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'Come on Sammy, it's not far-just go already!' Dean Winchester poked his brother's shoulder, trying to coax him out the Impala.

They had parked the car in the main street of a busy Ohio town, just recharging their batteries after their latest hunt.

'It's not about how far it is Dean! Just...no' Sam crossed his arms and looked out of his window, pointedly ignoring his brother.

Dean had finished his coffee in double quick time, as per usual, and now wanted Sam to go trudge down the street to get him another.

That on its own deserved a refusal; just because he had returned to the family fold didn't mean that he would be Dean's personal slave.

And of course there happened to be the tiny detail of a street performer dressed as a clown standing right in his way.

There was no way on god's green earth that he would walk anywhere near a damn clown, let alone walk past it twice. Not for Dean, or anything.

'But I got these two! Come on Sammy, I'm thirsty!' Dean pretended to whine, pouting at his brother, before flashing his dewy brown eyes in Sam's direction. Sam stared nonchalantly back.

'Nope. They don't work on me Dean!' he grinned, raising his eyebrows before sitting back in his seat. There was still no way he was going to go past that clown to get his brother another coffee.

'Fine. Stay here princess, don't want you wandering off and straying into the path of an unsuspecting clown-you might scare it!' Dean chuckled, ducking out the car with a grin.

'Ha ha very funny-just hurry up!' Sam called after him, the young hunter casting an uneasy look at the clown prancing around just up the street.

He knew he was being irrational, but just as a precaution, he leaned over Dean's side of the car and pushed the internal locking system, and he felt better for it.

Minutes past. Sam sighed and looked at the map he kept in his jacket pocket.

He didn't know where they were off to next, but he hoped it would be somewhere more exciting than some of the stink-holes they had been working in the last few days.

He looked out the window, frowning at the clown as it honked its flowery horn, red painted mouth downturned in a smiley grimace, which always freaked him out.

'Come on Dean...' he muttered, feeling his skin itch as he looked out at the clown. He had no idea why, they just made him...uncomfortable.

There was a rap on the window, making Sam jump.

Dean grinned and opened the door, flumping inside.

'What's up Sammy? Clown got you all worked up? Your not going to cry on me, are you?' he chuckled, flinging a plastic bag on Sam's lap.

'Shut up-what's this, and where's your coffee?' Sam asked, frowning down at the bag.

'Just a little something I picked up for you...just so, whenever your alone, you never feel...you know...alone!' Dean chuckled, patting Sam's shoulder as he started the Impala and drove it down the high street.

Sam delved into the bag, pulling out two bright yellow walkie talkies. They both had blue antennas, and big orange buttons.

'What the hell? Dean, these are for kids-where did you get them?' Sam said, looking at his brother incredulously.

'A second hand shop. You know the cliché Sammy-I saw them...and I just thought of you! I had to buy them!'

'Gee, thanks very much!' Sam muttered, a smile playing on his lips.

'You're such a child...' he continued as he stuffed them back inside their bag, putting it by his feet.

'Oh come on, say you love them!' Dean pressed, grinning. He loved tormenting his brother.

'Yeah yeah...I love them...' Sam played along, knowing it was no good to argue.

'Yeah...!' Dean grinned, before barking out a laugh, steering the Impala in the direction of a nearby motel.

As they got out, Dean ducked his head back in the car.

'Dude-bring the bag! We can have fun!' he grinned, nodding his head at the bag containing the walkie talkies.

Sam stared at him. 'What are you, four?' he muttered, before shaking his head and grabbing the bag, slamming the door of the Impala as he went.

Dean winced, patting the interior of the car, before walking after his brother.

Once they had checked in, Sam using the alias Ian F Willis, and Dean using the name Gene Simmons, they made their way to their second floor motel room.

Sam sighed and looked around; it was the same old crap they were used to.

'Home sweet home...' Dean muttered, sitting heavily down on his hard bed, looking at the mouldy walls and damp stained ceiling.

Seconds later, however, he had snapped back into the old Dean persona, and clapped his hands.

