Solo Assault

By: Theodore 'Blitz' Leung

Des plugged the power cable into the ship, accessing the data he hacked out of the research facility for the viewing pleasure of his other companions. Psy and Void were both in the infirmary, getting checked up for any side effects of the psychic dampener. Slasher joined them, just as a spectator, though Tim believed there was something more then that. As for the rest, they were resting in the quarters assigned to them and their partners, silently waiting.

"So, what do you got?" Tim asked impatiently, anxiously, definitely bothered by the no-show of a certain female Trainer. Des sensed the impatience in the air, but couldn't just tell his computer to run faster, instead, he asked his companion to just calm down. Tim only sighed, stepping away and pacing in a circle around the room.

"Calm down man…" Carted suggested to his pacing companion, placing a hand on Tim's shoulder. The demolitions man grunted, closing his eyes and stopping his pacing. Instead, he silently moaned in impatience.

"She's on West Island of the Trilands," Des finally spoke, breaking the tense silence in the air. Tim nearly toppled Des over by pouncing towards the workstation, seeing the flashing red glow of the facility on a 3-D wire frame view of the whole Trilands. Satisfied with the answer, Tim pulled back, heading for the door.

"Where the hell are you going?!" Carter barked, halting his companion with just the sound of his voice. The demo man glanced back. "You expect to save Ryna like that? We just got back, your Pokémon aren't well rested yet, you haven't restocked, you don't even have a transport - how do you expect to pull that one off?" Tim stared silently, the truth biting deeply into him. "Now sit down and calm down," Carter ordered, getting a meek nod from Tim as he did as ordered. Satisfied, Carter turned his attention back to Des. "Now, what can you tell us…?" Des tapped on the keypad a bit more, temporarily stunned before hand by Carter's raised voice. Coughing softly, the hacker returned to his station afterwards.

"West Island, another Rocket research facility, of course," Des added matter-of-factly, opening more files he got hold of during his hacking spree. "Last known information fitting Ryna's description came from that island, so I assume she's being held there. It's a smaller then the one we just busted up, but still quite complex. Guessing from our little escapade in the first attack, they're going to beef up security on the second and third complex. It's probably easier to get a well planned, single infiltration team then a whole army to go in."

"Blue prints, floor plan, anything that can help us bust in?" Carter questioned, trying to think up the basics of the plan on the spot.

"I got a floor plan on the facility, but that's about it, I didn't have enough time to break into any of the higher level stuff in other facilities," Des spoke, slightly disappointed in his own ability to hack out the files.

"It's alright, anything is better then nothing," Carter consolidated, gazing down at the laptop where the floor plan circled in the window, wire frame, divided into the many floors of the complex. "I'll think of something from what we have…got anything else of interest, friend?"

"Actually, yes, something very useful," Des answered, his hands flying over the keyboard, hitting the buttons he needed as another window opened, revealing another wire frame drawing, this time of some device, rather large, but wasn't clear it if was zoomed in or not.

"What…is that?" Carter asked, unable to identify the unknown piece of equipment Des brought up. Des only grinned, opening the data on the item. "What…that's…"

"Yeah, the schematics for the Psychic Dampener," Des completed for their 'leader', grinning mischievously. "I pulled it out of their files, must say, it's a fine piece of work…"

"Man…both Psy and Void are going to be very happy if you can figure out how to break it," Carter commented, glad their hacker went out of his way to find the data.

"If I can crack it," Des remarked, turning back towards the computer. "From what I can tell, it sort of makes an underlying medium for Psychic wavelengths to pass through, something like Psychic mud, if you will. I'm not sure completely, but from what I can tell, it's still in the testing phase. It is an omni-directional, friend-or-foe weapon after all."

"So, they haven't worked out the kinks on not hitting their own side yet…guess that's a good thing," Carter mused, glancing back at Tim, who was still pouting on the spot where he sat. "Get some rest friend, we'll go after her as soon we can." Tim grunted, impatient, but also understanding. He would wait…

"I'm going to talk with the higher-ups, until then, work on an anti-dampener device," Carter ordered, waving his hand as he departed from the room. Tim grunted once more, causing Des to sigh.

"Guess I'm on my own…" the sniper thought, beginning work on analyzing the schematics.

