The Son of a Dark Lord

Summary: Harry Potter isn't really Harry Potter. Neither is he the Boy-Who-Lived, and is therefore thrown away as trash. When he turns sixteen, glamours unwraps his true self and he leaves the Light to find his real family. Slash, HP/DM.

Pairing/s: Harry(Serpens)/Draco and SeverusLily

Warnings: Rather extreme Light-bashing, Father!Voldemort, 'nice' Death Eaters, James and Lily Potter alive, Harry Potter not being really Harry Potter and so on.

Disclaimers: I don't own Harry Potter.


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Warnings: Blood, gore, slashy moments (nothing too graphic).


Chapter Sixteen

The winter had been washed away and spring emerged. Trees grew green and lush and the air grew warm.

Serpens wanted it all over with so he could go home for the summer. School wasn't really interesting anymore, with all the hysterics about the tasks and having to hide from Dumbledore. Sure, the man wasn't suspecting him now but had before, which meant Serpens was always watched closer than other students.

Naturally, that pissed him off. He could sometimes feel the old man's gaze on him and it was driving him flipping insane. So far he had managed to stay low and look innocent but he was looking forward to the day Dumbledore would die, and he hoped it to be during the third task.

Voldemort was definitely planning an attack for that evening. Everyone too busy about the third task to notice their entrance. Serpens was actually looking forward to that more than the third task. If all went well, he would be revealed as the Dark Lord's son. He wasn't sure whether to tell the Light who he used to be or not, but planned either way to somehow torment James Potter about that fact.

"You're day-dreaming again."

Serpens blinked as reality returned, and he looked over at Draco who raised an eyebrow.

"Your eyes were far away and your mouth started to twitch as if you wanted to smile," the blonde teen clarified. "Get a grip."

"Sorry," he said. "Just… thought happy thoughts."

"Your happy thoughts include bloodshed and possible missing limbs so don't space out too much," Draco said.

Serpens wrinkled his nose in disgust. "But if I stay here too much, all the Gryffindor-things will leak out on me and make me feel terrible."

"Still, don't space out whilst in the Great Hall," Draco said and took his hand. "Okay? Now, have some breakfast. You're going to be late to class, and I'm not having you go there on an empty stomach."

"Because it's not good for my health?"

"Nor the health of anyone around you," the blonde said. "You give a whole new meaning to 'grumpy' when you're hungry."

Serpens didn't dignify that with a reply, to which Draco only grinned.


Voldemort didn't really keep it a secret from Lily that he was going to attack, but he wasn't sure how she was feeling about it. So far she had taken everything very well, but still, she had lived her whole life as a Light witch, supporting their goals. Would she try to warn someone?

"You look troubled."

He looked up from the parchment and Lily stepped in.

"Just thinking," he said. "Is that a letter for Severus?"

She glanced down at the envelope in her hands and nodded. "I know we can speak every day but I like to write letters. It makes him embarrassed but it's a bit romantic."

"You do it to tease him or because it's romantic?" Voldemort asked for clarification.

"Oh, a bit of both," Lily laughed as she sat down. "I couldn't really do that kind of thing with James. He thought it was ridiculous. It was just easier not doing it, if just to make him shut up."

"Well, he'll get what he deserves," the Dark Lord said.

"During the attack on Hogwarts?" she said. "Are you going to attack the kids too?"

"No," he said. "Well, unless they attack me first. Then I'll defend, and tell everyone else to do the same."

"I suppose that's fair," Lily said.

"Is there someone you want safe?"

She thought for a bit, then shook her head. "Don't get me wrong," she said, "I had friends who I still care about. But if they're smart, they'll support you. And some of them are honestly too Light, they can't be convinced otherwise. It'll just break my heart trying to get through to them, so… I've been letting them go, mentally, these last few months. There are a few I still write to, but what side they choose, is entirely up to them. I can't make them change, and I'm not going to."

"Right," Voldemort said. "Sounds reasonable enough."

"What, you don't believe in reason?" she asked with a smile.

The Dark Lord raised an eyebrow. "Does it look like me or my son has any reason at all? Everyone keeps calling me mad."

"That's because you let them. And perhaps the fact you act a wee bit irrational at times."

Voldemort snorted at that. "At times," he muttered. "How about always? Being reasonable is boring and predictable."

Lily laughed at him.


Serpens liked the late evenings, when you were supposed to be asleep but sometimes he couldn't help himself. Just having Draco so close made his heart pound uncomfortably, and he really, really couldn't fall asleep.

Draco smiled softly at his lover as Serpens brushed his lips over his cheek. The older teen moved to loom over the blonde, kissing him deeply and Draco groaned before his hands flew up to hold Serpens' biceps. They wore underwear but otherwise they both had lots of skin to caress and worship. Serpens wasted no time in that.

Draco gasped as the teen bit down on his throat, sucking hard.

"You'll leave a bruise!" he managed. "S-Serpens… oh Merlin…"

Serpens licked a stripe up to the blonde's mouth and kissed him again. Nuzzling the pale hair, Serpens' hands stroke down Draco's chest. The blonde did the same on him, moving to press his palms against the back. Fingers trailed the spine, moving down to briefly grip the hips before rubbing Serpens' chest, thumbs gently caressing the nipples.

"Sensitive," Serpens murmured, kissing his temple.

"Duly noted," Draco grinned.

Amicus moved a little as they crawled under the blankets and covers, faint moans coming from Draco. In their little cocoon everything was perfect and Draco pressed closer to his lover, never wanting it to end.


The warm spring air penetrated the room, rustling the curtains and swirling around the two bodies lying intertwined on the bed.

Serpens woke up with a sharp inhalation of breath and opened bleary eyes. Draco's breath tickled his throat, and there was still a half-hour before they had to get up. The older teen relaxed back into the bed, sighing softly.

