Summary: A/U, OCs, OOC at times; After coming back from the Cullen House near the end of New Moon, Edward proposes to Bella to marry him, in order for her to be transformed into a vampire. Instead of avoiding it like she had, Bella readily says yes. That's where things - of all things - turn upside down. Word of the engagement gets out, while new enemies make themselves known to the Cullens, Bella and the Pack. Secrets will be revealed, love and betrayal are abound, boundaries are tested, and lives will be lost. This is where all hell breaks loose.

Rated "M" for swearing, adult-like theme(s), cases of near rape, and some character death(s).

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Alternative Eclipse

~Chapter I~

"Will you marry me, Bella?" Edward's sultry velvet voice asked me; even in the dark, I could see his golden eyes, lit with hope.

We were back from Edward's house, after the Cullens had taken the vote of my vampire transformation. Edward still was unhappy about the majority of the vote, that I could tell. After I had revealed it to him that I wanted him, my Edward, to bite me, he sprung up that question.

"W-What?" I stammered, looking up at him in surprise. "I'll only bite you, if you marry me first - and if you're human for it. I want my blushing bride." Edward murmured, his pearly whites showing as he smiled crookedly down at me. I opened and closed my mouth several times, probably looking like a fish out of water.

How was I supposed to respond to that? Here I am, eighteen years old, and my immortal boyfriend suddenly asks me to marry him. Seriously; in modern times, that would lead to rumors of being knocked up with his baby, when truly, it takes me to want to French Kiss him that pushes his limits. Sometimes I wondered what my life would be like if Edward was human.

Although, I had always thought of marrying a guy in my life. Ever since I was a tiny tot, my dreams were of white picket fences lining the lawn of my two story home, where I could see little children of my own playing in the front yard. Then I would see me at a large table, surrounded by my family, and with my husband at my side, we would eat, talk, laugh and enjoy ourselves.

Yeah, that dream lived until I was 8. Then my dream turned into becoming a writer. All thoughts and visions of a family, a marriage, and children of my own, flew out the window. I matured, and realized that with my average looks and shy, awkward personality, no man would find interest in me.

Of course, against all odds, Edward - the ever handsome, gentlemanly and perfect vampire - entered my life when I moved here to Forks. Against all beliefs of other vampires, and his own vampire family, we created the most unusual romance; the romance between a vampire and his food.

For months until my disastrous birthday, Edward's and my relationship had gained attention of my human friends at the High School, the attention of my father Charlie, and of the people of La Push. Everyone thought that we wouldn't last because Edward was gorgeous, intelligent, and dangerous, while I was weak, below average looking and ultra clumsy.

The catalyst that's known as my 18th birthday, ruined our relationship.

Edward had left me, broken hearted in Forks, while he and his family had disappeared to somewhere - practically off of the face of earth because Alice had never responded to any of my letters or emails. I was dubbed as the Forks zombie during that time period. I lost my friends, lost sleep, lost most of my sanity and lost most of my body weight; I'm still stick thin too, though I was gaining some weight.

At least I had Jacob here in Washington, to keep me afloat.

With the Cullens' absence, I had taken solace in the arms of my closest friend, Jacob Black. He had been the same teen I loved like the brother I never got, and he comforted me, repaired me and stayed beside me during my darkest time. We spent nearly every day together down on La Push, with him teaching how to ride our motorcycles, and chatting in the garage.

Time had passed, and I was slowly getting better. That is until Jacob had suddenly turned his back on me, and went to Sam and his gang. In Jacob's mind, Sam and his gang were the cult of La Push, because they apparently did all sorts of dangerous stunts, putting themselves in danger. And, when Jacob had left me to join the cult, the last string to my heart, mind and sanity snapped. I slipped back into my zombie state, giving up on trying to live.

Another month had passed, and after of many screaming nights, fights with Charlie, and a cliff diving episode that nearly killed me, my heart began beating once more when Alice had returned one night, where I found her in my house. She had freaked out when my future disappeared after she had seen a vision of me throwing myself off of the cliff.

I explained everything to her that happened so far. Alice wasn't too thrilled of hearing about me hanging out with the wolves - yes, Jacob, Sam, and his so called cult were wolves, able to transform themselves from human to wolf willingly - but I was happy to have one Cullen return. Things were slowly turning better once more.

That is until Alice said she had a vision of Edward dying by the hand of the Volturi.

