Hello! This is my first ever bleachfic, I am a huge hitsu/matsu fan, originally intended as a one shot, but has I gave the story further thought, it has bloomed into a multichapter, Let me know what you think, comments and feedback are greatly appriciated.

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Someone To Lean On. Chapter 1

Toushiro Hitsugaya, Captain of the 10th Division was walking through his barracks heading towards his office, a stack of paperwork in one arm and a huge sack of candy in the other arm courtesy of Captain Ukitake of the 13th Division, who had cornered him after the Captains meeting he had just attended that afternoon.

When he had left his quarters before the meeting it was quite sunny promising good weather for the rest of the day, but in the two hours during the drawn out meeting thick heavy storm clouds had built up making the whole place look grey, dull and dark. Cursing his luck for having to do a patrol duty that evening he silently wished the storm would stay at bay till after the patrol.

Balancing on one leg and leaning back slightly he used his other foot to give the office door a push open and stepped through, kicking it shut again with his heel. Crossing over to his desk to deposit his load, his foot caught on something causing him to trip. Out of sheer habit he stepped forward with his other foot to steady himself but unluckily stepped on what felt like an empty discarded bottle, which rolled from under his foot causing him to lose his balance anyway and fall flat on his stomach scattering the pile of paperwork and candies everywhere "Son of a Bitch". Propping himself up on his knees he surveyed the office scowling, finding the source of his trip which happened to be two empty sake bottles... Matsumoto!

Knowing her well enough, he looked over to the couch expecting to see her taking her usual afternoon nap, but was surprised to find that she was in fact sitting at her desk with her elbow propped on it and her head leaning on her hand staring off into space. Seemingly oblivious to his fall and the racket he had made, she hadn't even battered an eye, laughed at him, made some sarcastic comment about his clumsiness which he reminded himself was her doing, or anything remotely Matsumoto-ish. Odd.

Peeling himself off the floor he crossed over to his lieutenants desk having a good look at her thinking she had probably fallen asleep like that. Nope she was still awake just spaced out. The tell tale signs she had been crying a lot were present, red puffy eyes, tear streaks down her face, a sodden mass of tissues next to her elbow, and of course the two empty sake bottles on the floor his feet had found a few minutes ago.

Moving around the desk to stand in front of her he placed his hands on her shoulders and looked into her glazed steel blue eyes and gave her a gentle shake "Rangiku?"

Jumping violently her focus snapped to him like she had just been slapped "Captain! I .. I didn't hear you come in" she sniffed grabbing another tissue.

Looking over to the massacre on the floor "How could you not hear me?" he replied amazed.

Following his gaze her eyes went wide when they fell upon the carnage "Oh".

"Oh indeed". Grabbing her box of tissues and pulling her to her feet, Hitsugaya guided her gently over to the couch "Wait here Rangiku I'm going to make tea, would you like some?".

Receiving the tiniest of a nod he went into their kitchen to boil the water, grabbing two cups and placing the tea leaves in the teapot, and finally grabbing a tray to place everything on. Letting his mind wonder he didn't even need to ask Matsumoto what had her all upset, he was sure without a doubt it was Ichimaru.

Few minutes later he placed the tray on the coffee table and sat beside his lieutenant handing her a steaming teacup. "Here, drink this it will help you feel better".

"Thanks Captain" fresh tears started to brim in her eyes and spilled down her cheeks once again.

Offering her another tissue Hitsugaya sighed inwardly, best get it started so she can start to feel better, "Do you want to talk about it?"

Taking a sip of her tea and then placing the cup on the table, she took a deep breathe and turned to face her Captain. "Its pretty silly really, I was taking my afternoon nap and I guess I must have been dreaming, only it turned into a bad one", taking another sip of her tea she continued on "I was on top of the Sokyoku hill and Gin was there".

He knew it, why was it always him that was the source of Matsumoto's tears. "He was leaving again, for good this time and he wanted me to go with him, I didn't want to go though, I told him to just go and leave me alone" she grabbed another tissue wiping away fresh tears.

Instinctively he put his arm around her shoulder to show some kind of comfort, not expecting her to lean into him like she did, "Its OK if you don't want to talk about it".

"He got really angry when I refused to go with him, he drew Shinsou and started attacking me, said if he couldn't have me then Soul Society couldn't have me either".