In a few weeks the final task would take place. Exams were just around the corner, and then… perhaps Dumbledore's death.

No. Most definitely Dumbledore's death. Had to be his death. Serpens wouldn't take it that he would survive. It was time for that old man to die.

It was funny that he had never really liked him, not even as a kid. Albus Dumbledore had had the appearance of a friendly grandfather, but Serpens had always found something to dislike about the headmaster.

He had been too cheerful, eyes twinkling but not in happiness. Cunningness, sometimes coldly. Serpens had never really looked him in the eyes because when he did, sometimes there would be a pressure against his mind. He knew now Dumbledore had performed Occlumency, stealing his way into someone else's mind, invading their privacy. Serpens could kill him for that alone, because that wasn't the way a Legilimens was supposed to treat this gift.

Draco shifted, bringing him back to the room, to the now and Serpens looked down at him. Amicus flapped his wings from his perch but the teen only placed a finger against his lip. The crow fell silent, cocking his head to the side before starting to groom himself.


The blonde's sleepy murmur did all sorts of things in Serpens. Turning his legs to jelly, making him glad he was already lying down. Made his stomach turn all gooey and then made flip-flops and Serpens nuzzled his nose into the soft hair of his lover.

"Morning, love," he said quietly.

"Do we have to get up?" Draco mumbled.

"In a little while," Serpens said. "Not just yet."

The blonde sighed contently at that and moved closer, moving his head to rest of Serpens' chest.

"Mm, your skin's all warm and nice," he slurred.

"And you, my dear Mr Malfoy, are talking in your sleep."

"Not asleep…"

"Well then, you've sniffed too much on Severus' potions fumes and gotten a little high."

"He tells me not to inhale," Draco protested, "so I don't. I'm a good godson."

"I know that," Serpens said and pulled the blonde closer. "You just sounded so sappy."

"Somethin' wrong with 'at?"

"Except for the fact you're a Malfoy and they don't do sappy? Nothing much."

"Sappiness allowed in the bedroom… father said so."

"Well then, if Lucius said so then it's most definitely applies."


Dumbledore was a bit concerned. Voldemort hadn't done anything major for some time, and he feared what the man might plan. He had never really been able to understand what the Dark Lord was thinking, even back in the school days, despite the fact they both could be quite manipulative. And now when there were no signs whatsoever the headmaster's job at figuring the Dark Lord out was even harder.

He also had to direct a lot of attention to the third task. So many things to prepare and keep track of. He barely had time to meet up with the Order between the task and the Ministry and running the school.

But he was certain something major was going to happen, and that Voldemort was trying to plan a surprise attack. He just didn't know where, or when.

However, he would do his best to find out.


Serpens enlisted the help of the twins in the middle of exams. He had been contacted by Voldemort for this very task, and when he told Fred and George they only seemed too happy to help.

Distraction. Dumbledore was suspicious, would be alert of any attacks. Probably he was already preparing for a possible attack during the third task. That was why the twins were needed. They were to create a diversion, a fake attack on the school itself, luring people there as the Dark Lord and the Death Eaters made their way into the school grounds through the Forbidden Forest.

And not just that. Serpens was planning on sneaking down to the Chamber of Secrets. The Basilisk there had been asleep long enough. It was time to feed her. He had to of course instruct her who she could kill or not, but Voldemort had assured him the Basilisk would listen.

Serpens was trying to think up other ways to distract the Light from his father's army on the evening of the third task but at the same time trying to keep as many students as possible away from harm. He wouldn't involve Draco, not by any chance whatsoever. Severus would do his own distractions, so it left very few people. The teen knew he would probably end up helping the Weasley twins launching several distractions.

For now he sat in the library, preparing for Transfiguration. He stopped for a moment and looked around before placing a hand on the wall.

"You won't mind, girl, will you?" he whispered. "I mean, the chaos and all that. We're just doing it for a better future."

Serpens strokes the old walls of Hogwarts, not aware how the castle's ancient magic was slowly humming in tune to his words.

Draco walked in a few minutes later, quickly locating him amongst books and notes. The blonde teen had Pansy and Blaise with him.

"Theodore's coming too," Draco said as he pecked Serpens' cheek before sitting down. "So get rid of your books."

"Hey, I'm preparing," Serpens protested.

"Well, so are we."

"Get your own table then."

"We like to steal yours," Pansy said and grinned.

"Thieves," the older one muttered but began dragging the books closer to him and gathering up the notes. "I'm screwed."

"No, you're not," Draco replied. "You're good at school."

"Yeah, still… professor McGonagall's an expert at making you feel you're screwed by just looking at you," Serpens said. "I swear it, one look!"

"Don't you think we don't know that?" Pansy said.

"It's awful isn't it?" he said. "No matter how much you know, the moment she zeroes in on you… it feels like I'm five or something and a complete idiot."

"What, you often got looks like hers when you were a kid?" Pansy said, tilting her head to the side while putting some of her books onto the table.

"Haven't all of us gotten that?" Serpens said with an amused smile.

In truth, while her glares were scary he didn't mind her much. She had treated them all fair, especially after all the troubles with the Golden Trio.

He watched as they settled in for the long haul, books and papers spread around them, and then glanced down at his own work. Better check it over to make sure he got it all, because for all the familiarity he might have with professor McGonagall it wasn't going to stop her from being stern.


To say that Lily was nervous was probably an understatement. She hadn't been outside the wards for some time now, but as long as she stayed by Lucius and Narcissa she should be alright.

And it was the Ministry. They just couldn't grab onto her, not without pulling Lucius with them and no one seemed to want get close to him. He had an icy look on his face whenever someone glanced over at the redheaded woman for too long.

