A/N: My muses are hilarious. They want me to share this silly little rhyming poem with you. I'm pretty sure they are holding hostage anything more than blips of ideas until I do. Inspired by an angsty sex scene and sponsored by the words "hips" and "lips". Oh, and I have no idea how to punctuate something like this so I did my best. And, as always, feedback is appreciated. Enjoy :)


They have done it on a chair

They have done it in the air

They have done it here and done it there

They have done it everywhere

Tony's POV:

There was something there the day we met,

The day I met that ninja brunette

Our partnership was filled with angst and ease,

We'd tease and love and love to tease

And that is until we fixed our trust

And gave into our primal lust.

In the morning in the bed

She wakes me up by giving head.

You may think it is a bit too much

But we're all about our physical touch

We've been through lots and will be through more

Things I hate and things I adore.

Ziva's POV:

Is that your toe, is that your knee?

It's above your toe, it's above your knee-

What I want from you right now, Tony!

Let me take my hands, my left and my right

To help you with those pants that, uh, seem too tight.

If they were not on you but off you right now

I'd do things to you that'd make you go wow.

Go wow you'd do and that's for sure

Go wow you'd do with thoughts not pure,

Not pure but I'd definitely welcome some

Some thoughts that'd wow me if acted upon

Actions by you that'd make me come.

So take your mouth, you know the spot

The spot that's wet for you and hot.


When their sexual relationship was new

All they wanted to do was screw

Life and work still get in the way

But they try to do it every day.

They have their quirks, some fights, and trust

And each other's backs because they must,

They must for each other and for the team

A family of sorts of which many only dream.