Edward had explained to me before the accident of my birthday, of who the Volturi were. They were an elite, royal coven of ancient vampires - they had been living long before Carlisle was turned into a vampire, even - and the coven was filled with talented vampires. The Volturi lived solely by the one law the Vampires followed; do not expose your true nature to any humans.

Edward had also told me of the one way to kill a vampire - to tear them to pieces and burn the remains.

And, Alice's vision was my nightmare coming to reality.

Now, you're probably wondering why should I care if Edward was trying to kill himself. Maybe you're saying, "He broke your heart; don't take him back!" Sorry, but Jacob already beat you to that. My reaction to this vision was to Alice: "Get my suitcases while I write a note to Charlie." I had left Forks behind to save Edward, because even though he didn't love me anymore, I couldn't let Alice's brother die.

We arrived to Volterra, a sunny town in Italy where the Volturi was residents here, and after running straight through bystanders of St. Marcus Day - the same Marcus from Volterra, most likely - I had found Edward where Alice said he would be; under the clock tower. Even though he looked bereft of life - and extremely cadaverous, with dark circles under his eyes, Edward was still the gorgeous vampire that I loved. Yes, I still loved Edward even after he left me in Forks. No matter how much my brain and everyone else for that matter, told me I shouldn't love him, my heart remained under Edward's lock and key.

I had charged at him when I realized his plan of getting himself killed was still in effect, and that he hadn't even noticed me. Once I slammed into him - felt like slamming into a solid brick wall - I had wrapped my arms fiercely around his neck, and wrapped my skinny legs around his waist. He thought he was finally dead, and that I was dead with him, but once I've convinced him that we were both alive, he pulled us into the shadows, and afterwards, we kissed. Finally, nearly half of a year went by without me meeting those stone cold lips, and now, here I was, kissing him again.

But, our reunion was short lived; after our passionate make-up kiss, members of the Volturi guard - Jane, Felix and Demetri - found us, and wanted to take us both back to the elders. Alice rejoined us, and we went to meet up with the elders peacefully. We went underground in a sewer passage, and up a classy elevator, and down a seemingly endless corridor of the Volterra castle, before we entered a great throne room. And there waiting for us was more members of the Volturi guard, and the elders - Aro, Caius and Marcus.

I endured through two tests done by Aro and Jane, with Edward suffering from Jane's power because he protected me from her devilish way of torture. But, in the end, we made it out alive, with a promise to Aro; that in order for me to live with the Vampire secret, I must be changed into one myself.

And, that's where we are now - alive, back together again, and now in this sticky situation.

"Bella?" Edward's sweet voice brought me from the depths of my thoughts, and I was startled. "Oh. Did I just space out there?" I asked him quietly, shaking my head slowly. "You did." Edward replied, a smirk on his face; he was obviously amused by my spacing out.

I sat there, silent, while Edward sighed. "I still haven't truly gotten an answer, from you, love." Edward murmured, staring at me with a slight frown. "Answer what?" I asked, confused. What did he ask me again?

"Will you marry me, Isabella Marie Swan?" he asked again, looking at me with hope, but he also seemed like he was preparing himself for rejection. Oh. Oh! Right! He asked me to marry him. Okay, now I remember.

"So...?" Edward prompted. He was getting impatient now.

I lied there in my little bed, my vampire beside me, thinking to myself. My mom, Renee, always implanted the idea of marriage not being the best thing ever until you're an adult, in my head when I was young. And, she used her marriage with Charlie as an example. She told me that marrying young will only lead to quick divorce. But, taking martial advice from my hair brained mother wasn't the best idea as well; she was too eccentric and quickly becomes enraptured at the first man that can sweep her off of her feet. Charlie had done that when she was younger - around 18 to 19 years old - but even their small romance couldn't save their marriage.

Now, look at me and Edward. We've dated, broken up, and gotten back together. And, we were together again because we couldn't stand being so far apart from each other, for so long. I was inseparable from Edward when returning from Volterra, and he seemed to be going back to his protective self, yet he was more wistful and desirous with me than before.

We both loved each other dearly, and I doubt nothing could separate us ever again.

"Yes." I whispered. I slowly looked up at Edward, knowing he could hear my whisper, and a small smile came to my face when I saw Edward's shocked expression. "Really?" he asked, unsure. "Yes. I want to marry you." I whispered again.