She wasn't quite sure what she was there for, but didn't complain. Voldemort wanted her to feel as normal as possible, and being locked up on the grounds to Riddle Manor wasn't the best way to go. Sure, she had space to move around on but there was the ever-reminding fact that she couldn't leave.

"We'll just get the papers and then get out of here," Lucius said. "Good riddance, I have to come all the way here for a few papers…"

"They were afraid the paperwork would end up in the wrong hands my dear," Narcissa said as she glided alongside Lily. "We wouldn't want that now, would we?"

The papers were in fact lists of who would attend the third task. Very important for Voldemort to see to be able to make proper plans.

"Well, that's all great and dandy," Lily said, "but why did I have to come along?"

"Fresh air," Narcissa said. "This is just a detour."


"Yes," the blonde woman said. "After this we're going to Paris."

Lily choked on her breath. "Paris!" she squeaked. "What, why?"

"I felt like it," Narcissa said. "Lucius will only swing by the house to deliver the papers before we go. And in Paris you don't have to worry about any stupid Light people. They love us there."

"More like they love to look at my wife," Lucius muttered.

"Don't be shy, Lucius," Narcissa said with a smile. "They quite like to admire your arse as well."

The onlookers must have thought Lily crazy, the way she broke out in giggles all the way to the office where Voldemort's papers awaited.


The time for the task grew near, soon only days away. Serpens broke away from the common room around midnight one night and used the shadows to meet up with the Weasley twins.

Fred and George waited at the steps to the Entrance doors, outside, and they huddled together in a shadowed spot.

"So…" the twins said. "Any brilliant ideas?"

"How about we put up the ones we already decided on?" Serpens said. "One here at the entrance."

"To make it look like someone is trying to blow up the doors?" George said and grinned. "One set of bombs coming up. Are we really going to damage the castle?"

"Only as far as she wants it to be damaged," Serpens replied.

"You're saying the castle's alive?" Fred said.

"No, I know she's alive," the teen said. "Father told me the founders made sure the castle had a consciousness. Not very active, mind you but still, she's in there."

"That's just weird but alright," Fred said. "Shall we get going? It'll take better part of the night doing all of them."

"Yeah," Serpens said. "And let's not get caught. I haven't planned out what we'll do then."

The twins had the nerve to laugh about it.


Draco woke up when Serpens crawled into the bed around six in the morning. He twisted around and said sleepily:

"You're lucky it's Sunday today."

"Shush you," Serpens murmured. "I've been slaving away all night to make the third task evening all nice and exciting."

"More like terrifying and blood-shedding," Draco said as he was pulled closer to his lover.

"Depend who you're asking."

Draco chuckled and stroke Serpens' hair.

"Shall I look forward to it?" the blonde asked.

"Depends," Serpens replied. "Do you like a good show of chaos?"


Serpens' turn to chuckle, and then he wrapped his arms around Draco's waist before falling asleep.


Amicus was the one to wake them up a few hours later, and Serpens turned in bed while Draco got up. The blonde looked down at his lover and decided to let him sleep a little longer. Exams were pretty much over and Serpens only had a few left before the third task. He had earned a little rest, and with a little luck he wouldn't freak about sleeping so long.

"Be quiet," the blonde said to the crow. "Don't wake him up."

The crow calmed down and settled for picking at the food Draco gave him. The blonde got ready for the day and to have some lunch before pressing a kiss to Serpens' temple before moving out of the room.

Serpens emerged a few hours later, when Draco had retreated to the common room and was playing chess with Blaise.

"I saved some lunch for you," Draco said.

"Wonderful, I'm starving," the older teen replied as he sat down. "Who's winning?"

"Too early to tell," Blaise said. "And don't help him."

"Wouldn't dream of it," Serpens said and took the bundle Draco offered.

"I don't need his help to win over you," the blonde insisted.

Serpens ate as he watched them play, and wondered what additional traps he and the twins should lay out. Probably some more at the Great Hall, to make it look like it was attacked, and having the people coming there attacked.

A few in the Forbidden Forest most likely, and they should probably try to sneak in one or two at the stands where the majority would sit at the third task. Not enough to kill someone, but at least enough to cause some panic.

Serpens would then try to get to his father's side, and probably have someone watch over Draco and his friends. He could have done it himself, but he was the son of the Dark Lord and it needed to be known. He wanted it to be known. He wanted the truth out, the whole truth about Dumbledore and James Potter and the whole incident that had been his life.


He came back to the common room and focused on Draco.

"You went off in your own thoughts," the blonde said. "Don't spill anything."

"Oh…" Serpens adjusted the grip on his food. "Thanks."

"What were you thinking about?"

"Nothing in particular," he said. "Just glad school's almost over."

"So you can do pervert things with Draco this summer?" Blaise asked.

"Oi!" Draco protested while Serpens grinned.


The day for the attack grew near, and Voldemort started to prepare for it. Setting up hospital beds and contacting medi-witches and wizards that would stand ready on the day of the attack. If someone was wounded enough it required hospital and a healer, they would use a Portkey that took them straight back to Voldemort's manor and the sickroom.

Bellatrix was beside herself with joy at this new task. Attacking people always gave that woman the giggles, and Rodolphus promised to stay close to his wife so she didn't do too much damage. She had a tendency to get overexcited.

Lucius was in charge to make sure the kids didn't get hurt. Those who didn't attack of course. Those who did were in the game, and had to play according to the rules no matter what age. The blonde Malfoy would make sure they didn't get attacked unnecessarily or trampled if they tried to run from the battle.

Serpens reported about the fake attacks he and the Weasley twins had set up, and Voldemort couldn't be more pleased. People would scatter, become confused, allow the dark to win easier. It was all going according to plan.

The whole him was buzzing with energy, at the thought soon Dumbledore would be ended and the world got to know the twisted insides of the old man's mind. They would get to know the truth about Serpens, his life before he came to Voldemort, how Dumbledore and Potter had started to plan his death.

