E/O Challenge: Massage

Sorry this is late – have been away from my computer over Christmas. I know this was probably the most obvious route to go down with this week's drabble word, but I couldn't resist (grin). Please note I've rated this story M for sexual content.

A night to remember

Tight muscles relaxed beneath my hands as I pressed against his firm torso. The warm massage oil sank into his heavily-scarred skin, highlighting the extensive damage as I worked my way down towards his thin waist. The white towel, still wrapped tightly around his thighs, twitched slightly as I changed position, hands now gliding across his tight stomach, my gentle movements obviously arousing this beautiful man.

"You like that," I purred, his emerald-green eyes sparkling in anticipation as I unfastened the towel and wrapped my hand around his engorged cock.

And I knew this would be a night to remember!