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Being 21, is something special in your life. That's how I see it. That's why I was determined to leave my parental home and live on my own.

Father gave me his consent, but wanted to pull some strings so he got to decide where I was going to live. The apartment lay half a kilometer from home (excuse me, my ex-home.), so he could keep a close eye on me. He also insisted in paying everything involving the apartment.

Personally I don't have anything against a free of charge house, I mean: which idiot would refuse a free of charge house? But I wanted to pay something with the money I earned from the hospital, so my father and I came to an agreement. I would pay all the bills and he would pay the rent of the apartment.

The day when all my belongings (and brand new furniture) got brought in, was one of the happiest days of my life. That doesn't necessarily mean that I hated my ex-home, but this was the start of something new and it felt good. It was a new milestone in my life.

On the other hand, I really was feeling alone the first days. I missed Hanabi and all the uproar she always caused, I even missed my father's grumpiness.

The first night was a sleepless one. But I'm twenty-one years old, so tough enough to be living on my own.

When I finally was settled down, I decided it was time to meet my new neighbors. The first one that I met was Yoshi-san, an old widow who lived across the hall. She was really kind and immediately invited me over for tea.

She said that if I should have some sort problem, I would always be welcome. She assured me that everyone in the apartment probably say the same. Probably.

But when I said my goodbyes, she grabbed my elbow and whispered in my ear: ' Sweetie, one last advice if you want to have a peaceful life here,' I swallowed, it sounded like a threat, those threats you see in those gangster movies. The only difference was that it came out the mouth of an old lady and not some smoking, gun wearing guy. ' If I were you, I would,'t go and knock on the door of your neighbor, he has a hot-temper and is always the cranky.' I swallowed again. Those types were always hard to approach.

Once back home, I made a new goal: just wait till the residents come to you. Which really was a great plan, considering I'm socially inept, from the highest order.

A new start means a new start party. Sakura, Ino and Tenten wanted to stay over and they didn't take no for an answer. The promised me that they wouldn't make a mess and if they did, they would clean it.

I didn't believe much of it, but I have difficulties with saying no to people. I think it has to do with me being socially inept.

Friday night, a week after I moved in, my three friends stood at my (brand new) front door, all three of them really excited to see the apartment. I let them in and almost right after that heard the first shrieks of delight.

'Ooh Hinata! This is so totally you!' yelled Ino while she plopped down on my (brand new) beige coloured couch.

'Well…' I blushed, flattered.

'I really love your kitchen.' Tenten called from the kitchen.

'It's so spacious in here.' Sakura said and walked to the balcony. ' I wish I had father who paid me an apartment like this.'

'Mmh.' I nodded, not really paying attention to her ranting. I didn't know if it would be a good idea to tell her that I still had to pay all the bills myself.

'Hey hey,' Tenten suddenly said. ' I hope that I didn't rented these movies for you guys to stay outside?'

Tenten brought a whole sack of movies. We played rock-paper-scissors to decide who got to pick the first movie. Ino won and she singled out the saddest movie of all them all.

Half an hour later we all sat in a row, eating ice-cream and crying our eyes out. Let me tell you that it is very difficult to eat ice-cream while your crying. You don't want any of your tears or snot to fall in your bowl.

Halfway through the movie, someone rang the bell. All three heads immediately turned my way.

I gave them a quizzical look.

'Your house, your front door.' Ino sighed and the ringing kept going. 'Go open it.'

Reluctantly, I got up.

'Do we need to set it on pause?' Sakura asked.

I blew my nose and wiped my tears away. 'N-no.'

Still sobbing, I went and opened the door and instantly closed it. Quickly I thoroughly blew my nose once more and wiped the new tears away. I took a deep breath and reopened the door.

Meanwhile I heard Ino and Sakura quarreling about something stupid, but back to who was waiting at my door.

The was a man on my doorstep, a man who looked really familiar.

Tall, dark aura and really handsome. My new neighbor, I assumed.

Sasuke Uchiha.

He looked like he was going to kill me or worse. I hoped I was none of those.

He glared at me, at the tears on my face and asked: 'Are you crying?' like it is some crime to cry when you're 21.

I hiccupped and blushed. I wanted to explain to him that we were watching a really sad movie and that I couldn't help but cry when I saw one.

But that wasn't really the reason why I hiccupped and blushed. Not only he was attractive but he also wasn't wearing a shirt. Isn't there a law that forbids that? Not that I minded, but I'm already embarrassed when I wear a sleeveless shirt.

Seriously, people like me do exist.

Sasuke Uchiha sighed, like he didn't expected me to open the door with teary eyes. 'Just don't make too much noise, OK? I have to get up early tomorrow.' And with having said that, he left.

Well, nice to meet too. I dryly thought. I wouldn't hurt to be polite.

I closed the door and discovered that there were three very questioning faces waiting for me.

'Hah?' I randomly blurted out.

'Was that Sasuke?' Sakura asked and I know that she knows him because he is Naruto's best friend , whose is Sakura's boyfriend, and also a lost love of mine, tragic story. He didn't even noticed my crush until it was over. 'I knew he lived in one of these apartments. What a coincidence that he lives next to you, Hinata.'

'Mh.' Someone's who's socially inept, like me, has to get the neighbor who's known for his not talking much and his difficult temper.

What wouldn't be such a disaster, since we both don't say that much, IF he wouldn't be that scary.

'Naruto will be glad to finally know where is best friend lives. I can't wait to tell him.' she said that with a real evil looking grin on her face. Was she trying to get Sasuke back at something?

Something told me I didn't want to know.

Sakura scared me sometimes.

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