Lily would be joining them. He had tried to tell her not to do it but she insisted. She was part of their world, and in some aspects Serpens was still her son. She would be at his side to protect him, and she would be at Severus' side. She would not let him face the battle alone now when they were together.

Voldemort spun around in his chair, Nagini pressed against his chest and tongue flicking out at his throat now and then. It was late, he probably should get to bed but his energy was crackling along his skin, setting his head on fire. He couldn't sleep. He was too drunk with the feeling of power and anticipation.

Soon it would all be over, this long struggle. A new world would open up at their feet, a future still unknown but to their favour. He was looking forward to it.


Serpens hadn't spent much time with Luna, only passing along notes now and then, so he was surprised when she sat down next to him in the library. Draco was off with some in his class, and Serpens had decided to spend some quality-time in the library with a good book. It was quiet and cool in there, and he enjoyed every second of it.

Now though he looked over at her, and saw her staring right into him.

"Luna," he said.

"Serpens," she said. "I want to help you."

"With what?"

"With your task," she said. "I know Fred and George Weasley will help you too, but I want to help."

"How in the bloody hell do you know these things?" he asked.

"I just know. Can I help?"

"I can't guarantee your safety."

"I didn't ask you to," she replied. "This world needs a fresh start. Your father is that fresh start. He and you."

"Me?" Serpens said.

"You're his son. We are the future. You will help shape our world," Luna said, so completely serious he didn't have it in him to even start doubting her words. "I know about Lily too. Professor Snape looks happier."

"Which freaks everyone out, naturally," he said and she smiled.

"Naturally," she replied. "Well?"

He thought for a little while, pausing in his book. He stared into the wall for a few minutes before saying:

"Alright. You can help. I'll send Amicus with the time."

"Perfect," she said and stood up. But before she left, Luna turned around. Her earrings swung around but Serpens couldn't make it out what it was. "It looks nice."

"What looks nice?" Serpens asked, confused.

"The manor," Luna said. "Just because it's your families homes, doesn't always mean you'll always live in them."

"I don't understand."

"The manor you and Draco will live in," she said. "It looks nice. And you two look happy."

He was too stunned to say anything, and Luna smiled a little before leaving.


The day for the third task dawned, and Serpens woke up feeling butterflies in his stomach. It was only five in the morning, around two more hours before he had to get up and get ready but he couldn't fall asleep.

Draco was half-lying on top of him, his blonde head lying on the older teen's chest. Serpens could feel his lover's deep breaths as the teen continued to calmly sleep. Serpens' fingers moved over Draco's back, over the smooth skin and he closed his eyes while mapping out the body of his lover.

He remembered Luna's words. They would look happy. That meant they would both live. She had said things like that before, but he hadn't paid much attention until now. Maybe he should in the future. She seemed so certain. It was so easy to be reassured by her.

"Amicus," he whispered, and the crow looked over. "Come."

The bird landed gently on the bed and Serpens scribbled out a message:

After dinner, come down to the dungeons. I will find you. – S

He bound it to Amicus' leg and said to the crow:

"Take that to Luna Lovegood in the Ravenclaw tower. Wait until she's awake and see if she wants to send something back."

Amicus nodded before Serpens let him out of the room. He put the wand back next to him and hugged Draco's sleep-warm body, pulling a little until he could bury his nose in the pale strands of hair. Draco moved a little, one hand clutching Serpens' arm but he didn't wake up.

"Well, a day before potential death," he murmured to himself. "Got to say, not a bad way to spend it."

Draco only continued sleeping.


Everyone was excited, and barely anyone could focus in class. The Weasley twins kept grinning and Serpens was worried they would accidently set of one of the traps early. They looked way too happy just for a tournament. Later he found out they were doing bets and blamed their happiness on that.

Draco glanced over at him during lunch and said:

"So… the plan is?"

"Secret," Serpens said. "Here, have some chicken."

"Serpens, no, don't just say that," the blonde replied and leaned closer. "I want to know if you'll be safe."

"I will be," Serpens said. "Don't worry. The truth will come out tonight."

"What if some of them escape?"

"Then they'll be the ones hunted," he said. "The Light will feel how most of us felt. Hunted, and alone."

The afternoon slipped away quickly. Most of the students would begin to move to the location of the third task right after dinner, but Serpens leaned down to Draco and said:

"Go without me."

"Where are you going?" Draco whispered.

"Putting the plan into motion," he said. "We need to check everything through. You'll get a warning when the dark comes. First there will be explosions here, at the castle. When that happens, people will most likely split up. When that happens, father will come."

"You're looking for chaos," the blonde said.

"Yes. Lucius will make sure the kids fleeing won't get hurt," Serpens said. "Those who fight back though, they're fair game."

"Is anyone listening in?" Draco asked and looked around.

"Nope. Privacy bubble; handy thing isn't it?" he said with a bright grin. "Go with your friends, but stick close."

"Of course," he said. "You make sure you get out alive."

"Naturally. I just have to rub it in the Light's face they've had the Dark Lord's son in the school for the entire year," Serpens said. "Wouldn't miss it for the world."


Luna was waiting in the shadowy corners and Serpens took her hand before leading on further, sneaking into a hidden passage that would take them to the Weasley twins outside.

"This was a smart way," she said. "Never thought about finding other ways to move around."

"Well, I rather enjoyed doing it. You should focus on that next year."

"Are there more?"

"So much more," Serpens said. "I haven't found all of them, I'm sure of it. This castle is so old, there has to be secrets no one will ever discover."

"Like the Chamber of Secrets?" Luna asked.

