Alternative Eclipse

~Chapter XXXXXI~

"That's it, Reneesme!" my daughter smiled timidly at hearing the words of encouragement from Kate, with Edward, Eddie, Charlie, Bree and I watching her while Kate was touching Riley's arm with her hand. Our little angel further expanded her shield and soon Riley didn't look as frightened to have a vampire who could shock you and stun you so close to him anymore.

"I think she's gotten the hang of it." Kate pointed out, lowering her hand. Reneesme followed, lowering her shield. "That's my princess." Edward stated proudly, and I smiled down at her when she came running up to me. "You did wonderfully, darling." I murmured to her, bending down and kissing her forehead.

"Now, Bella..." Kate began and I heard Edward's breath catch. "Oh, quit worrying, you silly vampire. I wasn't suggesting for her to have a go with my power. I was going to suggest that she practice her power." she remarked at him, shaking her head as she laughed. If my husband had the ability to blush now, he would be as bright red as a tomato.

I leant up and kissed his lips lovingly, reassuring him that a little mistake over nothing was fine. Then, I walked over to where Kate was, just as I heard the back door to the main home open. I looked up and saw the others - my aunt, the other children, Carmen and Eleazar - join us outside, standing on the patio.

"Time for the main event." Riley teased lightly, and I smiled.

"Alright Bella. Show us what you can do." Kate advised, and I nodded my head before closing my eyes and lost myself in my power. The sounds of the forest around me caused me to take several deep breaths. The songs of the birds miles from our home. The babbling noises of the creek just beyond the home. The soft whispers of the wind that rustled the pine trees. Soon, I could feel the earth respond to me, and I felt the vines rise up from underneath me, and the tips tickled the palms of my hands.

"Earth," I murmured to the others, and willed the wines to grow and extend upwards, where I was soon lifted into the air for I was on top of one of them that sprouted from underneath. The Earth helped me in fighting Victoria. I mentally recalled the slightly dim memories of fighting the red- headed vampire, and looked over to see Edward watch me with his crooked smile of encouragement.

Once I willed the earth's vines to retreat back into the ground, I decided to test the next safest thing - water. I haven't tried controlling water at all though; maybe only a small portion. I remember only taking a small amount of water into my hand the time we went swimming in the creek, and did a little trick for our children. But now the true test...

I returned to my original relaxed state, and breathed calmly, while I thought and heard the water nearby, and decided I would use that. Thankfully, it wasn't too far from where we were. Soon, I could feel the water being controlled by my power, and I raised my hands, and just as I opened my eyes, there was the water in my hands, molded into a form. "Water," I whispered, smiling.

"I believe this is your first time ever controlling the water." Edward said out loud and I nodded my head. I moved my hands about slowly and carefully, twisting the form of water around in a dance- like pattern, hearing the children's giggles aside. And once I was sure I could now easily control the water, I sent it back to the creek.

I then looked back to the others, throwing my hands up in the air awkwardly for a moment. "What is the matter?" Kate questioned out loud, and I sighed, "There is another power that I have, but..." I trailed off. "She only gets to use the power to its full potential if she feels threatened or is enraged." Edward explained. "It is a highly dangerous power; just by touching a vampire and using it to its maximum can instantly kill a vampire." he added and the adults shuddered.

"My, your wife is a lethal weapon, Edward." Eleazar commented, smiling lightly at my husband. "Indeed she is." he told him, even though his mind strayed to a different territory. I smacked his arm and he chuckled.

Abruptly, just as he finished, I froze at the sound of footsteps miles off into the forest. "Bella?" my aunt was the first to notice my stiff form. "Someone is nearby..." I whispered; I immediately rushed to my family's side. Edward wrapped an arm around my shoulders, and mine wrapped around his torso. Little Charlie clung to my pant leg behind me, while the twins hid together behind Edward. Kate stood close to us, Riley and Bree clung to one another. The others on the patio grew tense, but were ready to fight.

We waited, and waited, until finally, someone emerged...

