Most of the Uchiha clan was psychotic.

"I would not kill Sakura-chan!" Naruto hollered. He glared at the older male, an Uchiha he barely knew.

Obito looked at Sasuke. "Will you Sasuke-chan?" The onyx eyed teenager glared at him before snorting out a "No."

Obito shrugged. "Tachi will help me, won't you baby cousin?" This cousin, Obito was sure would help him eradicate the pink haired wench. Itachi was a killing machine.

"Obito, she is not going to die today." Itachi replied.

Sakura looked at Itachi in shock. Sure they had shared some kisses, and she thought he was ridiculously attractive, but Sakura was positive he wanted her dead.

"Why not?" Obito whined. "She came to kill me. She punched me. She started it. I was merely finishing it." Obito, when it came to killing, was like a child. When his favorite toy was taken away from him, he would whine until he got his way.

Itachi shot his cousin a glare, refusing to stoop to that level of immaturity. "She will not die today; Akatsuki Leader's decision."

"Pein can shove it," Obito muttered.

And something in Sakura snapped. He staggered back when she punched him in the sternum hard. She shattered it in a fit of rage. How dare he insult her brother like that? Yes, Nagato might be an asshole, he might be rude and cold; He might appear not to have a heart, but he was still her brother damnit! And no one, but her, can affront him like that.

The rosette walked toward his body, lying on the ground and struggling for a deep breath, and placed her fingers delicately around his throat. "You will never speak of Nagato that way again, or I will rip out your throat." Sakura growled.

"You don't have the guts," Obito choked out.

"Watch me," Sakura's hand clenched around his throat. Obito struggled to break her grip, but with a broken sternum, it was hard to move. But the oldest Uchiha still tried to escape. He still tried to fight to live.

Naruto and Sasuke stared in awe at Sakura. They couldn't believe that their best friend was strangling a man. Suffocating him all for insulting the Akatsuki leader; Sakura didn't even like the Akatsuki!

Itachi on the other hand, watched his cousin's body slowly stop moving; he watched as the struggle became less fervent, less like a person trying to live. Itachi only took his eyes off Obito's body when it no longer moved. Then he turned his attention to Sakura.

Her hand still firmly gripped his cousin's throat, as if she wouldn't let go until she knew he was dead. And Itachi suddenly grew worried. He wasn't certain if she was going to be okay. Itachi walked up to Sakura, and placed a hand on her shoulder.

"Sakura," he whispered.

"Out, out brief candle," was all she muttered. Her hand slipped from his cousin's lifeless body.

"Sakura," he repeated; grabbing her chin and forcing her to look him in the eyes.

She looked exhausted. Her face was a little paler than it normally was. Her breathing was labored and her left shoulder was swallowed by a bruise. But her eyes, her emerald orbs looked peaceful. And Itachi had never thought her more attractive than right now.

So he kissed her.

It took a moment for the two younger boys to process what their brother was doing, but when it finally did. They were not happy.

"Get away from Sakura-chan!" Naruto screamed.

"Aniki!" Sasuke grumbled.

Itachi smirked and pulled away from Sakura. "Let's get you to your brother," he told her before scooping her up into his arms.

"Where are you going with Sakura-chan!" Naruto called out once more.

"Home," Itachi stated walking out of the room. "Now hurry up or I am leaving you behind."

"What happened?" Pein questioned. He started at Sakura's frame, hundled into Itachi's chest. From what Itachi had told him, Sakura had fallen asleep on the way here.

"She killed Obito," Sasuke told the Akatsuki leader.

"Is she hurt?" Sasuke and Naruto had never seen the fearsome Akatsuki leader so gentle towards someone. Pein's eyes scanned Sakura's body, looking for any injury. It didn't take long, her bruised shoulder was hard to miss.

"Konan!" He screamed. A gorgeous, blue haired woman walked into the room minutes later.

"Yes, Nagato?" She asked.

"Tend to her, please." He asked his kind partner. She was a woman; she understood his desire to protect his sister. But Konan also knew Nagato better than anyone; she knew that for him to request her assistance with his sister meant he trusted her. So instead of telling him to do it on his own like she would with any other Akatsuki member, she accepted.

"That won't be necessary." Sakura mumbled, scaring a few of the people in the room. They didn't know she had even woken up.

"But, Sakura-chan we need to make you better!" Naruto told her.

"I will go to Tsunade-sama later. Right now I just want to regain my rationality before I get 'punished'." Sakura said in a sleepy tone.

They weren't sure what kind of punishment she was talking about. Nagato wouldn't kill his sister. He couldn't kill her; he loved her far too much to do such a thing. But the pink haired girl could also be talking about Tsunade chastising her.

"We will discuss the…possible punishment later then, alright Sakura?" Nagato said with a gentle smile directed towards his drowsy sister.

"Well since we are going to discuss this later, can I ask you a question Itachi?" Naruto asked.

Itachi raised an eyebrow at his brother; signaling to ask the question.

"Did you really have sex with Sakura-chan?"

All eyes focused on Itachi after that; all wondering the same thing. Did he? Sasuke and Naruto prayed he didn't. Pein wanted Itachi's head for even the idea of sleeping with his sister. Konan, well she was just thankful for the entertainment.


"That doesn't answer anything!" Naruto complained.

"Naruto, yes I slept with Itachi. Now shut up, I am sleepy." Sakura murmured.

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