Hello Everyone! I'm new on this site, and this is my very first fanfiction. I consider myself a great Naruto fan, and I do have some experience in writing. However English isn't my native tongue, and I apologize for any grammar, or spelling mistakes. What really inspired me to join the fun and become a fanfiction writer myself were mainly the stories of Marchgirl, Kyuubi123 and Kingkakashi. I plan to make this quite a long story which partially follows the original storyline, but I intend to make some major twists and additions to keep you on your toes. I'm eager to receive constructive criticism and inspirations, for what would a story be without readers or reviewers? But enough talk, and onward with the first Chapter!

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Japanese words:
Arigatou=Thank you
Ganbatte=Keep at it/Keep going(encouragement)

Chapter 1: A new Bond is formed

Naruto stared at the plain white ceiling above his hospital bed, deep in thought. Every few seconds the noise of the howling wind drifted trough the tilted window, otherwise it was awfully quiet. How did he end up in here? He remembered.

I just had to take the largest dog, didn't I? He thought to himself in slight annoyance, remembering the unpleasant encounter with the minefield.

D-rank missions wernt his style anyway, but for his ninja career he would give it his all. he had a dream to fulfill afterall. Normally, as energetic as he was, he didn't like to stay motionless in one place for this long, and would make an attempt to escape, to at least get some ramen before we was dragged back here. This time however he wasnt as restless, he was ocupied with with thinking about...

Sakura… He returned to his recent chain of thoughts.

In the past weeks after Kakashi's bell test Naruto grew more and more confused about his feelings towards Sakura.

Feelings…He mused.

For some reason that word felt wrong in reference to the pink haired Kunoichi he was so obsessed with.

Obsessed…yeah, that fits much better! He realized.

For another eerie minute he stared at his feet, before his thoughts went on.

Since when was I…obsessed…with Sakura-chan anyway… He thought confusedly. He paused a moment at the suffix as if noticing for the first time how out of place it was.

Which makes me think…why am I so obsessed with her? What reasons do I have to ask her for a date every time we finish our missions…

Did she ever encourage him; pay him any kind of attention except for yelling at him or hitting him?

Yelling and hitting…that pretty much describes…about any kind of attention she ever gave me… He noticed with a bitter laugh at himself.

His thoughts wandered off in a direction he desperatly tried to avoid, but he knew he had to go on.

Maybe I should just give up on her…it's not like she'll ever stop chasing after Sasuke…

He frowned at that thought. Wasn't it his nindo to never go back on his word?

Then again…I never promised her I'd keep trying…nor did I ever truly say that I love her…do I…?

This matter was confusing him, and the concussion wasn't helping ether. He yawned. Looking outside the window he could see the dark orange evening sky, and decided to resume dwelling on his feelings tomorrow. He shifted countless times, left, right, stomach, back, never feeling quite comfortablei n his posission. Finally he settled on his right.

What an unusual evening… he thought before sleep slowly took him away.

Naruto awoke in the morning, feeling somewhat refreshed. The howling wind had become a light breeze, and the rays of the sun promied better times soon to come. This would be proven correct very soon, but in an entirely different way than Naruto ever imagined. He had seemingly decided overnight what to do, and he couldn't wait to go about it!

I have to get this off my chest now!

He surged out of bed! the blanket saling to the floor. "Off I GOOO- woaah..."

He stumbled as the world was suddenly spinning...or were his brains riding a roundabout? ...When his vision was clear again he found himself on the floor.

Oh man...guess the concussion takes a lot longer to heal than bruises and burns.

He carefully picked himself off the cold, featureless floor.

"Okay, I'll just have to take things a little slower. Gotta grab my clothes first."

He found his trademark orange pants, orange-blue jacket, and his black t-shirt with the orange swirl on it in a nearby closet, and absent mindedly put them on.

What exactly am I going to say to her?

His slightly dazed mind was going through all the different things he could say, as he slipped his ninja sandals on. He leaned opened the window, and looked down the building face.

"Hmmm...maybe I should climb down this time..." he grumbled in annoyance, being used to dashing, jumping, and flying over rooftops and trees.

"Oh crap! The nurse!" he exclaimed.

There were steps coming down the hallway, towards his door, so he quickly grabbed his headband and climbed out of the window. Not wanting to get caught, he clung to the drainpipe, and slid down at an alarming speed.

Oh no! Bad idea!

He tightened his grip, and slowed down a bit before landing on his butt.


He stood up as fast as he could and rushed down the street, trying to ignore the pain, his new destination in mind.