An elated grin appeared on his angelic face, and he suddenly wrapped his arms around my waist. I let out a tiny squeak of surprise when Edward pulled my small body on top of his. Before I could ask him what he was doing, his lips met mine in a frenzied lip lock. I froze in surprise, but it quickly melted away. I wrapped my fingers tightly in his bronze hair, moved my legs apart to either side of his waist, and pushed my lips to his harder. He licked my bottom lip, and I gasped.

This was new of Edward; he never wanted me to open my mouth to him. Never! But, I obliged willingly to him, opening up for his cold tongue to slide in. We kissed each other with abandon, moaning and groaning very quietly so as not to disturb Charlie.

Unfortunately for me and my need for air, Edward pulled away, and I wasn't the only one panting for air. He raised one of his cold hands to my fiery cheek, and stroked my cheek bone with his thumb, a grin on his face.

"You, have no idea how happy I am to hear you accepting my proposal, love." Edward breathed, nuzzling his straight nose with mine.


The Next Morning...

I awoke to Edward's hands, who were combing softly through my hair. "Good morning, Bella." Edward whispered to me, smiling down at me. "Mmm, good morning indeed." I agreed, stretching. I jumped when Edward's arms wrapped around my stomach. "You scared me." I murmured at him, frowning. "Sorry love. But, I would like to cuddle with you before Alice the fashion terror shows up." Edward murmured back, ducking his head into my pale neck where he placed butterfly kisses there.

"Why is she coming over?" I asked him, threading my fingers through his hair. "She wants to "doll you up" for school. And, she's going to try and center your outfit around your newest accessory." Edward muttered, lifting my left hand. And, there sitting on my ring finger, was a stunning large oval ring, covered in diamonds. "Edward," I breathed, sitting up slowly. Edward followed.

"It's... beautiful." I told him slowly, running a finger over it. "How much did you spend on it?" I asked him skeptically. "I didn't spend a dime on this, love; it was my mother's." Edward replied, wrapping his cold arm around my shoulder delicately. "It was?" I asked him, looking up at him in surprise.

"Yes. I knew you wouldn't really want something completely gaudy, and you like old fashioned things. Besides, my mother would want the love of my existence to wear her engagement ring." Edward explained. Tears fell from my eyes. "Oh, Bella..." Edward gasped, reaching up and wiping away my tears with his thumbs. "You hate it." Edward's question came out as a sad statement. I shook my head. "I don't hate it, Edward. That's incredibly romantic of you, that you would give me your mother's ring." I choked out, smiling a watery grin up at his face.

Edward smiled back down at me, and kissed my lips with his. But, he quickly pulled back when I tried to deepen it. "Are you going to go back to your old ways?" I asked him with a huff and a pout. Edward chuckled, fingering my pouty bottom lip with his thumb. "Of course not, love. But, I can hear Alice nearby; she's getting rather miffed that I'm not leaving the room." Edward murmured to me, a smirk on his face.

"Oh." I mumbled, sad to hear he has to leave. Edward bit his own bottom lip, before he heaved a quick sigh, and then, grabbed my face in both of his hands, and attacked my lips. I let out a muffled noise of surprise, but wrapped my arms around Edward anyways. We kissed each other wildly, trying to make Alice's arrival wait longer. And, I had a feeling Edward didn't want to put any distance between us any time soon; even if he's still going to be here, he doesn't want to go.

"Okay, don't make me go over there and literally pull you two off of each other." Alice's angered voice broke Edward and I apart. Edward turned his head to look over his shoulder, while I peeked around him. Alice stood a mere distance away from the foot of my bed, hands on her hips and a scowl on her tiny pretty face.

I blushed deeply, while Edward scowled back at her. "You could've waited a few more minutes, Alice." Edward grumbled. "Oh, hush up. Now, go wait downstairs or something. Actually, go get the Volvo. I only have an hour to get Bella ready for school." Alice ordered him. Edward sighed, but nodded reluctantly. Edward turned back to me, and helped me stand from my bed. "I'll be back soon, my love." Edward whispered, kissing me rather desperately. I kissed him back with the same amount of urgency, but squeaked into him when I felt a cold presence near my bum.

