I walked out of my bedroom door at 7:30 in the morning, I had just had good nights sleep and I was ready for the challenges the day promised, we were getting some new physics in our centre and I wanted to be ready to greet them. Maybe I should explain, my name is Kaitlyn Fairchild and ever since I was young I have had a... Gift. I can see the future... well not really. I draw the future. When I was 17 I was offered a chance at the Zete's institute for physic abilities.

I accepted. When I was there I experimented with my abilities and tested myself. I met my ex- friends Anna, Lewis, Rob and, the boy of my dreams, Gabriel. Except now he is just a dream. Zete's turned out to be evil, we ran and he kept tracking us, Gabriel went back and then so did the others. I'm the only one left now who doesn't belong to Mr.Z. I miss them sometimes, but they showed me the truth, you can't trust everyone. I now go to a physic research centre in L.A.

My best friends are called Elena, Angel and Rose. Elena could read minds, Angel controlled fire and Rose controlled Water. We were a tight nit group and no one could break us apart. We always knew what the others were thinking; we finished each other's sentences. Sometimes Elena joined our minds in a bond, like I had with my old group. But she had more control than Gabriel. I walked down to our entrance hall. Elena who we mostly called El for short ran up to me "They're here! They're her! They're just getting their stuff out the car.

"Calm down El!" I laughed. She was practically jumping up and down in excitement. The others were gathered around the door as well, Leanne, Jay, Ella, Edward, Kendra, Thunder, Sky, Blaze, Max and Red. We were all waiting for them to open the door and come in. And when they did I got the biggest shock of my life,


My old group all coming through the door! I growled and my girls quickly came to my side. Gabriel and his 'GANG' looked up at us. They didn't recognize me, I changed a lot. Well you see our friend Eddie, well he's a 'shifter and well I pick up anyone's ability if I touch them, so I can shift anything about me. My hair was a dark brown almost black and my eyes matched that colour as well. My style had changed as well. But Gabriel... He recognized me. I bared my teeth at him and then smirked. I decided for a change of hair colour and changed my hair to black with a red streak running through it. I shook it out down my shoulders and had the pleasure of watching Gabriel's mouth fall open, I blew him a kiss and then looked at my group. They were all looking at me in awe. I laughed and walked down the remaining stairs.

"Don't recognize me, I'm kinda disappointed..." I shifted my hair and eyes back to how I used to look, when I knew them. They all gasped. "Kaitlyn" Anna whispered "Well done" I laughed and shifted back to my new look. "I'm not a poor little deranged girl anymore, I know what life's like now, Thanks to you lot. So...thanks." I walked up to Gabriel, "You're welcome in my room anytime." Then I turned away, the rest of you stay away or you're dead."Then I went up to Bri, Renny, Mac, and Frost and... Rob, I touched each of them in turn. Everyone looked a little weirded out. I laughed my high tinkling laugh, "Thanks for the powers mates!"

Our coordinator sighed "Kait, you know you have too many powers already, we are finding it hard to keep track of what you have and when you use it" I hissed, "Not my fault, you know I would have gotten them by accident sometime in the future. Just thought I would skip the boring bit in between." I walked up the stairs went into my room and slammed the door behind me. I fell onto the bed and fell asleep.

I was woken up a few hours later by a knocking. "Who is it?" I shouted,


I stalked to the door and opened it. He came in and gasped, my room was the best in the whole place. I tried to stifle a yawn as he turned to face me.

"Why are you so tired?" He enquired.

"It's the powers. Gaining new ones makes me tired it takes all my energy..."

And then I passed out.