"That one… I actually know where it is," Serpens said. He had been down there a few days previously, and woken up the Basilisk. He would later lead her to the battle at the Quidditch pitch, where the third task was held. First he would give her the signal to come up, and Amicus was ready to fly down there. Serpens had made sure the crow had a way down to the snake.

"You know? Is there a Basilisk there then?"

"Oh yes, there is. And she's absolutely gorgeous," Serpens said as they came out on the side of the school.

Fred and George were already waiting for them.

"I need to get away a little earlier to get the Basilisk," Serpens told them. "And once the traps are being set out, I want you three to stick together."

"Consider it done," George said and saluted him. "Should we get going?"

Fred went to check those in the Forbidden Forest, and George, Serpens and Luna waited until most of the students had moved to the pitch before they snuck into the school. They checked every single trap, moved swiftly through the corridors and George planted a last one inside the Great Hall.

"How will they work?" Serpens asked. "All at once, or in some sort of order?"

"We're making it look like people are moving further into the school," George said. "The explosion in the Great Hall should be enough to have most adults scatter and move towards Hogwarts."

"And the ones in the Forbidden Forest?"

"They will go off last, when the dark is already attacking."

A few straggler students came rushing down the hall and the three vanished from sight. Serpens pressed himself into the shadows and watched them vanish down the hall to the entrance doors, and then down to the pitch.

"When is the task starting?" he asked quietly as they checked the last few traps.

"I reckon it's already running," George said.

"Alright," he said. "Let's go to Fred. I'll send the message to the Basilisk, she'll meet us there."

"Message?" George said.

Serpens stretched out his arm and Amicus swooped down from where he had been hiding.

"Go to the Chamber of Secrets," he instructed the crow. "Alert her just like I told you."

The crow screeched, and lifted a moment later, vanishing down the hall.

"Let's go."


Fred was waiting by a few trees and they could hear the sounds of students and adults around the pitch.

"It's been going on for fifteen minutes I think," Fred said. "The first trap is scheduled to blow up in two minutes."

"Perfect," Serpens said. "And here she's coming. Don't worry, she got her eyes closed."

The three could already see the large shape slither over to them. The Basilisk's head rose, towered over them before the tongue came out to flick at the air. She lowered her head again, this time in front of Serpens and he strokes her scales before hissing out:

"Soon it's time. You will not open your eyes, but smell yourself to the fighting Light. Devour them if you so wish, but be careful."

She hissed an affirmative, her whole body shivering in the excitement of a blind hunt.

"Wow," Fred breathed out. "That language is wicked."

"Don't you mean terrifying?" Serpens asked.

"Nope, wicked," the teen insisted. "Any minute now."

"Get ready for panic," Serpens said. "You won't be safe."

Luna got out her wand, as did the twins. The Basilisk tasted the air again, lifting her great head and coiling her body, ready to strike.

The first explosion was louder than Serpens thought, and they heard shouts from the pitch. Another explosion rang out, on the grounds near the castle, and people began to scream they were under attack.

"Are they that easily fooled?" Fred whispered. "Idiots."

"Your parents are probably amongst them," Serpens said.

"We never claimed they were smart," the twins chorused.

More explosions started, and Serpens looked at the castle. It looked like some damage had been done, and he sent a silent apology and a promise to build her up even better before turning to the three.

"The dark will come at any minute. Where will you go?"

"With you," Luna said and the twins nodded. "We'll be right behind you."

"Right," he said, and people began coming running when he spotted movements in the forest. Moments later, one broke through and the laughter told him Bellatrix was the first. "Right," he said again. "Knew it'd be her."

The woman sent of an Avada Kedavra, and all hell broke loose.


Draco had begun to move when the first explosion sounded, and his friends followed. The third task so far hadn't been much interesting. Just sitting and staring at overgrown hedges hadn't been very amusing, and he had missed Serpens' warmth at his side.

Screams began soon enough when he saw shadows separate from the trees, become running people until he saw the gleaming white masks. And then Voldemort himself, and Draco let a thin smirk pass his lips before he focused on getting out of the way. He wasn't trained in duels, not enough to throw himself into a battle without support from more experienced fighters. He just had to train harder later.

They kept their wands out, but only for safety. Draco spotted a Death Eater running along the fleeing kids, sometimes whirling around and shooting shields on those about to get hit. His father then. The blonde wanted to keep close, make sure Lucius would be fine but he trusted the man to not get hurt. He hadn't served Voldemort for so many years by being stupid.

So Draco kept running. He knew he would probably run out again, towards the fight, closer to Serpens just to make a statement. Where Serpens was, he was as well, and no one could bloody change that.


Albus Dumbledore was furious. The explosion had caught him off guard, and when others rang out from Hogwarts, the people seeing how it lit up the grounds, chaos broke out. People began to run. They began to scream.

And then the dark came. From the forest, a solid troop of people rushing towards them, wands ready, spells already firing.

They were ambushing, and someone inside the school had helped them. Albus threw caution for wind, glad most of his Order was there, and started an enraged counterattack.

When the Basilisk came, people panicked. The great serpent caught people, bit them or threw them in the air with one swipe with the tail.

Albus attacked Voldemort, who easily blocked and grinned from under his hood.

"Lovely night, Albus," the man said.

"Hello Tom," the headmaster replied. "How did you get inside the wards?"

"I had a lady and her friend helping me out," Voldemort said. "Hogwarts does what she wants, when she really needs to. Isn't that right?"

The castle, magical or not, would not help such an evil man. Albus snarled and threw another spell at the Dark Lord who blocked it yet again.

"Are you growing weak, headmaster?" he asked mockingly. "Your spells don't have the same sting in them. Or is it because you try to appear all Light and godlike in front of your precious students?"

Some of said students were attacking as well, and Albus saw how a few had already fallen.

"What about you?" he said. "You're murdering children!"