Hitsugaya sat their grinding his teeth together, he really despised Ichimaru, the traitorous bastard who screwed with everybody, the winter war ended two years ago Ichimaru died in that battle Hitsugaya saw to that personally, yet two years on and he was still hurting Matsumoto even in death.

"Then you showed up Captain to try and protect me, but he just cut you down and k..killed y..you anyway, then he laughed at me turned around and left, leaving me all alone, again".

"Shhhh its OK, I'm still here I'd never leave you like that" he replied rubbing her back with his hand soothingly.

"Its just a silly dream like I said" she continued "Just scared me a little bit, and when I woke up and you wasn't here I thought for sure that it had really happened and that you was... you know..."

Pulling her into a hug, they both sat there in a companionable silence neither wanting to move, a few minutes later however Matsumoto stood grabbing the box of tissues and headed towards the kitchen, "Thank you Captain I feel better for talking to you its really sweet of you, but I can sense Hinamori coming and I look awful and don't really want to be seen like this" she called behind her shutting the door to.

Hitsugaya sighed he could feel Hinamori approaching and didn't feel like one of her visits, if she wasn't harping on about Aizen's innocence she was usually trying to come up with some way of spending time with him in the evenings like on a date, which made him shudder, has far has he was concerned his childhood friend was more like a sister to him, and was out of the question has far as a relationship was concerned, she on the other hand didn't see that. She mentioned two days ago about dinner tonight if he wasn't busy, luckily he had patrol duty soon which would take up a huge chunk of the night, he just wouldn't mention to her that he had volunteered for it.

"SHIIIIIIRRRRROOOO CHANNNN!" Hitsugaya grimaced has his childhood friend burst through the door, seriously if she was so interested in him, calling him that stupid nickname wasn't going to win her any points in her favour even if she did stand a chance with him in the first place.

Planting a fake smile on his face he turned to his friend "Hello Lieutenant Hinamori, what can I do for you?"

"Shiro-Chan that is so mean, you don't need to use such formalities with me" glancing around at his trashed office "And what happened here?"

Feeling his eye brow twitched "That's Captain Hitsugaya to you, stop calling me that stupid name and maybe I'd call you less formally" he knelt down to start picking up the fallen paperwork, "What brings you here anyway? Is there a reason or did you just want to bother me?"

"Don't you remember? I said I would drop by to see if you could make it to dinner tonight".

"Yes I remember but unfortunately has you can see I'm up to my neck in it, plus I have the evening patrol to do tonight" he could feel the shift in her mood from cheery to irritated.

"Cant you send someone else to do it?" she snapped "Like that lieutenant of yours" glancing over to Matsumoto's desk "I see she isn't here again like usual, dumping all the paperwork on you".

Oh no she just didn't! How dare she!

"Lieutenant Hinamori that's enough, Just because Matsumoto isn't here doesn't mean she isn't working, now if you don't have any official business here please leave I'm too busy today and have a lot to get done", he got up and placed (slammed) a pile of paperwork on his desk.

"Well I'm sorry you feel that way" retorted Hinamori turning on her heeling storming out and slamming the door on the way.

He sighed and went back to picking up the paperwork and candy, he jumped slightly when a pair of hands covered his eyes from behind, he turned to face Matsumoto and opened his arms for a hug, she melted into him and planted a soft kiss on his lips "You know Captain, if you just told her about us maybe she would get the message and stop with the childishness".

"Maybe, or maybe not, or she could snap altogether and run me through with a sword" he planted a kiss on her neck.

"Do you really have to do a patrol tonight?" she purred in his ear.

"Yes I'm sorry, I know you was looking forward to that picnic on the roof we have been planning for weeks now, I know patrol duty can be boring but do you want to come with me so we can still spend time together?"

"Sure, I could use the fresh air and exercise to clear my head a bit" looking out the window she sighed "Hope the storm don't hit while we are patrolling I hate thunder".

Hitsugaya smiled at her "I'm sure we,ll be OK".

A hell butterfly chose that moment to fly in through the window and perched itself on his finger, after delivering the message it flew off again. Sighing he turned to Matsumoto "Lets start the patrol early, they've scheduled a joint Captain / Lieutenant meeting in four hours at 11pm"

"Why so late? Never mind lets get going Captain".

Taking one last look at their still trashed office Hitsugaya grabbed Hyourimaru and slung it over his back, pocketed his soul phone that he had left on his desk earlier and headed out the door.