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Chapter 1: The demons ultimatum

He would have enjoyed the music if it wasn't so loud. Honestly how did they do it? He had been on the dance floor for only half an hour and his ears hurt, they hurt badly. He could feel the bass thumping in the pit of his stomach. In fact all he could hear was bass. Could this noise really be described as music, there was no melody that he could discern, or maybe it was there, trying to be heard but completely drowned out by the cursed bass.

Still, he was trying to fit in, trying to be normal, so he stayed on the dance floor, clumsily trying to mimic the rather suggestive dance moves of his peers. He may have been naïve, but Son Gohan wasn't stupid, all this gyrating and bumping of the lower abdomen, it wasn't good, not good at all.

Out of nowhere two lanky arms wrapped themselves around his stomach from behind, he could feel the unmistakable softness of two round feminine mounds pressing against his back, as his body was forced to sway from side to side in the same rhythm as his new captor.

He had stopped freaking out at this point, since coming to the dance floor, he had quickly realised that having some strange girl grab and dance with you for a few minutes before moving on to the next guy was just 'normal', so he tried his best to just 'go with the flo' as Erasa had repeatedly encouraged during the coarse of the evening.

As the girl from behind finally let him go, another one suddenly appeared out of nowhere, with her face dangerously close to his, she started moving her face, neck, shouldeers from side to side whilst slowly lowering herself down, down, down, over his torso, he had seen this particular move a few times already so he was glad he knew what to do. Leaning his body back, he began to sway from side to side at opposite intervals and let the girl half hover over him while they both swayed themselves on to the ground. Completely bent like a pretzel now with his head just inches from the ground, Gohan didn't realise that he was simply going too low for the poor girl to keep up with, but her alcohol induced senses didn't really register the fact, so she kept going, and going, until she lost her balance and fell face first into his chest.

The group that had gathered around the dancing duo to enclose them in a circle whilst cheering, was expecting both teens to crash unceremoniously into the ground, but alas they all gasped out in shock as Gohan simply wrapped one arm around the girl and gracefully, without staggering in the slightest, raised them both back into a standing position.

Blushing, her face still planted on Gohan's chest, the girl steadied herself and made a quick disappearance.

The guys cheered and patted Gohan on the back as they resumed their dancing, before he could even take a second to contemplate what he had done to earn the congratulatory smirks and pats, another girl had grabbed him, another round of bumping and grinding had begun…

Videl was more than just nervous, she was down-right terrified. If she failed, if she fucked this up, her father was a goner. She had never been a coward, never been afraid to take on a challenge, but this was not her forte, she was incredibly adept at the art of breaking jaws and balls, not trying to seduce boys. Shakily, she picked up another tot glass and downed the burning liquid in seconds. She had never taken alcohol before, but she was realistic, there was no way she was going to seduce Son Gohan whilst sober, it simply wasn't possible. She needed a little boost, something to give her confidence.

Looking around, she was pleased with the turn out of this last minute party, no one would suspect that this whole gathering was a mere set up to get Son Gohan alone. She still wasn't sure if this was the best plan, but the demon hadn't given her much time to strategize. He had given her an ultimatum, the new kid, Son Gohan, or her father, plain and simple.

Shuddering, she tried not to think about that fateful night.

He had appeared out of nowhere two nights ago. At first she had dismissed his presence as a hallucination, after all, it wasn't every day that one was jostled awake in the middle of the night to find themselves face to face with a menacing green monstrosity. She hadn't even been quick enough to scream, before she found herself hoisted in the air, legs dangling, with the monsters hand squeezing painfully around her throat. She tried kicking, clawing, punching, nothing she did had any effect what so ever, the monster was strong, horribly strong, she knew that her only chance was to scream for help, if this monster wasn't stronger than cell, then surely her father would be able to help her. Her thoughts had also teetered to Saiyaman, he had also shown himself to be pretty strong, what with effortlessly picking up buses and all, but as quickly as the thought had come, she had squished it just as suddenly, she didn't even know his identity let alone how to call him for help. Her best bet was her father, who was sleeping just a few doors down. But she couldn't call out to him, she couldn't do anything at all. All she could do was stare in fright at the stoic expression of the monster that was quietly strangling her to death.

