Samantha turns the corner and sees Kevin and Tommy standing by the window.

The two are too far away from her ears to hear their conversation. As she walks in their direction, Tommy put on his coat and turns towards her.

"What's going on?" she asks as she meets him in front of the elevators.

"I'm going out for awhile," he states pressing the down button not making eye contact with his sister.

"Where are you going?" Tommy asks as Kevin slides in beside him.

"Wherever you are," Kevin states.

Samantha stands in front of them blocking the way to the elevator doors. "No," she states firmly.

"Sam," Tommy begins.

"No," Samantha states again as she puts her right hand on Tommy's chest and her left hand on Kevin's, "retaliation is not going to get this family anywhere but dead."

The elevator doors open. Tommy smiles softly at her, "Sam it'll be ok. We will be back in a little while."

"Fine take me with you then," she challenges her brother. Tommy and Kevin glance at each other.

"That's what I thought," she says, the elevator doors close. "Why can't we talk about this?"

"Nothing to talk about," Kevin says as he reaches around his sister to push the down button again.

"Bullshit," Samantha blurts out her voice a little louder than the brothers would like.

"So Jimmy fucked up but you guys let Louie go so why can't we go talk to the Italians. Kevin can pay off the debt and promise never to place a bet with Louie ever again. And as for Jimmy—"

Tommy interrupts his sister, "Jimmy just got arrested for the truck thing. I talked to Frankie; he's going to get him into rehab."

Samantha can tell by the look on Kevin's face that he doesn't like this idea but she thinks it's a good thing, "That's great," she says.

The elevator doors open again.

Tommy looks at his sister, "Sam we have to go."

"No, no you don't" she pleads with her older brother, "how will this solve anything? How?"

As anyone in the neighborhood that knows the Donnellys, they know Jimmy is the hot headed loud mouthed fool, Tommy is the brains of the operations and the protector, Kevin is the nice one with the gambling problem, Sean is the cool headed playboy and Samantha is the rational one and the heart of the family.

As Tommy looks at his sister, her eyes begin to tear up. There are only five people in the world the siblings know they can cry in front of and not be viewed as weak and vulnerable. It's not often this happens anyway.

He puts his hands on her shoulders, "Do you really think we could go to the Italians to talk and they not kill us on sight?"

"I know I don't know everything that goes on with you boys but Tommy this isn't the answer. The reason Sean was beat up was because Jimmy was stupid enough to kidnap Louie. Louie has been let go and is ok. People make mistakes all the time, why can't we try to fix this?"

Samantha has a spell over the brothers; I guess being the only sister will do that to a group of men. No matter how stubborn they are she is twice as much. No matter how much they don't want to listen to what she has to say, they will listen and end up doing what she advises because they know in the end she's usually right.

"They want Jimmy dead Sam," Kevin states.

"Jimmy's now in jail Kev. I think the Italians will cool off if they know Jimmy can't do something stupid for awhile. And then all we have to do is square off your debt. And that you promise them that you will not bet with Louie anymore," Samantha says convincingly.

She looks at Tommy for his approval. Jenny rounds the corner before Tommy can answer his sister.

"Hey," Jenny says as she reaches the trio, "I made sandwiches. Come and eat."

"Yes," Samantha agrees, "let's go eat."

The brothers give in and follow their sister and Jenny back to the waiting room. Maybe there is another way to end this problem, maybe blood doesn't have to be shed.