"Oh god; you two are getting as bad as Emmett and Rosalie!" Alice moaned out from behind us, where Edward then leaned away. It was his large hand near my bum. He gave me a cheeky smile to my blushing face, yet he was asking with his eyes if that had been okay. I released a heavy breath, and nodded, giggling. He smiled back at me, pecked my lips, before he disappeared.

"That was something I didn't need to see." Alice muttered out, walking over to me. "Now, let me see that rock of yours you got from Edward." Alice demanded, a bright smile on her face. I lifted my left hand where the ring still sat, and she squealed. "Oh, it's so old fashioned, yet gorgeous!" Alice let out, clapping her hands while jumping up and down on the spot.

"Am I going to have to hide it from everyone at school, Alice?" I asked, frowning at the idea. I didn't want to hide this ring, which was a first for me, because I would be so embarrassed if something as beautiful and from Edward was in plain sight for everyone to look at. Meaning, ring = attention, and attention = Blushing Bella.

"Well, that's up to you, Bella. It would make Edward happy if you did. Now, enough chit-chat; get in that shower!" Alice ordered playfully. "Yes ma'am." I teased back, laughing while I left the bedroom. Charlie must've left early this morning, because his bedroom door was wide open, and I could see inside his bed was unmade.

I entered the bathroom, but stopped at the mirror. Shutting the door but not looking away from the mirror, I examined myself. My hair was somewhat of a rat's nest, my lips were slightly swollen, and a dark red tint lit my usually pale cheeks. But, I could tell that I wasn't the usual zombie that I had been for almost half of a year. Happiness was returning to me, because my eyes that were once dead, were now becoming a brighter brown. Everything about me was going back to normal before Edward and the Cullens had left, and I knew it had to do with them returning.

I stripped and slipped into the shower. I did my usual business, washing my hair and body, before after spending about 20 minutes in there, I got out. Sitting on the counter top, was a pile of clothing and a note sat on top of it. It read: Wear these today; and trust me, they'll be comfortable to wear. ~Alice. I sighed, but picked up the pile of clothing that felt silky to the touch. I realized they were underwear - dark blue, silky lingerie to be exact.

Her and that sick mind of hers. I thought to myself, but put the lingerie on anyway just to appease Alice. I then covered myself with the towel, and went back to my room. Alice was waiting there, a dress, some dark blue low high heeled shoes, and other things with her. "Finally! Now, I only have 40 minutes to get you ready, silly." Alice said, and handed me the dress. It was a dark blue dress that was halter style, and it was designed to look like a sailor type of dress. I grudgingly removed my towel and put on the dress, blushing. Alice had thankfully turned away, and when I had it on, she turned and squealed once more.

"Edward is going to love this on you!" Alice cried, giggling. She then sat me down on my bed, and did my makeup quickly yet perfectly. I had on dark blue eye shadow, mascara, and some hot pink lip gloss. "And make sure to reapply some lip gloss after kissing my brother." Alice told me after she was done with my makeup, handing me the tube. I took it, and let her work on my hair that was slowly drying.

Alice dried it as fast as possible, and when my hair was dried, she brushed it and pulled my hair back into a high ponytail. Then, stuck a hair bow in my hair over the ponytail, and stepping back, Alice smiled. "Perfection. And not a moment to waste; Edward's here with the car." Alice said, before she pulled me up. We hurried down the stairs, my shoes in hand, and when we exited my house, I stopped on my small porch while Alice hurried over to Edward. "Come on, Bella!" Alice said, giggling while she slipped into Edward's car - and, it wasn't his Volvo.

"It's my Aston Martin Rapide*." Edward's voice was beside me. I looked up at him, to see him looking me up and down with his signature crooked grin on his face. "Do you like how I look?" I asked him shyly. "I love how you look this morning, my Bella." Edward purred, and captured my lips with his; he couldn't seem to stop kissing me. "Oh, both of you stop it! We're going to be late to school!" Alice yelled out the rolled down window of the car.

Edward sighed during out kiss, and pulled back.

"Alright, we're coming!" Edward yelled back to her, though I knew they didn't need to yell. Edward rolled his eyes, but smiled back down at me. He wrapped his arm around my waist, and together, we walked to his Aston Martin.

*I know Edward should have his Vanquish, but when I saw a picture of the car from Google, I thought Alice would never be able to sit in the car somehow. So, the Rapide was a better choice for me. I have a pic of it up on my second website, along with Bella's Outfit in this chapter. :)*

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