When she came to, she had found herself in a strange room. Well not really a room since there was no beginning and no end. The air was thick, hot, oppressive, and her body felt ten times heavier. She had trouble taking a breath, she was too weak to even stand. The demon loomed above her, expressionless, calmly regarding her, as if she was some interesting specimen. She had still been willing to fight, even though she knew it was fruitless, but she fully intended on staying alive for as long as she could, hopefully her efforts would be enough to buy her father enough time to discover that she was missing, find and rescue her. What she hadn't been expecting was to discover a decriept version of her father in that very same place. She had refused to believe her eyes, it couldn't have been her father, she had seen him just before going to bed. This man appeared to have been growing a beard for weeks, he was beaten, dirty and absolutely pitiful. It couldn't have been her father, it would have taken a long time to reduce the champ to such a state.

But it had been her father, the demon had taken him first, and seemingly in this demon world, time passed a lot slower than in the outside world. What was only a few hours to her, had been months of unbearable suffering for her poor father. The demon had made it painfully clear, fulfil his demands, or watch her father perish in the most painful, unimaginable way. Shaking off the bad memory, Videl took another shot of tequila and decided to make her move. She had a job to do, her father's life depended on it.

Gohan was inwardly cursing his alien genes as the music continued to assault his sensitive ears. He had managed to get away from the dance floor a few times to grab some punch, but Erasa always found him and brought him back. He really would have enjoyed himself a lot better if the music was just a little less loud. Sighing inwardly, he tried not to blush as his current dancing partner started doing a crazy move that involved spanking herself lightly on her ample backside, as she bumped to the music. And to his horror she took his hands and motioned for him to take over the 'spanking' part of the dance.

He was very, very glad the dance floor was dim, otherwise the whole party would see how crimson he was at that very moment. He could really use another swig of that punch, the more he drank some, the less uncomfortable he felt. It was incredible. He wondered if it was the fruit? Thankfully the song began to die down and his current partner gave him a thumbs up and made her way back to her group of girls.

Now was his chance, he managed four steps in the direction of the punch when a small hand linked itself with his larger one. Turning back to beg his new would be dance partner to excuse him, already planning on using the 'I need to use the toilet' line, he was god smack bedazzled when he recognised the owner of the hand to be none other than Videl Satan.

His stomach made a few flip flops and his palms began to sweat. Videl always spelled trouble. She was either scowling, glaring at, or interrogating him as himself, or scowling, glaring, shouting at or trying to unmask him as Saiyaman. If it hadn't been for her prying, his date with Angela probably would have ended on a better note, but then again, maybe he should be thanking Videl for helping him in dodging that bullet, that girl had been way too fickle to get involved with. Tightening her grip on his hand, Videl closed the small space between them and tip toed up to his ear.

"C'mon, I could use a break from this music" she shouted into his already painful ear. Wincing, he didn't know quiet what to do. On the one hand he desperately needed a break from the noise, but on the other hand, he was terrified of going anywhere with Videl, she was probably trying to lure him into some sort of trap to expose him. She didn't give him much of a choice though, because she was already moving with his hand in tow. He could have easily pulled himself out of her death grip, but he'd probably rip her arm clean if he tried to do that so once again cursing his alien genes, he reluctantly and very sourly followed after the girl.

Videl's heart was hammering away in her chest, she was so nervous it was all she could do not to piss her pants right there and then. She tried to take comfort in the fact that Gohan was just a teenage boy, and teenage boys were universally known for being easy. But Son Gohan, with his constantly cheery disposition had proved in the three short weeks that he'd been going to OSH that he was not a normal teenage boy. He was completely oblivious to all the sexual innuendo that was always going on right in front of his nose. He may have made perfect scores in his entrance exams, but the boy was completely clueless when it came to everyday life.

