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Paternity: Alternate Ending

Elliot Stabler rushed through the hospital toward the room he'd been told his wife was in. Just ahead of him he saw his partner, Olivia Benson. She looked anxious. She started to speak, but he just moved past her into the room—and saw his wife and newborn son resting comfortably on the bed. After meeting his son and making sure both were well, he stepped back out into the hall where his partner was still waiting. She smiled at him, tired, but relieved.

"How's the baby?" She asked him. He smiled back.

"Great." They both started to turn and go, when Elliot suddenly pulled Olivia into a hug. She closed her eyes and returned the embrace. Neither of them spoke. There was just a sense of gratitude that was too great to be expressed with words. After a moment, the hug ended, and they continued on their way out. Olivia looked at Elliot.

"You pick a name?" He smiled again.

"Kathy wants to name him after you." She looked puzzled, and he clarified. "Benson." Olivia looked startled, then very touched. She considered it.

"Benson Stabler." She grinned. "Sounds like a good combination."


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