* * * * * *

The female Bulbasaur moaned softly, awakening from her slumber on the bed. Slasher glanced towards Psy, happy that the Grass/Poison/'Psychic' was regaining consciousness. The Sandslash waltzed over slowly and quietly, not wanting to disturb the female all that much.

"Oooh…" she moaned again, trying to regain the focus in her eyes once more. She was surprised when her focus came upon a Sandslash watching over her.

"Are you alright?" Slasher asked, kneeling down and offering a claw for the Bulbasaur. Psy forced a smile, trying to push herself to her feet, though her strength faded from her body as she collapsed again. She grinned meekly, the response was another grin from the Sandslash.

"Tired…that's all…" the Grass type answered finally, closing her eyes once more before sighing softly. "How…long have…I been out for…?" she questioned.

"A few hours now…just get some rest," Slasher answered, sitting down beside the fallen Bulbasaur and crossing his legs. The Ground type closed his eyes. "We're going to be leaving on another mission sometime within the next twenty-four hours," he informed his female companion, adding a 'hopefully' under his breath, though barely audible. "Just get rested until then."

"Alright…" Psy responded, yawning and getting comfortable. She was too tired to dive into the mind of her companion at the moment, rather spending her time on more productive things, like energy restoration…

* * * * * *

Carter yawned deeply, trying to concentrate on the screen before him, but finding it difficult to do as such. He sighed, clasping his hands together, vision blurry.

"How to infiltrate a research facility," he mused, going over the data Des hacked out beforehand, trying to think of something. The 'leader' leaned back on his chair, thinking, chuckling at a thought he reminisced upon, a though from before.

"How the tables have turned…" Carter whispered, remembering…

"We'll find him, for everyone's sake…"

Carter muttered something, recalling the comment, a comment from a certain Pikachu, one a quest so long ago to find Burner. "How the tables have turned indeed…" Carter spoke softly, recalling that quest, the remembering this one. "To find one person, only to have to find the other afterwards…the irony of it all… Those two get no rest at all…in the end, I hope they live happily together…"

Sighing once more, Carter sat back up straight, gazing at the screen, mind cleared of such distractions to focus on the task…to help his companion…

* * * * * *

Tim levelled the pistol towards the target, placing a round straight through the centre of it. The next target raised, Tim quickly shifting his aim towards it and firing. Sighing softly, he dropped the pistol onto the countertop, closing his eyes, the exercise over. Slowly, he raised his left hand, staring deeply into it.

"Ryna…I'll get you out…I'll come for you…I promise…" he whispered, clutching his hand into a tight fist. "Like you came for me…"

* * * * * *

The sun rose quickly over the horizon, though the trio of soldiers with their Pokémon companions had little time to enjoy the view. They were instead getting set up for the mission at hand, arming themselves with what they felt comfortable with that was easily concealable.

"I hate stealth," Tim grumbled, slamming a clip into a 'Silencer' before holstering behind his back. He donned his scientist garb afterwards, facing towards a mirror and doing up the buttons.

"Yeah, I guess you prefer things to go boom," Des joked softly, closing up a briefcase and securing it. Inside was his rifle, disassembled, as well as his laptop. Underneath his lab coat was a few Flash Bangs, Smoke Grenades, and a 'Silencer' pistol, silenced and extended clip'd. The hacker flicked a badge towards Tim, who caught it and attached it to his uniform. Des flicked another one towards Carter.

"Just make sure you can pack enough C4 under that coat of yours to blow the generator to hell," Carter remarked, clipping his tag on as well. The 'leader' felt naked without any of his larger weapons, though he could live with that feeling. Under his coat was a pair of Damium OHSMG Feza 'Gangster' Submachine Guns, small, compact, and easy to conceal considering his size. However, Carter didn't like the weapon, having a relatively small clip size to go its stealth nature. His only relief came with the fact his entire belt was clipped with extended clips of the weapon.

"Yeah, I know, I know…" Tim muttered bitterly. "My back is loaded with that stuff, don't worry," Tim reassured, glancing at Rocky and Slasher. "Sorry guys…" he spoke, raising a pair of Pokéballs. The only nodded understandingly as Tim recalled them to their shelter, something he hadn't done in a while. "Ryna's attitude has been rubbing off on me…" he spoke silently, clipping the Pokéballs to his belt. The other pair did the same, donning them under their coats.