He was so innocent and good, she felt guilty about harassing him in those first few days when she had stupidly thought that he was Saiyaman. It's a good thing he didn't bruise after that crook had punched him in the face, otherwise she would have lost sleep over it. But then again, she didn't get any sleep that night either…shuddering she closed her eyes for a brief second to keep the memories at bay. She needed all her wits about her for what she was about to do. Picking up her pace, she continued her meandering as she led Gohan to one of the guest rooms in a different wing of the mansion.

Gohan was growing increasingly nervous with each new step. On the one hand, he was glad to be venturing so far from the accursed dance floor that his ears were starting to recover from the assault of the music, but on the other hand, he didn't trust the distance that Videl was putting between them and the rest of the party. His mind was in overdrive, maybe she was taking him to some secret torture chamber where no one would be able to hear his cries for help. Since taking that punch in the face, Videl had not been on his case like she usually was, in fact, in the last two days, the young crime fighter had been uncharacteristically quiet. She had even offered him a few genuine smiles. As Saiyaman he had noticed that she had been a little extra brutal with the criminals they had apprehended, so much so that the one time he had actually had to step in, worried that she would literally bash the guy's skull in.

But now, as they turned yet another corner, he was beginning to think that it had all been a ruse to lure him to this party and expose him. The invitation had come as more than a surprise to him. He had been about to make his way home on Friday afternoon when Erasa had cornered him with a dazzling smile.

"Hold up cutie" she'd said, her eyes sparkling more than usual. "Videl has something to say" pointing her finger. Following its direction, Gohan's gaze fell on Videl who was clutching a piece of paper. He thought she looked a bit pale, but chose not to dwell on it.

"Here," she said, handing him said piece of paper. He wasn't sure, but she seemed slightly hesitant. After reading the paper, it would have been impossible to hide his surprise. Videl was inviting him? Him? He didn't know what to say, the party was the following day at the Satan Mansion.

"So…" Erasa said expectantly, smile never faltering, whilst she nudged him in the ribs. "See you then right?"

"Err…" he didn't know what to say, on the one hand it would be nice to go to a party and mingle with kids his own age, on the other hand his mother would never let it happen. He sighed dejectedly.

"My mom…" he began

"Tell her it's a study group if you have to" Videl cut him off.

He couldn't possibly lie to his own mother! She'd see right through him, and thrash him something nasty for his failed attempt.

"I'll be saving you a dance cutie" Erasa said flirtatiously, before winking at him, grabbing Videl and disappearing out the school doors. If he'd thought the invitation itself was surprising, his mother's reaction had been down -right astonishing. She had practically shoved him out the door in her haste to get him here.

Bringing himself back to the present, Gohan noticed that there'd turned another corner and not for the first time since leaving the dance floor, he thought of yanking his hand out of Videl's firm grasp and running for it. But then, she stopped, right in front of a random door, she turned the door handle and pulled him into the room.

The room looked rather large to him, but definitely not lived in. it was rather bare, with just the double bed, nicely made up in fancy looking linen. To the side, there was a stand with a small old fashioned tv, and then a door that seemed to lead somewhere else. Each side of the bed had a side table with a lamp on it. No medieval torture devices…in sight.

"Sorry for the long walk, it's difficult to have a conversation with the music so loud" she said whilst releasing his hand and walking around the bed and turning on one side lamp.

He couldn't think of any good reason she might have for bringing him here, but it was a lot more quiet than the dance floor, so while he could, he'd stay and recover some of his hearing.

"There's a small sitting area through here" she pointed towards the closed door.

"I'm gonna grab some snacks, there might be a fridge as well" she disappeared behind the door.

He could hear her shuffling things in there, but for the life of him, he didn't know what to do with himself. She'd said something about talking, he could only hope it wasn't code for interrogation. Feeling uncomfortable just sitting around, he walked around aimlessly, the room was rather bare, so he couldn't even pretend to admire the décor. She emerged through the door hands full with a bunch of stuff that she promptly deposited on the bed before disappearing and returning with two drinks.