Hinata had not very much time, as the training with her team would begin soon, but she was grateful for the time she had. They had agreed to start a little later, so that she could pay Naruto-kun a visit in the hospital. It was mostly Kurenai-sensei's doing, and Shino simply agreed. Kiba had complained at first, but when he got to tease her about it, for what seemed like an eternity to her, he was satisfied. She didn't hold it against the Inuzuka though; it was just his way of being friendly with others. She reached the hospital room she was looking for, the sound of her steps that resonated through the hallway earlier coming to a stop. Her gaze lay on the newly fixed inscription.

Room 046
Uzumaki Naruto

She clutched the small, but pretty bouquet of flowers tighter to her chest, took a moment to work up her courage, and knocked on the door...

No response...She knocked again.

"Na-Naruto-kun? It's m-me, Hinata...m-may I- may I come in?"

Still no reaction. She hesitated a moment, and twiddled her index fingers, as was her nervous habait.

Should I have a look? but he may be asleep, and I don't want to wake him...Or maybe he's in trouble!

Her concern took the better of her.


The veins bulged around her eyes, As the door became transparent to her.

"What? W-Where could he be? Naruto-kun? Are you here somewhere?" She asked a bit louder than usually, as she scanned the rest of the building.

Was he recently moved to another room?

Sakura was in no mood to talk to anybody, well except for Sasuke of course. The problem is: Sasuke isn't here! She had spent the whole morning to select a pretty dress, putting on some makeup, and getting her hair just perfect, so that she could look pretty for Sasuke. But he and Kakashi-sensei were off training somewhere, while she was stuck here with gardening work on some D-rank mission!

D like dirty she thought to herself, and silently complained about her ruined dress.

Her knuckles were white, as she expressed a tiny bit of her irritation through her grip on the watering-can.

"What did Kakashi-sensei mean with 'unsuitable for training' anyway? My dress is perfect!" she ranted for the fifth time today.

She wanted to hit something right now!

"Where's Naruto when I need him?"

And as if by fate…

"Need me for what?" was his reply from behind her.

At first she tensed, but seemed to quickly regain her composure.

"Oh! Hey Naruto. What is it?" Her voice wasn't too welcoming.

A bit unsure he answered her question.

"I want to talk to you abou-" He started, but was interrupted.

"No." She said sharply. Her back was still turned to him.

"…What do you mean no? I didn-" Again he was cut off!

"I said no, I don't want to go on a date with you, baka!" Sakura said in a tone that sounded offended and offending at the same time. Somethig she was good at.

Naruto was ticked off now!

"That's it! I didn't sneak out of the hospital to ask you out on a Date! I simply wanted-" He didn't get any further, when a watering-can hit the side of his head with a metallic thud!

"I said no, you looser! Get that into your head!" screamed the pink haired banshee.

Naruto didn't react. Why? … He lay on the ground, soaking wet! clutching his bleeding head in agony!

"Oh no! Naruto! What's wrong with you?" Again, she sounded more offended than concerned.

When Naruto spoke again his voice was deathly quiet, almost despaired.

"You don't even remember…or don't even care…that I was hurt? That I was hospitalized? You…you didn't even listen…to a single word?" he uttered.

Sakura didn't know what to say, she just stood there, staring as he shakily got to his feet, his head hanging low

"what kind of friend…What kind of teammate…what kind of…of…enough!" A murderous aura radiated off him, as the cold wetness of his clothes was slowly turning into steam!

"…Naruto?" He shook in rage in response to the sound of her voice.

When he finally lifted his red, slit puplied eyes to glare at her, she felt her eyes burn, and her mind freeze…

"Leave me alone!" he all but growled.

The killer intent that washed over her was mind-blowing! And sure enough she screamed like she was on fire and ran like a chicken from the butcher. Naruto was barely conscious now. The wounds had fully healed in mere seconds, but he had a splitting headache and was mentally exhausted. And just like that the world went black again. Except for Naruto the garden was completely deserted, and aside from him and the pink headed Sasuke-fangirl only a single pair of eyes had witnessed the incident;

Scared eyes, angry eyes, caring eyes,

Lavender eyes.

"Oooh my head" He was awake before he knew it.

His eyes blinked a few times and then fully opened to take in his surroundings. He was back in his hospital room; his clothes except for his boxers seemed to be in the closet, for he was not wearing them. And his forehead protector lay to his right on the small table next to his bed. It was like the incident never happened.

Was it all a dream? Naruto asked in his mind, to no one in particular.

Looking outside the window, he saw that the sun was setting…or was it rising? He stared at the ceiling. It was so quiet, he could hear himself breathe. But something was off, as it sounded as if it was coming from two sets of lungs. And when he turned his head to the left he saw why that was.


There she was; asleep in a chair, right next to his bed. In her lap she held a nice bouquet of flowers. He was unsure if he should wake her, she looked so peaceful.