"What do you got on the Dampeners?" Carter questioned Des, glancing out the window, seeing no rush as of yet. Technically, work doesn't start in the facility until a bit later. It would be just a little suspicious if some of the employees came to work early, even if they may have taken some 'early bird' alias from the database. Carter was glad that Des hacked out the info, as other operatives were 'disabling' the alias' they stole.

"Well, from what I can read, the Dampeners work on a Psychic frequency, rather high," Des started, recalling the specs of the device. "This high frequency is also Psychic, though it overrides any other Psychic frequency it hits. Of course, being a frequency, it also has the potential to travel through walls and such, hence why if you put one of these Dampeners in the centre of something, it'll just spread outwards omni-directionally. Of course, the Dampener is not the only part of the equation, there has to be a power source too. What other power source would be better aside from another Psychic Pokémon or Human? Of course, this source would be shielded from their own device, or else it would be rather useless."

"Wait…wait…wait…how does a Psychic power a device? Last I heard, you need more then that…" Tim answered, getting slightly confused.

"Well, it's quite simple, when you look at it," Des answered, raking his mind for a moment. "As I mentioned before, the Dampener runs through a Psychic frequency. Of course, you can send that Psychic frequency through a transformer to up its frequency higher into the terminal range of absorption before sending it out. I think it may have something to do with resonance, but I'm not sure, some of terms I can't really get."

"Getting back on topic…how do we stop something like that?" Carter questioned, rather finding out the Physics behind a counter-measure instead of getting all the Physics behind it.

"Well…" Des remarked, thinking for a moment. He hadn't though of this question yet, though he gave a theory behind it. "It's a frequency, right? That means its got to travel at a certain wavelength as well. Leaving that aside, theoretically you could make a negative wavelength of the same frequency to cancel each out. That's in theory though…can't remember enough physics to know if that's true…got to brush up on the topic…Mind you, I may be wrong completely." Carter sighed, hoping for an actual counter-measure, though it would have to do for now. Better to know what they're dealing with then to be ignorant, period. "Sorry…it was the best I could do…" Des apologized.

"Don't worry about it, we'll live," Carter responded, not exactly wanting that reaction. He needed his squad in the best mental condition possible. Carter checked his watch again, seeing it was time. He briefed his squad beforehand, they knew what they had to do. "Better get going before we're considered late…" The remaining pair nodded, Des taking his briefcase while nervously clutching his pistol under his coat. With a final check, the trio left the room in the Pokémon Centre…

* * * * * *

The walk down the hallway was excruciating, though Des managed on his own. He split off from the rest of his team earlier in the walk, as they had another objective to hit. The hacker needed to be at the computer room to do his damage, what he was best at that is…

Sighing softly, he placed a hand onto the Silencer pistol under his coat, trying not to draw too much attention to himself. Silently, he entered the computer room, glancing around at the resistance he might have to face. A few other scientists here and there, no armed guards. Des continued his scan, assessing the situation though his gaze fell upon a scientist…supposedly a scientist. It was a Chinese man, black shoulder length hair tied in a pony tail. The 'scientist' glanced about as well, his brown eyes falling dead centre onto Des. The pair exchanged gazes for a moment, before the 'scientist' walked away, heading towards one of the others in the room. A brief conversation between them lead the pair to walk away to somewhere else in the room. A motion from the 'scientist's' head directed Des' attention towards a surveillance camera in the corner of the room, the only one after another scan. At this point, the 'scientist' had rounded up the others and distracted them all, making a group of four discussing something by the computer screen. Taking it as a cue to strike, Des reached for his pistol and raised it towards the camera, firing one shot. Sparks flew as the camera shattered, alerting everyone towards the disturbance with the shattering.

"Don't move!" Des ordered, pointing his pistol towards the four by the computer. The real scientists all acknowledged, quivering in fear upon seeing the weapon, probably never seeing a weapon this close before, especially pointed towards them. However, their fears were abated with the peaceful bliss of being knocked out cold, a gift from the other 'scientist' in their collective. Silently, Des approached the fourth in the group, nodding slowly.

"It's been a while, friend," the Chinese man commented, bowing his head towards Des. The hacker grinned, laying his briefcase down and unlocking it.

"It makes me wonder what you're doing here, Alken," Des remarked, taking his laptop and sitting down onto one of the chairs. He hooked himself into the computer network.

"I still have a few contacts in Rocket," Alken answered, wondering what Des was doing. "A few said you turned tail and ran…"

"You got that right," Des answered softly, beginning his hacking spree. "It still doesn't explain why you're here, friend." Alken smiled a little, heading towards one of the computer consoles.