"Merely defending," Voldemort said. "Those who are clever enough to just flee we won't attack. They will be protected."

"Liar! You are just a cold-blooded killer!" Albus hollered, enough so that the Minister could hear. He needed as many as possible to hear more evil things about Voldemort.

"Me? I never said I wasn't!" Voldemort laughed and threw a shield up against his spells. "But what about you? You gave the order to have Harry Potter murdered! That's why he ran!"

Albus' blood ran cold. How did the man know that…?

James looked like a caught deer, and the headmaster swore silently at him. No one knew, only him and James knew about that plan! No one else was allowed to know, not even Sirius or Remus.

Who both were there, and Sirius was staring at Dumbledore. He had always been fond of that boy, despite how he might have acted.

"What?" the Black said.

"You didn't know?" the Dark Lord said. "Accidently of course, couldn't kill him outright. Make him fall off a broom. Something like that, right? You and Potter discussed it, because he wasn't the one meant to kill me. There you are, having fed and clothed him for years, breeding him for the single purpose of killing me and the moment you find out he's not the one, you plan to get rid of him."

Sirius looked between Voldemort and Albus and James, and even Remus looked unsure what to believe.

"James…" Sirius whispered. "Is that true?"

"No!" Potter managed. "Of course not! Harry was my son, you bastard!"

"He wasn't your son," Voldemort said. "You never liked him because you killed a dark witch to get to him. You honestly believed him to be her son."

James looked horrified and shocked.

"No," he stammered.

"Yes," a new voice came, light but hard at the same time. They gaped.

Lily tore away her hood and came to a stop next to Voldemort, wand trained at Dumbledore.

"I told him everything," she said. "Everything I knew, and things I shouldn't know. You, Albus, and you James, you two thought it was safe to talk around me. I wouldn't be stupid enough to talk. I was just a dumb bitch who stayed at home and cleaned the house, cooked the food… you never thought I could do anything."

"You traitor!" James screamed.

"Shut up!" Lily retorted. "For once in your miserable, pathetic life, shut up! You think I wouldn't help Harry? You think I wouldn't save him! I gave him money, I told him to run, to make it look like someone took him! I lied right up your faces, and I loved it!"

Albus screamed and threw an Avada Kedavra at her. Before Voldemort could move, get her out of the way, a shadow passed and caught her. Severus whirled into existence, one arm safely around Lily.

"Severus!" Albus screeched.

"Sorry, but can you not do that again?" Severus said. "Next time I'll slice you up."

"You whore, you fucking cheating bitch!" James lost all control while Sirius remained pale, and Remus looked at them all, not knowing who to attack and who to defend.

"They tried to kill Harry, Sirius," Lily said. "Just because he wasn't their tool. He was discarded, like his life didn't matter. So I helped him run. And he found his family. His real family. His true father."

"What are you talking about?" Albus said. There were too many listening, too many beginning to doubt him. Sure, he was still planning on killing Harry on sight but did the stupid bitch have to screech it out?

"Hello headmaster."

Serpens came up to them, smiling, and Voldemort motioned him closer. The teen darted over to the man who inspected a cut on his face.

"Who did that?" Voldemort asked.

"You can't kill him, father, because they already did," Serpens said and jabbed his thumb over his shoulder.

They gasped hearing the title Serpens gave that they barely noticed Luna and the Weasley twins. Voldemort nodded approvingly at them and turned to Albus.

"Albus," he said silkily. "I visited your school long ago." He took off his hood, revealing his face and continued, "And you've had my son for almost an entire year. For so long he was lost to me. Taken by the Light who killed the faithful witch who watched him that night. She fought hard for him, but was killed. And then that Potter man gave my son the awful name Harry."

Serpens looked them dead in the eyes, and grinned just as crazily as the Dark Lord.

Albus saw red, was shocked and struck down with fear at the same time. Then he reacted without thinking.

The movement was fast for such an old man. Voldemort brought his wand up but the shield wasn't up in time.

Serpens' eyes widened as his body was struck, impaled, and he stumbled backwards.

With a sword sticking out of his back.


Draco turned around. He knew something was wrong. He could feel it, like he was just struck in the gut. The gasp that left him had him do a complete turn on his feet but he was grabbed before he could run back to the pitch.

"What are you doing?" Pansy cried out.

"I have to go back!" he said. "I have to get back there!"

"Are you crazy?" Blaise asked. "You can't!"

"I have to, and I will!"

Before they could try to stop him again, Theodore wrestled them off him.

"If he has to go, he has to!" Theodore said. "I'll go with you, Draco, I got more training in fighting."

Draco didn't know what to say, just gaped for a moment, then nodded before starting to run. He could feel Theodore following him and begged his legs to hold him up until he was there.

Screams sounded around them. They ducked and shielded, Theodore sometimes shortly duelling someone and then Draco saw Voldemort and Lily and Severus. Lily was screaming, Severus deathly pale and Voldemort…

He looked dead, yet in such a rage. He was furiously attacking Albus, driving the man back, and then Draco could see why.

Serpens was trying to keep himself up, but the sword sticking out of him was bloody and there was coming out of from the chest, from his mouth, and Draco screamed his lover's name.


Sirius was in a daze, staring at Serpens, staring around him, spells flying past. He saw his whole life pass by, and felt a deep, surging shame.

He had abandoned his family for his funny friend James, who already at age eleven really was a prick. Almost killed a fellow classmate, Severus, around the same time. Tricked teachers. Taunting them. Hurting Severus. Hurting others, just because it was 'fun'.

Being a prick. An arsehole. To everyone. To Lily, despite it being James who was the real bastard in the marriage. Remembered Harry, Serpens, how much he liked the kid and how scared he was about it. Because if he liked the kid then James would hate him and then he wouldn't have a friend left because his family hated him and so-

And so Sirius just continued to be a prick.