"You can sit if you want" she said casually, whilst handing him one of the drinks. She took a small sip from hers and sat down on the edge of the bed. Following her movements Gohan sat and gulped down the entire contents of his glass in seconds. She smiled and took another sip. Phew, she sighed inwardly, Viagra, check!

"You don't hold it against me do you?" she asked casually, well it sounded casual to Gohan, but Videl was trying very hard to quell her nerves. Could she really carry out that demons plan? She had to, or her father would die.

"Ha?" Gohan's puzzled response snatched her back to reality.

"The whole me thinking you're Saiyaman thing, you know, getting punched in the face" she trailed off, easy girl, just breath, breath, he's just a teenage boy, he's just a teenage boy.

"Err…no, I'm sure you had your reasons" he replied nervously. Could she really mean it, is she finally convinced that I couldn't possibly be Saiyaman?

"Cool, at least we can start over, you know?" So I can get you to go along with my plan. Deliver you to the demon and get my father back.

"Yeah, that's…cool…" this is awesome, now Erasa , Sharpner AND Videl can be my friends.

"I'm sorry about the Angela thing as well, you know…" Sorry my ass

"Nah…that's ok, it was only one date, she has a boyfriend now…so…" Though she was kinda cute

"And you?" Please say you're single, please say you're single

"Me?" what's she talking about now?

"Yeah, are you seeing someone?" please say no, please say no

"Err…no, I'm not" great now she'll think I'm a total loser

"What's it like?" how long does that Viagra take anyway, shouldn't he be trying to make a move on me already?

"Not seeing someone?" he was visibly confused by the question

"No, I was going to ask about the mountains, I guess it must be pretty out there" Maybe he doesn't find me attractive

"It's a bit secluded, but I like it" Why am I feeling so hot all of a sudden

"Maybe I could come out there and see it sometime, you know on a weekend or something?" Am I coming on too strong?

"Err…" is she talking about a date?

"You know, maybe Erasa and Sharpner would like it too, we could have a picnic or something…" definitely too strong

"I like picnics" guess a date with a girl like her was too much to ask for

"You just like anything that ends in food Gohan" mnnnn maybe I could use food to seduce him

"Yeah, I guess you're right" I like your eyes, ha? Where did that come from? Am I getting…hard? he shifted his position and crossed his legs. sweet dende above what the hell is wrong with me?

"So what do you think of the party, I saw you dancing out there"

Time to change tactics, this stupid Viagra doesn't work, shouldn't he be trying to hump me like a rabbit by now?

"I've never really been to a party like this before, it's interesting" what is going on with me?

"Is that a positive interesting or a negative interesting?" maybe I should bat my eyelashes like Erasa, she'd be so much better at this

"No, no, it's nice, just a bit loud I guess, I'm used to the quiet, you know, with the mountains and all" if she notices I'm dead

"I guess, yeah, well, when you live in the city, there's always something…sirens, hooters, there's always something" flattery, men like flattery. Ok here goes nothing. She scooted over to him.

"I guess" no, no, no keep your distance, keep your distance!

"You think you'll move to the city one day, you know, when you're a multibillionaire with your own empire?" she batted her eyelids like a bimbo.

"My own empire, I don't think so, I'll be happy if I could make one great scientific breakthrough, I'll leave the ruling to others" why is she looking at me like that, and what is that delicious smell, is it Videl? Sweet Dende…

"You never know" she placed her hand on his thigh

"Ye-yeah, I-I guess you're right, anything's po-possible" I need to get out of here. NOW!

"Play any card games in the mountains?" Time to turn up the heat.

"Once upon a time…yeah…" cards, right, cards should be nice and calming.

"Well then, let's see what'ya got" she said, already shuffling.