"I'm supposed to be dead, but they haven't wiped my codes from the system yet, I can still get into some of the areas," Alken answered, typing something on the computer. "I just needed to confirm if you really left or not…"

"I'm here now, aren't I? The disguise kind of gives you a clue," the hacker replied, going through the systems he just hacked into.

"That it does, my friend," Alken answered, gazing at the screen. "I thought you said being within has some advantages, yet you seemed to have retired on your own right."

"A friend needed my help…I owed him…big time…" Des muttered, sighing softly as he continued to search around. "Hey, do you have access to the security cameras?"

"My ID still allows that, why?" Alken questioned, curious about the request.

"I have a few friends who are heading for the generator room, and they need the security disabled," Des answered, having complete trust in this ally. "I'll wipe your access from the system, so the Rocket's won't get suspicious of access from a 'deceased' operative." The 'decreased' operative nodded, agreeing to the terms as he did as requested. "And while you're at it, try to find something about 'Ryna'." Silence overtook the pair for a moment, each doing their respective jobs.

"Ryna…that information is classified…" Alken spoke finally. "But the cameras have been disabled."

"Alright, thanks," the hacker spoke, grateful for the help. He glanced at his watch, getting a few extra minutes to hack out the files for Ryna because of Alken's assistance. "How's Abetos doing?" Des asked, trying to spark some conversation while hacking.

"He is doing fine, just waiting for a moment to come out…" was the reply, Alken patting his Pokéball on his belt. "I'll guard the door…" Des nodded, more comfortable now that someone was watching his back, even if it was someone he hadn't talked with for a bit now.

* * * * * *

Tim placed the last of the C4 onto the generator, slowly standing up and admiring his work, but taking caution; he didn't want to be pounced on again like last time, even with an ally watching his back.

"All set?" Carter asked, keeping a hand under his coat and onto the Gangster submachine gun. Tim nodded, glancing at all the unconscious scientists and guards they disabled. "No time to stare in awe, we got a rendezvous point to make," Carter told Tim. He nodded, pacing backwards slowly before racing out the door behind Carter. The computer room was their objective, to meet back with Des and plan out their next move.

"He better have the information…" Tim muttered to Carter, the pair half-running, half-walking down the corridors to not attract much attention, but also to reach their destination quickly. They turned the next corner, nearly crashing into Des and another scientist. Carter and Tim both instinctively went for their weapons while the other scientist grabbed for something under his coat.

"Hey!" Des shouted in a whisper, as odd as it sounds. All three stopped, glaring at each other. "Alken, Carter and Tim, Carter and Tim, Alken, I'll explain on the way, just trust me," the hacker introduced hastily, glancing around for anyone watching. Seeing it safe, the hacker led the trio down a few passageways. They entered a small room out of the way where no one will check.

"So, what's your story?" Tim asked, not trusting Alken at all. "You want out of Rocket too?"

"I'm already out," Alken answered emotionlessly, not showing any fear from Tim's intimidation.

"He's supposed to be dead," Des filled in, keeping an eye on the door. "I helped him out on that endeavour. It was a cruise ship thing, detonated sky high with C4. Took out a few Rockets and SF's with that blast."

"Wait, SF's…?" Carter asked, recalling a similar report of casualties from a cruise ship…

"Yeah, SF's, looking for a Chimera named Jade, dunno if you heard of him…" Des spoke, gazing down.

"Would this be…the SF…?" Carter asked, though interrupted by Des.

"Same ones we're working with now, yes," Des spoke softly, gazing away now. "I hate them, I hate them a lot, but if we're going to rescue Ryna, I'll work with you guys and use the SF's to help you, and that's it. Once this is done, I'm gone…" It was silent in the room as everyone digested the information. "Come on, you wanted to rescue Ryna, we know where she is," Des told the other ignorant ones, breaking the silence and trance that lingered in the room. Without another word to say, he exited the small room, leading his companions to their target.

* * * * * *

The doors to the laboratory hissed open, revealing darkness to the group of four. They stared into the room, unable to see anything at all, questioning the reliability of the information given.

"Are you sure this is it?" Carter asked, feeling something amiss inside those walls.

