"I'm going with you," Samantha states as she shrugs into her jacket.

"The hell you are," Kevin exclaims.

"Hey, it was my idea I should help with the negotiating and I'm thinking you bring a girl along they won't be so quick to pull their guns out," Samantha reasons.

Damn her for always thinking of everything, Kevin thinks to himself. He looks at Tommy and can tell the same thought just crossed his mind.

"We are not using you as a shield," Tommy states.

"Gimme a break," Samantha says brushing off her brother's statement, "let's go."

Tommy grabs her arm before she can take another step, "No."

"Damnit Tommy," she huffs. (Samantha seems to possess a little of each one of her brother's personality traits and when pushed her temper can rival Jimmy's.)

"No," Tommy states again his hand still holding onto her jacket sleeve his grip becoming tighter.

"But I want to be there," she demands, "if something happens I want to be there." She doesn't want another one of her brothers getting hurt. And since the two brothers in question are so anxious about this meeting she wants to be there. If something does happen she may not be able to stop it or help but at least she would be there with them; they would be together. To get that call about Sean while she was at work was one of the worst moments of her life. Tommy tugs on her jacket and brings her into a hug. She twists the fabric of Tommy's shirt with her fists as she leans her forehead against his chest. "Please let me go with you," she whispers. Tommy can hear the pain in her voice and it breaks his heart. He can also hear the hitch that has entered Kevin's breathing. Samantha can feel Tommy rest his cheek on the top of her head. His arms enclose loosely around her shoulders. They stay like that for what seems like hours but it is mere minutes. Samantha quietly pushes away from Tommy, running the back of her hand across her face. "Ok," she sighs glancing up at Tommy, his eyes mirror hers, red around the rims and miserable. "Go but please make sure you come back."

She tries to smooth out the wrinkles that she caused in Tommy's shirt. He takes her hands and looks into her eyes, brown meeting green, "we will Sam, promise."

Samantha stands on her tip toes and throws her arms around his neck giving her brother a proper hug. She lets out another sigh as she lets go and turns to Kevin.

"Your turn," she attempts to make a joke. Kevin opens his arms; she wraps hers around his neck as she did Tommy's. "I'm lucky remember?" he whispers into her ear, "We'll be back and fighting with each other before you know it." Kevin knows his luck doesn't have to do with cards, sports events or whatever he finds to bet on. His luck is his family. Lucky Tommy and he got to Sean when they did and not a minute later. Lucky Jimmy got pinched and put in jail instead of going to see Sal and getting killed. Luck will get them through this nightmare and the ones that are sure to come.

She has been pacing back and forth since they left. She tried to sit down and calmly watch TV but her racing mind would not allow her to. She is going to have to buy her mom a new rug if they don't return soon. She checks her watch, it's been an hour. That's enough time to get down there, talk things through and get back, right? She thinks it is a reasonable amount of time. Every ounce of her being wants to take off running looking for Tommy and Kevin but her rational mind knows if anyone can get Kevin and Jimmy out of this situation it's Tommy. She may be a smart Donnelly too but she doesn't have Tommy's negotiating skills no matter what B.S. she was spinning to her brothers because she wanted to go with them. She was willing to tell them she could walk on water if they would let her go but of course when your siblings know better then you know yourself, the effort is in vain.

She hears the sound of keys and the unlocking of the door.

Tommy is the first one to walk into the apartment he is immediately followed by Kevin. She lets out a breath she didn't realize she was holding.

"Hey Sam," Tommy's voice is hoarse. As the light from the lamp hits his face she sees the bruise forming under his right eye, he also has a cut on his top lip and a nasty looking gash across his left cheek.

"Are you ok?" she asks her voice barely above a whisper.

"Yes, we're ok," he assures her. Kevin appears from behind Tommy he too has a few battle wounds, a bloody lip, and a gash above his right eye he is also holding his right side carefully. He probably has a few broken ribs she thinks to herself.

"Sit," she orders her brothers, "I'll get some ice for your faces and tape for your ribs Kevin."

"Here," she says as she hands Tommy a zip lock bag full of ice.

"Thanks." He leans back into the sofa cushions and lays the makeshift ice pack on his eye. He lets out a low hiss when the cold compress makes contact with his skin.

Kevin sits on the opposite end of the sofa; Samantha takes the seat between the two.

"Lift your shirt," she tells Kevin. He does as asked and she tapes his ribs for him. When she's done she hands him his zip lock bag of ice. "Thanks Sam," he utters, he follows his brother's lead and leans back against the cushions and lays the pack on his lip.

Samantha is finally able to relax and leans back against the sofa joining her brothers.

"Aren't you going to ask what happened?" Kevin asks her.

She shakes her head but realizes neither brother can see her because their eyes are closed.

"No," she voices, "Right now I'm just glad you are sitting here with me."