"Well, this is surely a great welcoming." a male vampire emerged from the forest, where the voice had hints of British. He was lanky, pale like us, and dressed with an adventurous style, his sandy hair long and tied back. But I hissed when I saw those ruby red eyes. "Easy now, madam. I mean no harm." the vampire told me reassuringly, smirking. Edward shifted to assert dominance against the vampire, to which he noticed.

"Relax mate, I'm not leering at your beloved. I come unarmed and neutral. The good sir Carlisle said he was gathering friends to help him in a situation he's gotten in when we just ran into each other not long ago today. And, I believe you must be the wonderful Edward - his first son to his coven. Ran into my old friend long while back, and he was much happier now that he had a family member with him." the vampire explained, and we all slightly relaxed once he mentioned that he was sent by Carlisle.

"My name is Garrett, by the way." he added as he walked forward. "Garrett, welcome. Yes, I'm Edward; this is my mate and wife, Bella. Behind her is our children - please, we'll explain that soon," he added that once he noticed that Garrett's eyes widened. "This is Kate of the Denali Clan; and this is Riley and Bree, two young newborns who recently joined our family. Up on the patio is Bella's great aunt Marcia, Elezear and Carmen of the Denali clan, Jacob, Embry and Seth of the Pack, and my nephews and niece."

"Would you mind explaining to me who these... children, are?" Garrett asked, dumbfounded. "Certainly. These three children by my wife are ours - Reneesme, Edward Jr. and Charlie. And the others belong to my siblings and my parents - Vera, to Emmett and Rosalie; Johnathan to Jasper and Alice; and Carlisle Jr. to Carlisle and Esme." "What... are they?" "They are like us, and yet not. You see, back when my wife was human..."

And so, Edward explained the story to Garrett, telling him how I came to be a vampire, and then how the children came into the picture. He was very guarded about this situation, and didn't know if he could really trust it; yet he couldn't deny the fact that he heard the children's beating hearts. Little Eddie even went up to Garrett and showed him his memories, which seemed to work because when he was done, Garrett stood back and smiled. "Right mighty family you all are. There's indeed no denying these children aren't those Immortal devils the Volturi think they are. You have my word that I'll testify for you." he promised Edward, who smiled and shook hands with him.

"So, what was all the commotion I heard early? Sounded like someone was messing with water." he asked us. "That was my lovely wife. She has powers - specifically one where she can control the elements around her." my husband explained, and just to show him, I conjured up a vine from the ground in front of him, and he jumped back slightly. "Whoa." he let out. "In fact, that whole family down there has powers." Jacob shouted from the patio. "I see that you also have ties with the wolves." Garrett muttered, his nose scrunching up from the smell.

"Yes, we do. Anyways, my wife has the powers to control the elements, soak up any surrounding powers nearby her, and basically copies it to her - uses it to her advantage, and a sonic screech that paralyzes those around her while she remains unaffected. I have the ability to read minds. Reneesme has a shield power, the ability to cut off a vampire's power, and shares the ability to become invisible with her brother. Eddie has the ability to play his memories back by touch - you just saw it -, and has the ability to tell whether someone is telling the truth or is lying. As for the rest of my family - Jasper can sense and manipulate emotions of others, Alice has the ability to see into the future based off of their decisions. And beside me, Kate has the ability to send electricity into their bodies, and can shock them to death, just from how much she puts into it." Edward explained.

"Really?" Garrett asked, looking curiously over at the blond haired vampire beside us. "Care to try it out for yourself? Or are you scared?" she goaded him, holding out her hand with a smirk. "Garrett, I wouldn't if I were you." Edward spoke up then after reading his mind, while the sandy haired man stared at her. "Garrett is never scared, miss." he told her confidently, and touched her hand with a finger. His body suddenly convulsed and he collapsed to his knees, letting out a yelp before his finger jolted away from her hand.

"Marvelous." he uttered, and Edward snickered.