"What do you wanna play?" he asked innocently, albeit very nervously

"The only game worthy of delinquent young teens of course…strip poker!" she said with an enthusiasm she didn't feel. Not at all. Maybe if she was playing with someone who'd at least provide some yummy eye candy it would be different. But Son Gohan?


"You've got to be kidding!" he exclaimed in shock. That was the last thing he was expecting to hear.

"C'mon, mountain-boy, don't be shy, it's just a game" she winked. World swallow me now!

And so, half an hour later, a crimson Gohan sat mortified, but fully clothed whilst Videl remained only in her frilly bra and matching panties. Wow, I didn't even have to lose on purpose. Let's see him try to resist me now.

"It's ok Videl, we don't have to finish this last round" he said nervously, he couldn't even bring himself to look at her, especially knowing that he'd won again. And that meant…that meant…she'd have to take off something else, and Kami knew he couldn't handle it. He was trying to sit at an angle, trying to hide his monstrous hard on, he'd never been so mortified in his life. And if Videl lost one more piece of clothing, he was going to burst then and there.

How did he get himself into this? Please Dende o'l pal, let me walk away from this with some of my dignity!

He was so busy not looking up, that he didn't see her move until she was standing right before him. He lifted his eyes, only to find his face level with her breasts. You wouldn't think it was possible, but he still managed to turn a new shade of red.

"Vi..Vi…Videl…I" what could he say really? You're a goddess and I'm clearly a certifiable pervert?

"Shh" she said, brushing his lower lip with her finger, he was so startled by that action that he didn't even have time to react to her next move. Ok Videl this is it, you can do this, you can do this…

She straddled him.

He froze.

She moved against his groin.

He groaned. Was that me, what is she trying to do to me? This can't be right, this cannot be right. What do I do, What do I do?

She nibbled his earlobe.

He hissed. Mother, you warned me about these city girls!

"Touch me" she murmured against his ear. Oh my god, I can't believe I'm doing this, I can't believe I'm doing this. Her warm breath sent shivers down his spine. His groin was throbbing, ever so painfully.


She bit his nipple through his shirt and started gyrating her groin against his.

He groaned, again.

"Touch me" she murmured again, planting small kisses along his neck. Gohan was loosing control, fast. C'mon, I'm a good guy not a saint. This couldn't be happening, not really. It had to be some kind of dream, he'd be waking up any minute now, oh yes, he'd had these kinds of dreams before, they always ended before the really good part.

She lifted his hands and put his palms on her breasts.

Oh god they're so soft, I can't handle this. He had to get out of there. He wouldn't have guessed it, but he concluded right then and there, that she must be drunk or worse to be acting like this.

He grasped her shoulders, so he could gently pry her off of him and in less than a second he had flipped them over and had her pinned to the bed. He was about to release his hold on her and make a run for it when he made a fatal mistake. He dared to look into her eyes, her beautiful cerulean eyes. Kami, she was a sight to behold, and for a second he forgot to be nervous. His body moved of its own volition.

He kissed her. Hard.

She made a guttural sound. Finally!

He forgot to flee.

She wrapped her legs around his waist. I'm actually going through with this, I'm actually going through with this!

He couldn't get enough of her. She tasted so sweet. So warm, so…so…he growled and pressed her further into the mattress. He didn't realise it was happening, but he was already losing himself. His heart rate exploded.

His nostrils flared.

His eyes flashed a deep red for a split of a second.

He's sniffing me, he's sniffing me! Ew! Videl froze underneath him. What's the matter with him?

He was salivating now, as he started to lick her neck.

Good grief, what in the name of all that is holy is he doing?

He was thrusting his groin against her, faster and faster.

What is he doing? He could at least take off his clothes!

Another thrust, and another, faster and faster, until…

He shuddered on top of her.

She felt it, a warm moist liquid seeping into her panties.

Oh God, Oh God! He just finished, he's all done, all over his clothes! How the hell was she supposed to get pregnant if he was going to finish in his blasted clothes.