'Come on then...give me the bag, I want to see my purchase!' he said, holding out his arms for the bag.

'Knock yourself out...' Sam muttered, throwing the bag into his brother's arms.

Dean grinned and pulled the walkie talkies out, looking at them in the light.

'Huh, they're pretty colourful-just your style Sammy!' he smiled, showing one to Sam, who was busy getting his laptop out to do some research.

'My sides are splitting' he said, deadpan, sitting on his bed and looking around once more.

'Hey, I wonder how long the distance is on these things? Let's try it out!' Dean grinned like a four year old as he passed one to Sam, before walking to the other side of the room.

'Dean, you can still hear my normal voice, go outside the room and shut the door if your gonna try this out!' Sam advised, sighing as he picked up his walkie talkie.

'See! I knew you wanted to play! I knew it!' Dean laughed, punching Sam's shoulder lightly as he made his way to the door.

Sam shrugged at his brother's back. If you can't beat them...join them.

'Ready?' Dean asked, before shutting the door with a snap.

Sam sighed, a strangely happy smile on his face.

'Hello? One two, one two...calling Sammy...do you read me? Over and out!' Dean's tinny voice filled the room.

'I read you loud and clear' Sam returned.

'Right. I'll walk further...hang on a sec...'

Sam sighed and shook his head. He couldn't believe he was actually playing walkie talkies with his twenty six year old brother.

'Can you hear me now?' Dean's voice once again filled the room.

'Yup...further!' Sam smiled, finding himself oddly enjoying himself.

'...your enjoying this Sam, aren't you?' Dean seemed to have caught onto his tone.

'What? No! I'm actually getting bored of this now...come back, stop being childish!' Sam returned, annoyed and slightly embarrassed by his admission.

Static met his ears, and Sam sighed. Dean must have turned his walkie talkie off.

He threw his handset onto Dean's bed and walked off to his laptop, flopping into a chair and powering up the internet.

Dean would be back soon, he might as well be getting on with some work whilst he waited.

Suddenly, the walkie talkie seemed to turn itself back on.

'HELP ME!...JAYNE!...HELP ME!... The high pitched sounds of a child screaming in panic filled the room, causing Sam to wince.

He ran back to the bed and picked up the walkie talkie.

'Dean? Stop playing around-that wasn't funny!' he scolded. Why the hell would Dean do that?

He waited for a second, and sure enough, the walkie talkie seemed to reply again.

'I can't see anything! He's coming Jayne! I don't know what to do!' it seemed to be a young boy on the other end, his panicky voice rising, his breathing ragged and hard.

Sam forgot to breath.

He felt a shiver run up his back, and he immediately ran to the door, flinging it open.

'DEAN! GET YOUR BUTT IN HERE NOW!' he yelled, watching Dean pelt down the corridor, a panicked frown on his face.

'What's wrong?' he said as Sam led him back into the room.

'Where you just messing around with the walkie talkie?' Sam asked urgently. When Dean didn't answer straight away, he shook his brother's shoulder, making him answer quicker.

'No, not recently, I was just walking back...I haven't touched it since you told me it was childish' his brother had a note of bitterness in his voice.

'Why? He asked, noting his brother's white face and shaking hands.

'There was something really weird on the walkie talkie...I thought it was you' he replied, picking up his walkie talkie once more.

Both brothers's looked at it for a second, before it crackled back into life.

'NOOO! NO PLEASE DON'T! I'LL TELL MY MOM! PLE-'the boy's anguished cries were cut off horribly abruptly, a small cry ending the child's final words.

Dean looked up at his little brother, his own face ashen as the brother's looked at each other.

'What the hell?' he whispered, sinking onto his bed, walkie talkie still in his hands.

Sam walked to his computer, all thoughts of research pushed out of his mind.

Who was the little boy on the end of the walkie talkie? What happened to him?

Neither brother knew the answers to either of those questions-

-but they were determined to find them.

Whose the little boy? Why is he contacting the brother's?

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