Soon after Garrett's arrival, more came to the home. They had been close by and were stopped by our family members who had sought out for them. Two arrived shortly after Garrett, and instantly recognized him. Garrett knew them and was close to them; their names were Makenna and Charles, both nomads. Makenna was a small, thin woman with black hair and ruby red eyes. Charles was lanky but slightly muscular, similar to my husband, with dark blond hair and ruby red eyes as well.

We explain everything to them, and have Eddie show them everything as well, where they agreed to help - but Charles said that if a problem were to arise, he and his mate would have to run. "The Volturi is something I won't even fight against, even if it is to help an old friend with his friends' issues. I simply won't allow my Makenna to be put in danger." he explained then. After that, Marcia grew acquainted with them, considering that they all were changed in Europe, all nearby Italy.

Soon after, two more arrived. The first was a woman nomad named Mary. She was curvy, dark skinned and a head with thick black full curls, along with ruby red eyes. Along with her was a man named Randall. He has dark blond hair, looks slightly young - almost eighteen - and blood red eyes. Both said they were sent by Emmett and Rosalie, and met along the way. We also explained everything to them and showed them, and they readily believed us. They pledged their allegiance and promised they would stay to testify for us.

Finally, a while later, when it was close to being night, two more nomads appeared - and they were mates as well like Makenna and Charles. They told us they were sent by Jasper and Alice, and only got that far before Edward interrupted. "You must be Peter and Charlotte." he concluded, and they both nodded. Peter seemed to be as tall as Jasper, and as lean, with long white blond hair pulled back. He was leaning protectively over his mate, Charlotte. Charlotte resembled Alice in almost every aspect; small features, tiny stature, and white blonde hair. Both had bloody eyes to match.

"We would've been here sooner, but we were feeding outside of your area for a while." Peter explained to Edward, and my husband nodded. We then explained the situation to him, and Eddie did his demonstration for them. "My, what a remarkable experience." Charlotte said afterwards, looking to me. I nodded, smiling as Charlie, who was in my arms, gurgled. "How is that even remotely possible for such a thing to occur between a vampire and a once-human? In all of my years, never did I come across such a thing." Peter asked Edward; he was definitely much like Jasper.

"That's what our leader of our coven, Carlisle, has been trying to figure out for the past few months - ever since we found out Bella was pregnant in the first place. It's very complicated to explain, especially in front of all of the children." Edward told him, awkwardly rubbing his neck. "We'd rather keep their minds free from the adult ways until they've fully matured." I told them quickly, and they nodded their heads.

"Well, I believe everything that has been told and shown to me. These children aren't completely Immortal, and don't deserve to die. You have my word and promises of standing up for you." Charlotte explained, smiling softly at me. "Charlotte..." Peter replied to that statement with hesitancy. "Peter, these people didn't do anything wrong. We must stay." she argued, and he sighed. "We must think about this, Edward. We are loyal to you and your family, of course; yet I would hate for a fight to break out. I'm very much worried about my Charlotte and I must think of her first." he explained and Edward nodded.

"Understandable, Peter. If I were in the same position, I too would think of my Bella first before anything else. Let us know what you would like to do when you have your decision. And you're welcome to stay here with all of us." Edward explained to him, and gestured for them to join everyone in the living room around the fire.

And then the next day arrived, where quickly, the other covens arrived, along with Carlisle, Esme, Emmett and Rosalie. I was surprised how they were able to find everyone so quickly in just a day's time.

The first coven I met was small. It was the Irish Coven, with three vampires together. The leader was Siobhan, a very tall, curvy and large woman with flowing black hair, prominent beautiful features that bedazzles me, and a smile that warmed my cold, vampire insides. Her mate, Liam, was possessive of her. Tall as her, lean, and hard-faced with dark brown, he met us guardedly. Their youngest member, Maggie, met us last. She had bouncy, red curls, was petite - around my height - and like her older members, had red eyes. She smiled at us once she was standing before us.

