Gensokyo ePartner Selections

Miss Shameimaru

Username: KuroboshiRocket17

We have reviewed your application to join the Gensokyo ePartner network, Gensokyo's largest online dating service. We are happy to accept you into the ePartner Platinum Club, where the best meet the best! ePartner is proud to present you with our exclusive Platinum Club benefits.

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Chat 1

To: KuroboshiRocket17

From: Vlad_the_Draco

Vlad_the_Draco: Hey there. New to all this ePartner stuff?

KuroboshiRocket17: Yes.

Vlad_the_Draco: Well, tell me about yourself. What sort of work do you do?

KuroboshiRocket17: I'm a journalist. Yourself?

Vlad_the_Draco: Hmm...I guess I don't really have what could be called a "job" in a traditional sense. I pretty much boss fairies around.

KuroboshiRocket17: Remilia Scarlet, is that you?

Vlad_the_Draco: You know me IRL? What a coincidence! You wouldn't happen to be-

KuroboshiRocket17: *DISCONNECT*

Chat 2

To: KuroboshiRocket17

From: 3eyedFreud

3eyedFreud: Oh, my love for you is like a red rose that is new sprung-

KuroboshiRocket17: *DISCONNECT*

Chat 3

To: KuroboshiRocket17


T3HCAPTAIN: Heeeeey Babe~ How 'bout sum pics? Let's get this-

KuroboshiRocket17: *DISCONNECT*

Chat 4

To: junkman411

From: KuroboshiRocket17

KuroboshiRocket17: That's an...interesting you username.

junkman411: Not sure how to take that.

KuroboshiRocket17: You're probably the first actual man I've talked to on here. I'm a little excited.

junkman411: Much appreciated.

KuroboshiRocket17: So I understand you own a store. What do you do in your spare time?

junkman411: I guess you can say minding the store is what I do in my spare time. It's more of a hobby than anything else. Come to think of it I don't think I've actually sold anything...

KuroboshiRocket17: k...what sort of things do you sell?

junkman411: Mostly objects from the outside world. Entertainment systems, handheld devices used for communicating with the dead, outside-world Shikigami, I can tell what each item's purpose is, but I don't have any idea how to make them work.

KuroboshiRocket17: So you just spend your time collecting strange crap from the outside world that you have no idea how to use?

junkman411: How about you? What's your profession?

KuroboshiRocket17: *DISCONNECT*

Account Deactivation Notice

To: KuroboshiRocket17

From: ePartner Administration

Miss Shameimaru

We are sorry to hear that you are leaving the ePartner Network. Your monthly fee, as well as your payment for the Platinum Club admission will be fully refunded. We are sad to see you go and would like to say that you will be missed greatly by our community.