Not anymore. So when James aimed his wand at Draco, the poor boy who didn't see anything beyond his hurting lover, Sirius surged into action.

In front of the dark's shocked eyes, he grabbed James' arm, made the spell go wide, and proceeded to kick him away. James kept the wand, turned enraged eyes to Sirius and bellowed:

"How dare you?"

"I can't believe I waited that fucking long for that!" Sirius replied and whipped out his wand.

A cutting curse tore through his abdomen. Blood splattered onto the ground, skin caving into the pressure his intestines gave and Sirius held an arm across his stomach to prevent them from escaping. Some new Auror, frightened and shivering, lowered his wand. Sirius stumbled back, the blood now rushing out of his mouth, and then his mouth twisted into a grin despite the pain and fear of death.

"Fuck this shit!" he screamed, feeling his insides twist. "I'm sick of being someone I'm not!" He aimed the wand at the Auror, who now stood frozen, and yelled: "Avada Kedavra!"

Then he fell even as the green light tore out of the wand, rushing towards his attacker, and faintly Sirius heard someone scream his name and it sounded awfully alike his brother…

Lily gasped as Sirius collapsed, blood covering the ground around him. The Auror was hit, fell down dead on the ground and James was up. Both Lily and Severus got their wands up, and the fight was on.

Meanwhile, Draco reached Serpens. He got a hold of the older teen and Serpens coughed.

"Bloody hell," he wheezed. "That hurts."

"Good hurt, or bad hurt?" Draco said.

"I don't know yet," Serpens ground out. "Mixed. Good… but bad. I'd love it if it had been you."

"That's just wrong," Draco muttered. "A sword, honestly? Merlin, no, that's so old."

"What's better then?" Serpens said as Draco began to inspect the wounds.

"Dagger," Draco whispered, kissing his temple. "Imagine the sharp tip just scraping your skin. A little nick here and there. Not enough to make you bleed heavily. Building it up… this is just sloppy work."

Serpens laughed breathlessly, and kissed him on the mouth.

"I'm not going to die," the older teen said. "It missed the vital spots. One of dad's healers I'll be as good as new."

"Can you stand?" the blonde asked, Theodore on Serpens' other side, wand out and ready.

"Hell, I can fight," Serpens said. "I will fight. This pain will only egg me on."

"You're sick," Draco babbled. "You're sick in the head and I love you."

"Alright," Theodore cut in, "let's get a move on it. You two can engage in sex-games later. Honestly, in the middle of a battle!"

That had Serpens cackle up, and the sound was heard over to Albus and Voldemort. Voldemort whipped his head around hearing his son, and both watched him rise up.

"Sword?" Serpens yelled at Albus. "That's the best you can come up with? It doesn't even hurt!"

"Serpens?" Voldemort called out.

"I'm fine, dad," the teen said. "This is nothing."

It certainly didn't look like nothing, was what Voldemort wanted to say but he returned focus to Albus who still seemed in shock.

"All went wrong," the Dark Lord said, "when Harry Potter vanished, didn't it? He was found by me, returned to his family and legacy, and your doom began."

"Shut up," Albus hissed. "Who will believe you?"

"It's not me they'll believe," Voldemort said. "It's Serpens who will speak. He will tell them all the horrible things you said. How you planned his death like one would plan a party. They will believe Lily as she tells them every sick detail about your little spawn James Potter. They will believe a lot of people, and you will be known as the manipulative bastard that you are."

"Die for Merlin's sake, just die!" Albus bellowed.

He didn't have time for a spell. Serpens was there, blood spraying out from his back and chest, and the sword previously stuck in his body now embedded itself into Albus'.

"How does that feel?" Serpens said, swaying a bit. "Hurts? Welcome to my world. I heard you. Every single word you said. I was the best bet, but when I weren't good enough, wasn't the right one, you threw me away. Mattie will know that. How he was to become your tool for the battle against Voldemort. You would never let him shine, you would take his spot. He was just there to be the blade that killed your enemy."

Albus gargled, blood coming out. Serpens twisted the sword, moved back and watched the man fall to his knees.

"That's your place," he said and spat on the ground before Albus. "In the dirt. Degraded. A piece of shit."

Voldemort stepped up, held Serpens up as the teen began to weaken, and he raised his wand. Albus began putting his hands up and the Dark Lord said:

"No mercy today, Albus. Not after all you have done to this world. Your death… will be for the greater good."

With that sickly green began to swirl from the bony white wand. Serpens watched, Draco and Theodore watched, and Voldemort allowed himself a content smile even as he said:

"Avada Kedavra."


Sirius woke up, which he didn't think he would. That cutting curse had hurt like a bitch. He blinked a few times, feeling lethargic.

"You got a few potions in you," he heard someone say. "Sleep it off."

"Regulus?" he mumbled. He hadn't seen nor heard from his brother in years, due to James getting angry whenever Regulus was mentioned but it was so easy to recognize his voice.

"I'm here," he heard his brother reply. "Your friend Remus is here as well. We won't leave."

"We're right here," Remus' voice came. "Don't worry. We'll make up for our mistakes."

"And…?" Sirius wetted his lips. "And the boy…? Serpens… how is he?"

They were quiet long enough for him to panic. Then, Remus' hand on his shoulder.

"He's just fine. He wants to thank you for saving Draco's life."

"Couldn't…" Sirius' head was spinning. "Merlin, I've been such a prick and I just couldn't…" His eyes opened, saw clear.

Remus looked tired. Regulus worried. Sirius rolled his head so he could look at them both and his head protested. Pain exploded behind his eyelids.

"We know," Regulus said. "Go back to sleep. Everything is alright now."

Sirius began to drop off, and the last thing he remembered was the feeling of Remus' hand around his own.