His heart rate slowed down, he was coming back to reality.

"Mnnn…" he groaned and opened his eyes, his lust induced fog clearing…and his eyes came face to face with Videl's startled gaze.

He froze. Shit!

And then he felt it, the warm, sticky, moist feeling in his pants. Double shit.

The word mortified didn't cut it. He'd much rather be lying neck broken and paralyzed on Namek than on top of Videl, his bodily fluids all over his pants. Cell, arise and kill me now.

He rolled off of her.

He cupped his face in his hands, as if covering his face would shield him from what had just happened.

Shame, so filled with pure unadulterated shame. He could never face her again, and if she told anyone about this, he would never be able to face them either. He could imagine Sharpner snickering behind his back, he…he…he'd have to find a new place to sit in class. Don't cry, don't cry, don't let her see you cry…

She saw and noted his embarrassment and knew she had to act quickly, she couldn't afford to alienate him now, she was on a mission, she simply had to get pregnant!

Quelling the shock and disappointment down, she made her move. He was about to get off the bed when he felt her touch. He couldn't face her, he could never face her.

She snaked her arms around him from behind.

He was at a loss.

She pulled and tugged a bit, indicating that she wanted to remove his t-shirt.

Can't she just let me be mortified in piece?

She grazed her fingernails against his exposed stomach and gasped. My God! Mountain-boy has one hell of an Adonis line. She began to run her palms up and down his torso. Shit! She could feel each individual muscular outline. This boy is built better than Zeus. Encouraged by her new discovery, she grabbed his arms and forced them up, when he didn't resist, she tugged again at his t-shirt, and this time, she was able to take if off. She marveled at the beauty of his back, she wasn't being fuelled by just the ultimatum anymore, Gohan was damn sexy, and she hadn't even seen all of him yet!

She was in the zone now, rubbing, caressing, marveling…and before she knew what she was doing, she was trailing kisses all over his back, working her fingers all over his front and loving every minute of it.

Gohan hadn't thought that it was possible to get excited again so quickly, but there was no question, her little ministrations had done the trick, his little friend was standing to attention once again.

He was still mortified from his lack of control. He may have been inexperienced and naïve, but he wasn't clueless. He had read all about 'copulation', and even though his mom always made it a point to get the most academic material on the subject, he wasn't without resources of his own. He had read the self help books, the 101 books, the idiot's guide books, the fictional books, any and everything he could get his hands on. In theory he knew what had to be done, but this whole episode had caught him completely off guard, he still wasn't entirely sure that he should be engaging in such an act so callously, but…

Her hands, her nails, her scent…they were everywhere, how could he say no, how could he resist what was being offered so plainly?

He may be accused of a lot of things, but his mother had raised him to be a gentleman, and since he'd already lost his head and indulged himself, he owed it to Videl to at least make it worth her while as well. He owed it to his pride to at least do a good job of it. He was a nice guy, some would even go as far as saying he was a momma's boy, but Kais be damned, he still had his pride. So even though he was still mortified beyond imagination, and even though he was still scared shitless of failing to perform again, he sucked it up, he'd never let fear deter him from jumping into battle before. He had faced Radditz, Vegeta and Nappa, he had faced the accursed Ginyu force and the monstrosity that was Freeza. He could do this, he could make love to a girl.

Moving faster than the human eye could see, Videl was startled out of her ministrations when she suddenly found herself on her back, arms pinned above her head by one very sexy, very toned arm. Before she could take her new position in, Gohan had ripped her bra clean off her body, her nipples staring daringly at him, as they became the first victims of his rather sudden and most welcome assault. His mouth was soft and rough at the same time, as he sucked and flicked her skin. Videl felt a hundred new sensations travel up and down the length of her body. Oh God, he's actually turning me on.

If the students of Orange Star High got wind of this, it would have gone down in the gossip archives for sure. Son Gohan, the class-nerd, the mountain-boy from the middle of nowhere, was actually turning Videl Satan on.

