November 12, 1955

9:59 p.m.

Marty's POV

Doc flew over the Lyon Estates development. He got low enough for me to land safely on the road. Annie chimed down the rope and Doc took off once he saw she was safe. The storm started and the wind started to blow. I got out the walkie-talkie and asked, "Doc, Timmy. Are you two okay?" Doc answered, "Yeah, but there isn't enough room to land in this direction. I'll have to take the long approach from the south. Do you two have the book?" I took the book out of my pocket and yelled, "In my hands, Doc. I've got in my hands!" Timmy yelled, "Burn it!" I yelled, "Check!" Annie and I saw a waste basket nearby.

Annie got that ready while I placed it into the waste basket. I tried to light the match but the wind was against me. I finally lit the match and the flames burned the book. Annie and I breathed a sigh of relief. Annie perked up and yelled, "Hey, Marty. Check out the matchbook!" I checked the matchbook and it went from Biff Tannen's Paradise to Auto Dealing. I brought out the newspaper article about my dad and the headline changed from GEORGE MCFLY MURDERED to GEORGE MCFLY HONORED. I perked up and this and yelled into the walkie-talkie, "Doc and Timmy! The news paper changed! Now my father is alive!" Annie added, "That means everything is back to normal, right?"

Timmy responded, "That's right!" Doc explained, "It's the ripple effect of the timeline! We've got our future back! Now, let's go home!" Annie smiled and yelled, "Right, Doc! Let's get our asses back to the…." Just then, a bolt of lightning struck the tree nearby and a branch feel off. Annie screamed out of being surprised and I asked, "Doc, Timmy! Are you okay?" Timmy answered, "That was a close one, you two!" Doc added, "We almost bought the farm!" I yelled as I saw Doc trying to land, "Well be careful! You don't want to get struck by lightning!"

Just at that moment, a lightning bolt struck the De Lorean. The three sonic booms forced Annie and me to the ground. I saw a pair of fire trails in the sky that looked like the number 99. No, it couldn't be…. Annie mumbled, "Doc? Timmy?" I tried the walkie-talkie, "Doc, come in Doc." No response. I tried again, "Do you read me Doc? Come in?" No response. Annie tried, "Timmy, come in Timmy." Just then, we both saw the rope that Doc and Timmy had tied to the steering wheel fall down from the sky. "Oh, no. They're gone!" Annie said, in a world of hell. I added, "Doc's gone! And Timmy's gone too!"

Just then, the rain came down. It was like heaven was crying along with us and a car arrived behind us. We turned around as the driver of the car got out of the car and asked, "Mr. McFly and Miss Baines?" Annie and I both exchanged confused looks. First Doc and Timmy disappear and now this!

Marty: Huh?

Man: Are you Marty McFly and Annie Baines?

Annie: Yeah.

Man: I've got something for you…. (He pulls out an envelope.) A letter.

Marty: A letter for us? That's impossible!

Annie: (Marty puts away his walkie-talkie.) Who the hell are you?

Man: Western Union. Actually, some people down at headquarters were hoping that you two could shed some light on this. You see, we've had that envelope in our possession for the past seventy years. (He goes back to his car and takes out an umbrella. Marty opens the envelope.) It was given to us with specific instructions to deliver it to a young couple matching your description at this exact location, at this exact moment, November 12, 1955. Actually some of us down at headquarters had a running bet going as to whether or not this Marty and Annie would actually be here. It looks like I lost.

(Man laughs a little.)

Annie: Did you just say the past seventy years?

Man: Yes, ma'am. (He shows them a clipboard.) Sign on line six please.

(They both scribble their names and Marty gets out the letter.)

Marty: (He smiles.) It's from the Doc! (He runs over to the headlights and starts to read aloud.) 'Dear Marty and Annie, if my calculations and Timmy's forth dimensional senses are correct, you should receive this letter right after you two saw the De Lorean struck by lightning. First, let me assure you that we are alive and well. We've been living happily here these past few months in 1885. The lightning bolt that struck…' (He stops reading.) 1885! September 1, 1885!

(Marty and Annie exclaim happily.)

Man: (He grabs their arms.) Hey, you two! What's this all about?

Annie: (She's happy.) They are alive! Doc and Timmy are alive!

Marty: They're in the Old West but they're alive!

Man: (He gives them a curious stare.) Are you two alright? Do you need any help?

Annie: Yes. But, there is only one man who can help us now!

(They take off and we switch over to the clock tower. Doc slides down the wire and connects the wires. The other Marty and Annie zap back to 1985. Doc runs downs the pair of fire trails and yells happily. Doc goes over to his Packard and Marty and Annie run over to him.)

Marty: (He grabs Doc and turns him around.) Doc! (Doc shrieks obviously frightened.) Doc, calm down! It's us, Marty and Annie!

Doc: (He's still frightened.) No, it can't be you! I just sent you back to the future!

Annie: Yeah, yeah you did Doc. But, we're back. We're back from the future.

Doc: Great Scott!

(Doc faints.)

Annie: Great.

Marty: Perfect.

To be concluded…..