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The sun rose high in the sky the next morning, the surprisingly weak rays filtering through the curtains, spreading an off orange colour on the floor.

Sam and Dean hadn't done much sleeping the previous night; they both cleaned the room from top to bottom, making sure everything was as it should be, ready for the next patrons of the hotel room.

Dean, who was just making the finishing touches on his bed, making sure that he hadn't left anything behind, happened to tweak his pillow ever so slightly.

'Huh...' he muttered, moving it again and hearing the same crackling sound.

He pulled the pillow away, his heart slightly sinking at what he found.

Under his pillow was a family picture that had been printed in the local paper's front page, presumably from the time when the case was still fresh in everyone's minds.

He sat down heavily, looking at the picture, shaking his head.

It was a large colour photograph of the two little children in their garden, their little faces beaming up at the camera, their blond hair whipping around their eyes, so all he could see where their massive grins.

He smiled at the picture, his eyes welling up with tears ever so slightly. He knew he shouldn't be feeling any attachment to the case, but it was so hard not to feel.

He had never heard of the murder investigation, or known the kids-but the fallout from that fateful day was always going to haunt him now.

He ran his finger along the picture; thinking about the loss that those parents must have felt-he couldn't imagine it.

He jumped as Sam opened the door and let it hit the opposite wall slightly. The oldest Winchester stood up as if burned, before giving his brother a guilty look.

'You alright?' Sam asked, closing the door and walking over to the small kitchen area, putting a fresh bag in the small kitchen bin, before dumping their empty beer cans in it, all the way to the top.

'Yeah, I'm good' Dean muttered, folding the paper up in half, before placing it gently on top of the beer cans and standing back.

Sam knew what the matter was, he knew Dean was feeling guilty- but there was nothing he could have done.

'This all happened twenty five years ago Dean-It's not your fault' he said, reaching forwards to pat his brother on the arm for reassurance.

'I know that' Dean snapped, stepping back so Sam's hand didn't make contact. 'It's just-how could someone do that to little kids?' he knew he had asked that question lots of times, but he really wanted to know the answer...or perhaps he didn't, and it was just his brain trying to find out how the human race could be so horrible to each other.

Sam shrugged. 'He was a bastard, and he got what he deserved...isn't that good enough?' he said, before picking up the bag and tying a knot in the top.

Dean smiled at his brother's answer, he did have a point.

'Yeah it is' he answered, walking to the foot of his bed and picking up his duffel bag and slinging it over his shoulder.

Sam smiled at his brother's retreating back and nodded.

'You ready to go?' he asked as Dean looked out of the window, his brother nodding and turning back towards him with the trademarked Dean Winchester grin plastered to his face.

'Yup-let's go kill some more evil son's of bitches!' he grinned, before walking to the door and opening it for the last time, casting one more look around the room before disappearing down the corridor without a look back.

Sam sighed quietly-there was gonna be fallback with this case, he just knew it...maybe this was a good reason he came back into the hunting fold.

He knew Dean would never ask for advice or support-he wasn't that kind of guy- but Sam would always be there for him, it didn't matter whether he wanted him to be there or not-it was time he made up for lost time.

He smiled as he heard Dean's deep voice boom down the corridor.

'Are you coming or not?'

He snorted and shouldered his own duffel bag, before walking to the door and flicking the lights off, the youngest Winchester not even glancing around the room before closing the door.

He saw Dean with his hands on his hips, a frown on his face.

'I'm coming, I'm coming...' Sam assured him, hitting his shoulder as he passed.

'Good, cos I was gonna leave your ass if you didn't come soon!' Dean said mock seriously, before breaking out into another grin.

'Ok, let's go sasquatch' he said, clearing his throat and walking out the motel.

Sam watched his brother go, a small smile on his face.

'Right behind you Dean...' he muttered, before following his brother, waiting to see what the day ahead brought to them.

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