After we explained everything to them, she said with a thick Irish accent, "There's no doubt in my mind that you aren't lying." "You must be the other vampire Elezear told us about. My son shares a similar ability to you." Edward explained to her, and brought young Eddie forward. "You are his son, correct?" "Yes I am. And you're one of our friends?" "Indeed I am. I'm Maggie." "I'm Edward Jr." And just like that, the two of them quickly became friends.

After them, was the Egyptian coven, consisting of four vampires with ruby red eyes; the coven could've been easily mistaken as a biological family, what with the remarkable slight resemblance amongst them. The leader was Amun, tall with black hair and an olive complexion. He watched us with reserved eyes, and seemed guarded as he shook Edward's hand. His quiet mate, Kebi, stuck close to his side, as if glued permanently. She was indeed beautiful, like Siobhan, but was also reserved, watching us with anxious red eyes. She had curly black hair, an olive complexion as well, and was petite. Next, was Benjamin, who smiled at us and shook Edward's hands eagerly. He reminded me of an eager child. He had midnight black hair and an olive complexion. His mate, Tia, was last; she had long, midnight black hair, an olive skin tone, and slender, long fingers that held the same length as my husband's long piano fingers. She was slightly hesitant in touching us, but did so and smiled softly.

"You must be Benjamin; based off of your mind, you are the one who can control the elements?" Edward asked him, and he nodded his head. "My wife shares your ability - she too can control the elements." he said, and Benjamin smiled happily at me. "You do? How well can you control it?" he asked me and I shrugged. "I believe that I can use it well. I've used earth and fire when my family and I battled against a newborn army." I explained; they, along with the others who overheard - besides our family, the wolves and the Denali coven - seemed shocked to hear that we fought a newborn army. "A newborn army came and attacked?" Peter jumped into the conversation.

"Yes. Back when my wife was human and pregnant, we were dealing with a vengeful red-head who wanted to kill Bella, for I killed her mate when her mate tried killing her back when she was human. We were able to defeat her though, thanks to Bella's powers, and we saved Riley and Bree from the Volturi's wrath when they came to deal with the army; they found out about her pregnancy then, but they didn't pursue us until Tanya convinced Irina - both women of the Denali coven - to go and report us." my husband explained out loud.

"Fascinating. Bella, I believe you and I should work together, see if we can hone in on your skill, and work together to master it. It took me at least a year to harness my power and use it to my full potential. I feel that I could be your mentor." Benjamin offered and I smiled gratefully, nodding my head. "And what a power he has; managed to use it against us." Amun bitterly remarked, sniffing. "I wanted to help, Amun; you didn't want to listen to what Carlisle had to say - he was asking for your help in his time of need and you turned him away." Benjamin argued, while Edward and I glanced over at Carlisle and Esme, who were standing off to the side with Emmett and Rosalie.

"It's because I don't want us to get involved with the Volturi or any fights. I don't want you taken away." Amun grumbled. "No one is going to be taken away." Carlisle argued softly, but Amun huffed before he and Kebi retreated into the living room to join the others. Meanwhile, Eddie reached up and showed the truth to Benjamin and Tia, who immediately believed our stories and gave us their word - quickly so as Amun wouldn't hear - that they would stand with us.

Finally, after Emmett and Rosalie went into the living room to find their daughter, one last vampire entered the foyer, moving out from behind Esme and Carlisle. "Edward, Bella, this is Alistair." Carlisle introduced the tall, slender looking, dark haired and crimson eyed vampire, where upon glancing at his flighty thoughts, he was a nomad. He glanced at us, sniffed and hurried off, not even bothering to let us explain. "What's the matter with him?" I asked, frowning. "Alistair is a rather lonely vampire, and doesn't really trust anyone except for Carlisle - who even though, only visits a century now and then. He's rather miffed that his closest ally put him into this mess in dealing with the Volturi." Edward explained, and Carlisle nodded his head to confirm what was said.

"Does he know how it happened?" "He does; we explained it to him, knowing he wouldn't be able to hear it from the source since he's never met you before. I felt that it would be best for me to tell him it before he went off to sulk. He did say he will stand with us, for he is a friend of mine." Carlisle explained while Esme went off to be with their son.