"It has to be," Tim muttered, stepping to room defiantly. He would find Ryna…through anything… His quest for her was seen as recklessness towards Carter, though he couldn't stop it now, as whatever it may be, when Tim stepped in, it would have already activated. His only answer to it was to step in as well. The remaining pair entered as well, the darkness engulfing them all.

In the next instance, all the lights in the room activated, blinding them momentarily as the refocused their vision. Tim blinked a few times, getting his vision back and gasping…

"Ryna…" he spoke softly, seeing the female just…standing their, in the centre of the laboratory, a rather empty laboratory at that. There was nothing, no specimens, no equipment, not even a single desk or chair. It was empty, aside from Ryna, who only stood their, head facing the ground. "Ryna…?" Tim asked, wondering…

Ryna raised her head slowly, staring at the four with blind sight. She smiled…strangely, before raising a hand towards them. All four blinked in confusion, as electricity sparked in her hand.

"Wha…you gotta be kidding me!" Des shouted, seeing such things happen before, though with a fire Chimera, not an electric one. Instinctively, he tackled Tim to the ground, electricity flying overhead from Ryna's fingers. She grinned, evilly, taking aim at the others still standing. Both dived to the ground, electricity also flying overhead. Laughter echoed throughout the room, the electric attacks ceasing. The infiltration team glanced up, another person beside Ryna now: a female that Tim was all too familiar with…

"You!" Tim shouted angrily, raising his Heartbeat pistol towards the female.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you, dear…you may hurt…her…" the Psychic spoke, pointing towards Ryna who stood their emotionlessly now. "She is my puppet after all…she'll do what I want her to do…"

"W-Wha…how could you?! Who are you?!" Carter shouted, leaping to his feet and drawing both Gangster submachine guns, though also not daring to fire. Des joined his friends, raising his Silencer pistol. They were all taken aback when the female laughed.

"Syria…" Alken muttered, identifying the female. Syria grinned, nodding her head lightly.

"Ah Alken…it is nice to see you again…though I do believe you were suppose to be dead," she spoke, without malice at all, sort of jokingly. "Then again, I knew you weren't dead…though I bet being demoted would hurt you…" Alken gritted his teeth, recalling the harsh memories of his humiliation. Syria grinned, taking pride in hurting Alken as such.

"And what about you…taking your dead sister's place I presume…" Alken muttered, knowing Syria would hear with her Psychic potential.

"How…dare you…" Syria answered, lifting Alken by the collar of his jacket wit ha Psychic hand and throwing him straight into the wall.

"Alken!" Des shouted, glancing back while Tim and Carter held their ground, keeping an eye on Syria. This only caused the Psychic to laugh out.

"Why bother? You know you won't fire at me, not with her as my hostage," the Psychic Elite Rocket spoke, once again motioning towards Ryna. It was Tim's turn to feel angry now, but he also felt helpless with his companion as a hostage. Silence was came, though Syria wouldn't let the silence stand.

"You had your chance, you blew it, now die with the rest of your Chimera friends," Syria remarked, teleporting away with Ryna in tow.

"No!" Tim shouted, firing instinctively but without a target to hit. He continued to fire at the spot where Syria last stood until his weapon ran out of ammo.

"You should learn to control your emotions better…" came the telepathic reply to all in the room. Tim felt a slight tug against his coat as the remote detonator for the C4 was lifted from his pocket by a Psychic force. "Or else you will detonate…like with the rest of this facility…"

With those final words, the button was pressed, and all hell broke loose inside.


Author's Note:

Whee, that ends Book 6 of the growing Saga of Chimera. I'm tired now…I basically wrote this last chapter in a day, so it'll probably suck to read. Anyway, disclaimer time. I don't own Pokémon, Game Freak and Nintendo do. Fan characters and new characters all belong to me aside from Alken, Abetos, and Syria's sister, Dahlia (not mentioned in this Book). The previously three mentioned characters belong to Gregory Stephen in his Dragon Riders series (, look for the fiction here), where I have permission to use. If you wish to use them, ask him, though we're following a rather rigid set of timelines…heh.

Well, that's out of the way, Book 7, 'United we Stand' calls. The finale to the whole series, the conclusion to it all, where all three storylines of Book 4, 5, and 6 meet together. I hope I can make it work…and I hope you're enjoying reading my stuff thus far. Until I get to my next one, g'night ppl.

Oh, BTW, if my Physics is wrong for my Psychic Dampener, sorry…I'm not very good at that kind of stuff…