She had been prepared to go through with this from the very beginning, she had been prepared to suffer it many times if she had to, as many times necessary to ensure that she got pregnant. She had even been prepared to fake it if the moment called for it. But she had never thought in a million years that his hesitant touch would set fire to her loins. She never imagined that the weight of his body pressing against hers would make her melt into the mattress, how was she supposed to have guessed that his tongue, his lips, his teeth would lap, suck and nibble on her so expertly. It was inconceivable to have prepared to turn to mush with each groan, each moan, each grunt.

"Ah!" she gasped, his finger had made its way inside her. And again, and again, and "…ah…ah…ah…" she buried her face in the crook of his neck. What was he doing to her?

Gohan was praying to Dende and all the deities above him that he was doing this right. Once he had her on her back, he refused to look at her, that's how he had lost himself the first time. He'd simply mimicked her actions and touched and caressed every accessible part of her body. He pecked and licked her skin with his lips, feeling even more inspired by the sweet sounds coming from deep within her throat he gently started to nibble on her as well, unable to stop his own moans and groans. He was thankful that she had her eyes closed, otherwise he never would have pulled together enough guts to slip his finger inside her panties and penetrate.

When she gasped out in shock, he could feel the blood rushing to his face, he couldn't believe he had his finger inside Videl Satan. In and out he went, relief washing over him that he was doing this right. His little friend was straining painfully against his pants. He did not want a repeat performance of earlier. Acting quickly, he reached with his other hand and started to unbuckle his pants. It was a little more difficult than he thought, trying to keep the in and out rhythm with the one hand and trying to take off his pants with the other, it was definitely a challenge. Luckily, Videl pulled herself up and did the honours.

Kicking off the remnants of his clothes, he pressed his body on top of hers and kissed her hard on the mouth. He could feel her eyelashes fluttering and tickling his face. Against his better judgment he pulled back and opened his eyes and stared at the beauty underneath him. There were no words. Out of the blue his heart swelled with something foreign, it felt heavy, burdened, troubled. She shifted and darted her tongue, it brushed ever so lightly against his nipple. One intake of breathe later and he was lost.

His nostrils flared.

His eyes flashed a deep red for a split of a second.

He was sniffing her, again! Videl froze underneath him. Is this supposed to happen?

He started to lick her neck.

He growled low and loud.

His knee parted her legs.

Shit! This is moving too fast, I should warm him!

"Gohan, be gentle I'm…"

He plunged into her, fast, hard.

Her scream snapped him out of his sexual trance.

It hurts, it hurts, good grief I feel like a knife just split me open.

She couldn't have prevented the tears from glistening her eyes even if she'd attempted to.

Gohan remained motionless, he was in shock, Videl was a…she was a…he'd just…um…she was a virgin? He didn't expect her to be a virgin! She had come on to him, plainly, with no reservations. She'd encouraged him, unmistakably when he'd been ready to cut his losses and go home. He thought she had at least some experience. She was a virgin, and he'd hurt her, damnation!

He may have been one hundred percent inexperienced, but even he knew that a girl's virginity was a delicate matter. There was the whole tearing of the hymen thing, it was supposed to hurt. It didn't help that he was still sheathed inside her, aching, needing, wanting to move ever so badly. With more willpower than his last stand against cell, Gohan withdrew.

Videl knew that he had to finish inside her at some point. But right now, she was glad to have him out of her. She had been expecting pain, but jeepers creepers, she needed just one damn second! It didn't help that she was throbbing with a combination of pain and desire all in one. Gods be damn…

"Ah!" she gasped, loud!

He wasn't really doing what she thought he was, was he?

"Ah!…Ah…Ah…Gohan…Shit…Ah…Gohan, Gohan…Holy!" A few waves of pleasure later…yep, he was definitely doing what she thought he was. She was probably bleeding, but…Son Gohan, mountain-boy, the smartest and apparently buffest kid in her class had his head buried between her legs.

I hope my attempt at a love scene is not too bad.