"How many are with us?" Carlisle asked us then, coming over to stand beside Edward. "We have our nomadic friends that all came yesterday, and now our two covens, and the nomad you brought." Edward explained, as we glanced into the living room to see all of the vampires in there, chatting either amongst their families, or with our family. "Have you heard word from Alice and Jasper?" Edward asked him, and Carlisle shook his head, before he asked him the same.

Edward shook his head, and we all sighed. "When do you supposed they will return?" I asked them. "We do not know. We don't possibly know where they could be in the world at this moment." Carlisle murmured.

"I guess we will just have to wait then." Edward whispered.

The next day arrived, and we still heard no word from Alice and Jasper - that is until the final coven arrived, and along with them, Jasper and Alice, with two extra members. The final coven to arrive was the Amazon coven, with three woman. All shared a similar appearance - long limbs, long facial features, long black hair pulled back, wearing animal hides and skins, and seemed wild and ferocious. Their leader, Kachiri, introduced us to her two members - Zafrina and Senna. Senna stuck close to Zafrina, while we explained to them our situation, and showed them what has happened through Eddie.

Once finished, Zafrina smiled at me. "You have our word that we will stand with you. These children won't be touched." she promised us in her deep voice. Then, Alice and Jasper gestured for the two extra members to come close to us. What shocked me greatly is that one of them - the young man - had a rapidly beating heart and I could hear the blood surging through him. He was much like the children. "You are like me, my siblings and my cousins!" Reneesme cried up at him, after hearing what I heard, where he smiled gently down at her. He introduced himself to us as Nahuel, and his aunt, who was a full vampire, Hulien. Nahuel was shorter than my husband, but only slightly taller than me. He had long black hair tied back into a ponytail, had rich dark skin and dark brown eyes, yet his skin held a certain incandescence - a certain luminosity much like that of a vampire's pale skin, while he and his aunt wore similar animal hides and skins like that of the Amazon coven. Hulien was a small woman, with her black hair bobbing as she moved about every now and then, her burgundy eyes flitting between us and the children.

"Alice and Jasper have explained to us your situation, and said they sought us out to find another case similar to that of your children. She said it would help us try to convince the Volturi that we aren't Immortal Children." he offered to us, before he explained to us his story of how he came to be, and how he had a family, with sisters who were also hybrids but were raised by their biological vampire father, to feed on humans. Hulien added in her own tidbits every now and then, and once done, Carlisle had since joined us and was fascinated to see and hear another case that was similar to ours.

"We promise that we will stand with you in this situation." he finished, and we thanked him and his aunt. I greeted Alice and Jasper back with big hugs, and soon we all went inside.

Later that day, I knew that I wanted to go and check on something, but I didn't want anyone knowing where I was going. I blocked my decision and mind from those who could read and see what was going on, and headed downstairs. The covens and nomads were chatting, and somewhat distracting my family from seeing me. I reached the bottom of the stairs, and was stopped by an adorable blond haired boy who attached himself onto my leg, cooing "Momma" up at me. I bent down and picked him up, just as the twins hurried over to me. "We know where you're going, Momma." Reneesme whispered quickly to me, and her brother nodded. I looked between my children and sighed.

"Alright, you can come along. But don't let Daddy or Auntie Alice see or hear where we're going inside your minds." I whispered back to them, and when the twins held hands and Reneesme gave me hers, we began heading towards the front door. "Hey, Bells, where are you going?" Emmett asked when he left the dining room. (An entrance to the dining room was close to the entrance of the home.) "Oh, just taking the kids out to play. I figured I could take them out to the park and play." I explained to him. "Why isn't Edward going with you?" he asked and I shrugged. "I figured he would want to go and talk to the other vampires; get to know them and their powers." I offered, but Emmett looked suspiciously at me. "Emmett, trust me; I only want to take the kids out to play."