Just a few feet away from Sirius' bed Severus was bandaging a deep cut on Lucius' arm.

The battle had been won approximately two hours ago, and Hogwarts was now under the dark's control. The Ministry was basically in the palm of their hand as well. Changes would be made. A new world would rise.

"Careful," Lucius snapped, not noticing Remus glancing over.

"Don't be such a child," Severus retorted and tightened the bandage.

"Ow!" the blonde whined. "You're torturing me!"

"Would you rather have your wife do this?" the potions master asked, and nodded when Lucius paled at the suggestion. "Thought not. Bear with me for a few more minutes. Idiot."

"What did you call me?"

"Idiot," Severus repeated. "Throwing yourself in front of a cutting curse, one would believe you were a Gryffindor, not a Slytherin."

"Don't be insulting," Lucius said.

"I'm not insulting."

"Yes, you are."

Their argument made Remus half-smile. It sounded like him and Sirius. For so many years he had thought of the dark as cold, unfeeling. Lucius Malfoy, the king of cold indifference, was breaking all the rules by acting like a whiny brat.

"Done," Severus said at last. "Go check your son."

"I don't want to disturb him," Lucius said. "Serpens' asleep and Draco doesn't want to leave him."

"Just go and check on him," the man said. "Get out of the sickroom."

"Also known as our lord's ballroom," Lucius supplied.

Severus shooed him away and turned on his heel to stalk up to Bellatrix, who absolutely refused to let anyone set her broken leg.


Serpens woke up briefly when he felt someone's hand on his forehead. Voldemort smiled at him as the dazed blue eyes sharpened.

"If you're wondering about the weight on your shoulder," the Dark Lord said, "it's just Draco. He fell asleep."

"Mmm… okay."

"How are you feeling?"

"Fine," Serpens mumbled. "Chest hurts a little…"

"Severus helped healing the wound. He suggests no heavy movements for at least a week," Voldemort said and sat down. They were in Serpens' room. "Sirius is alive too. Just woke up."

"That's… good." Merlin, he could barely keep his eyes open. Serpens blinked a few times and yawned. "He… I don't know. He was good, and he was bad. Like he tried to… just fit in."

"Yes, something like that. But now he's free."

"What happened?" the teen asked, tugging Draco closer. The blonde snuffled and took a handful of Serpens' shirt. "Afterwards?"

Voldemort dimmed the lights a bit before stroking the hair from his son's forehead.

"You're getting a fever."

"Just tell me," Serpens said. "Please. Then I'll go back to sleep. Just… please, tell me."

The Dark Lord sighed.

"Alright," he said. "The school fell under us. We won. Captured the Order, promised their release if they cooperated. Some did, some didn't. We'll decide what to do with them once we got control of the Ministry."


"Was amongst those not giving up," Voldemort said. "The Weasleys too, those who were there. With the exception of your twins. I had to congratulate them about the fake attacks, very well executed."

"Course. They live for the thrill," Serpens huffed.

"They're here, in the manor. With Luna Lovegood. Her father is out of the country but will be picking her up as soon as he finishes up his business."

"The kids… then? Of the school?"

"Most of them were sent home to their families," Voldemort said. "Others tried to attack us and were captured. The Golden Trio of Gryffindor seemed extra eager to do some damage."


"Well, they're probably regretting it now in their cell," the Dark Lord said. "But we can't kill them. Not if we want to change the world."

"I know…" Serpens mumbled. "Just a nice… fantasy."

"Yeah, one you should dream about. Go on, go to sleep."

"Not sleepy…"

"Liar," the man said, watching Serpens' eyes flutter close. "Rest now. All will be fine."


Three days later Serpens watched the sun go down when Draco came out on the balcony with a tray.

"Snacks, courtesy of your father," the blonde said. "Where's Luna?"

Serpens pointed upwards and Draco looked up just in time to see Luna's foot disappear onto the roof.

"What is she doing?" he asked, confused.

"Claims she saw a Nargle and went after it," Serpens said. Draco stared at him. "Seriously, don't ask anymore. Just let her do it."

Draco shrugged and sat down next to him. The manor was quieting down, most of the injured at home or relaxing.

The whole England Wizarding community had changed. The Ministry had yesterday fallen into the dark's hands, and Serpens knew his father would spend most of the summer building up a new world for them to live in.

"The future looks bright," he whispered gently to the blonde.

"Yeah… it does."

There were people milling outside. Draco peered down. Could see his father and mother, the two walking slowly along a stone-path. His mother in a pale dress, his father without a robe. Their heads close together, their arms intertwined. He smiled, and moved on.

Severus and Lily. Severus picking out herbs, Lily helping him identifying them and sneaking pecks to his cheek all the time. She looked, and acted much like a teenage girl with her first crush.

Then Draco turned his eyes to Serpens. The older teen was still a little weak, and now he seemed to be close to sleep. So many things had happened under the course of just a year. Draco was still shocked about it all.

But he didn't regret any of it. Didn't think anything should have been changed. He gently undid a few buttons on Serpens' shirt and strokes the still raw scar the teen had on his chest. The blonde moved forward, kissing it and Serpens stirred.


"I love you," the blonde said. He rubbed the scar tissue, nipping Serpens' jaw. "I love you, you crazy git."

"Crazy runs in the family, Draco. Better get used to it," Serpens whispered. "For as long as I'm concerned, you'll be around for a very long time."

Draco smiled drowsily, kissing him.

"Yeah," he whispered against his lover's lips. "That sounds utterly perfect."

And it would be.


The end of this story, folks! I'm so insanely proud that I've written most of this in the last three days, plus rewritten a whole chapter of my original works and still worked on other things. I've been productive.

And now I'm tired.

I hope you all enjoyed reading this, and I hope you will read any of my future works! (Because there will be future works, don't worry about that).

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