Was she waiting for me to wake up? It can't be, no one is that nice to me!...but…..but what if she was? What if she is? I shouldn't let her wait any longer. He decided.

He called out to her, but she only stirred, and settled down to sleep again. He took her hand and patted it a few times. Hinata yawned as her eyes fluttered open

"mmm…N-Naruto-kun! G-Good morning…" She stammered, surprised by the sudden encounter with her childhood crush.

Needless to say she was fully awake now, but didn't really know what to say. Why do I always have to feel so awkward? She thought sadly to herself.

"Good morning Hinata…is something bothering you?" he inquired, seemingly sensing her discomfort. She smiled softly then.

"No, Naruto-k-kun I'm fine, a-arigatou…umm…you seem to be troubled y-yourself…umm…are you ok?" She asked shyly.

"It's nothing…just a bad dream…" he almost whispered, averting his gaze.

"Ano…would you l-like to tell me about it?" she managed almost without stuttering.

Naruto, glad about her mild forwardness, told her everything that had happened in his 'dream'. When he finished and turned his gaze back to Hinata, he saw a sad frown on her face.

"That was no dream Naruto-kun, Sakura really hit you with the watering-can…I saw it with my Byakugan w-when I was l-looking for you…"

That saddened Naruto, but he knew that now wasn't the time to dwell on negative feelings

"You were looking for me?"

She blushed and nodded.

"Hai, I came to v-visit you in the hospital yesterday, and when I found you mere missing I used my Byakugan, and after a while I saw- I saw what Sakura d-did to you, so…" Hinata continued to fill him in on what had happened up to this moment. She also explained what the Byakugan is, even about the Hyuuga-clan. It felt good to have Naruto's undivided attention. After hearing about the Hyuuga-clan it was Naruto's turn to frown.

"Why would they do that? Splitting the clan in two I mean." Politics was never his strongest subject.

"It's their way of protecting the clan's s-secrets…"

There was sadness in her eyes. The subject obviously was paining her.

"It's ok Hinata; you don't have to continue if you don't want to." Naruto said, giving her a friendly smile.

She returned the smile with a blush on her cheeks.

"A-Arigatou, Na-Naruto-kun, for being so co-considerate!"

The gratefulness in her voice brought a warm feeling to his chest.

She's being so nice to me! No one makes me feel like this, not even Iruka-sensei, or Teuchi and Ayame, or the old man. She must be…my closest friend?

"Umm…Hinata-chan…" Naruto started, suddenly nervous himself. There was no telling how she might react.

"Y-Yes?" He called me Hinata-CHAN!

Her mind was racing. Naruto gulped.

"Would you like us to be…to be friends? …cause you would be…the best and closest friend I ever had…no one is as nice to me as you are…"

He trailed off, knowing that his emotions were openly displayed on his face. He really hoped that she would say yes, this is a big deal for Naruto; almost everyone in the village held only hate and contempt for him, and to finally be this close to a person that held so much affection for him…in a friendly way of course…

It was taking all of Hinata's self-control not to faint, and her soft face glowed a nice shade of pink.

Naruto-kun wants us to be close friends! I'd love to stay close to him! And this surely is the best way to one day confessing him my feelings! "Yes Naruto-kun! I'd love for us to be close friends!"

Neither one had felt happier in their life!

"ALRIGHT! Hinata-chan, you're the BEST!" Naruto almost squealed, and glomped her head on!

"Eeep! N-Na-Naruto-kuuu…"

Needless to say, she had finally fainted and lay limp in his arms.

"Eeeeh? Hinata-chan? …Man, you fall asleep at the weirdest times I could imagine…but I guess that's just how you are…it makes you even more interesting…and cute…" Cute? Where did that come from? Though I admit…she kinda is…

He carried her to the other bed in the room, and gently, but almost reluctantly lay her down. It was nice to carry her. He found the bouquet of flowers on the floor, and picked them up. In between the flowers was a card, it read:

I hope you get better soon, Naruto-kun; Ganbatte!

~ Hinata 3

So they were for me after all! She must really like me…

He put the flowers in a vase and the card in a safe spot in his backpack. Naruto stole another glance at the still flushed face of his closest friend, before lying down in his own bed. He had a lot of thinking to do, and he knew that it would take some time. But with this new bond formed he also knew that things were definitely looking up for them.

Phew! Writing is harder than I imagined, but I think this turned out pretty well. What do you think of it? Next chapter will be coming soon...next week maybe.

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EDIT: I double spaced the speeches and thoughts from most of the narrations, and added a few small notes to make it easier to read, as per your requests. I hope I did well o.o;
EDIT2: Made some scenes more detailed, I think ill leave it at that.

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