"Well... alright. Just don't be out too late." he advised, and headed off. I hurried out of the home, got Reneesme on my back and Eddie in my other free arm, before I took off into a dash. Once far away enough from the home, the children let out giggles and cry of joy from their mother's speed, and I smiled.

It didn't take long enough before we reached our destination. I climbed up into a tree that allowed us a good view, and set the twins down on the branch, still holding Charlie in my arms. I then peeked through the leaves, and smiled sadly. Inside the little white home, a flighty woman with light brown hair, blue-green eyes and a beating heart was dancing clumsily with a smiling, tired-looking, dark brown haired and brown eyed police chief, where an old song from when they were young was playing from the stereo.

They had no idea their vampire daughter was watching from afar.

"Is that Grandpa and Grandma Swan?" Eddie asked me, sneaking underneath my arm to see. Reneesme did the same underneath the other arm, and they watched their human grandparents. I took a deep breath, and realized that this must be what it feels like to want to cry when you're a vampire; air gone, choking your throat. "Yes, those are your grandparents." I told them, smiling.

"They look so silly." Reneesme told me, giggling. I laughed with her, nodding my head in agreement. Charlie pointed down and looked up at me, silently asking me if we could go down and meet them. I sighed sadly and said to him, "I'm sorry baby but we can't go down and meet them. They still think I'm sick and can't even move from my sick-bed." I then pulled the leaves away and sat back against the tree trunk. I held up a hand to my face, knowing that my long-gone brown eyes weren't there. Not enough time has passed for my eyes to start being golden; they were only a bright fiery orange at the moment, and I was getting close, but there still wasn't enough time for them to change to the Cullen topaz for me to finally meet up with my parents.

"What's wrong, Momma?" Reneesme asked me, and I smiled sadly at her. "Momma wishes to be with Grandpa and Grandma Swan just as bad as you all do." I told her, and she and her brother cuddled into my sides, while Charlie gurgled in his language, kissing my cheek with a sloppy baby kiss.

We stayed in the tree like that for hours; Charlie and the twins fall asleep, taking a nap. I was left there, thinking to myself for hours, until suddenly, I heard running feet from down below. I tensed, not stirring my babies, and listened. "Bella!" I relaxed upon hearing that sweet voice, and gathering everyone carefully in my arms, I jumped down carefully, stopping in front of Esme, who sighed happily upon seeing me.

"There you are, dear. Everyone's been worried sick when you didn't return. Rosalie and Alice have been keeping him back so he won't go out on a rampage to find you." she explained to me, smiling at me. "Oh, I'm sorry I've been gone so long." I told her, apologizing while she took the twins from my arms so I wouldn't have to juggle my children. "That's quite alright, my dear. What were you - oh..." she trailed off on her question once she turned her head and in the distance, noticed the little white house, where my parents were inside, now watching a movie together.

"Do you want to talk about it while we walk back?" she asked, turning back in the direction of the house. I nodded my head and we began walking back at a leisure pace. "You miss them, don't you?" she asked me, and I nodded my head. "Greatly. The last time I saw them, was at the wedding; I haven't been able to talk to them ever since. They are dreadfully worried about me since we keep telling them that I am still ill and can't move from my sick bed - and I hate that I can't be there to put their worries at ease." I told her honestly.

"Does Edward know about you missing them?" she asked and again I nodded my head. "On numerous occasions, I break down and tell him how much I miss them, and wish I could be with them. He understands and is there to comfort me, but reminds me that I could never see them yet for I'm still too young as a vampire. He reminds me that I could easily harm my parents any moment - which I never would - but convinces that it's best for me to stay away." I told her, sighing.

"I know that what he is doing is what he feels is the best for me, but that only slows the pain for a short time." I added. "I can safely say this to you, my dear; you are not alone when it comes to wanting to see your family after you've been changed into a vampire." she confided in me, and I looked down to her. "Carlisle didn't have enough time to actually see his family again after he was changed, and probably couldn't have since he felt like he wouldn't be able to control himself. But, to this day, he wishes he could see his old family. Emmett had such a loving family when he was t urned, and he understood that once he was turned, he could never go back to them. He had older brothers, and little sister before he was changed. He and Edward had personally left money for them, and then never thought of them again - to ease his pain.

"Jasper doesn't even remember his family before he was changed and aided by Maria in the Southern vampire wars. Around that time, he only cared about Maria because she actually showed some sort of love and compassion to him. But, he soon befriended Peter, and that's when he lost all connection to Maria. He fled from her coven, and then later, found Alice and joined us. Maria returned and prompted us to move again because of her visit, but he showed no interest in joining her coven once again. And, of course, we all know how pleasantly happy he was once you killed her. As for Alice - we all know how troubling it was for her to not remember her past life. But, she was able to track down what happened. Had a lovely younger sister, but was demonized by the town she lived in and by her own father - who killed her mother, by the way. She was able to track down what happened to her sister, and that she has a niece living in Biloxi. But, when she found what happened to her, she was reminded of all the pain she was put through, and is still scarred by it. But, at least she has found solace in her family, in her husband and now thanks to you, her own son.

"Rosalie had only a small family - a mother, a father, and two little brothers whose names she can't clearly remember. But, she didn't feel any true attachment to her parents. She saw how materialistic and greedy they were after she had found "love" with Royce. She said she thinks she held slight compassion for her brothers, but can't even remember it. But, that still doesn't mean she didn't miss them. She feels sorry and has bouts of upset when she remembers them, but really, she isn't terribly distraught; she has a better life now - a husband who loves her, and a daughter thanks to you; something she's always wanted.

"And you already know about Edward's family. All of them had died just before he changed. He loved his mother more than his father, since his father always seemed to be away at the office. He missed them dearly still when they had died, but he had already formed a strong bond with Carlisle; the two had the closest father-and-son bond and still do, but with their own sons to look after, it has gone down some. But, you know that Edward always confides in Carlisle for help. Edward actually still poses as a Masen heir every time to earn the money from the wills of his family, and owns his old home. But, when you arrived Bella, you gave him that family that he had lost so long ago. You gave him love and compassion that he's always wanted - a true love he had missed for that century of loneliness. And, you gave him a family with his own children; something he didn't think he could ever have. I'm forever thankful that you gave him happiness."

By the end of her explanations of how our members of our family missed our past families before we were changed, I had the same choking feeling occurring in my throat again. She smiled and I hugged her with my free arm, since she couldn't do so with the twins in her arms. "And what about you?" I asked and she looked down at the ground, sadly.

"My life at first when I was a child was happy; my parents loved me and kept me happy on the farm. I had dreams of being a schoolteacher when I was old enough to move out west. They however convinced me to stay and marry. So, I did marry - and I was married to an awful man; Charles Evenson. He abused me, and I wanted to leave him as quickly as it started. My parents wanted me to keep it quiet though, and I was forced to stay with that awful man. I only found peace when he left for World War I. But he returned and the abuse continued. I found a happy point in my life - my only son where I gave birth to him. I never wanted him to grow up in a violent environment, and fled to two cities before he was born. He was a beautiful little one; his toothless smile, that lusty cry when he came into the world, and those pretty eyes. But, the world ripped him away from me - and that's how I fell to my death and into the arms of Carlisle. You may not realize it, dear, but I will forever be in your debt for you've given me something that I've been longing for a century - my own son again. Sure, my first born will hold a special place in my heart, but so will my second son Carlisle Jr. And so will all of my adoptive children; all of you have given me a wonderful family, and I could never ask for more."

Once again I hugged her with my free arm, and kissed her cheek. "You deserve this happiness, mom; and please, you don't need to be in debt to me. I'm so happy that I could help in giving you a son again." she smiled and kissed my cheek in return, and merely thanked me again.

Soon, after our leisurely pace back home, we reached it. Edward, Emmett and Rosalie with their daughter, and Carlisle with their son were waiting on the porch. Poor Edward was pacing back and forth, where it looked like he could put in a new rut in the floor with how fast he was going. Upon hearing our footsteps, they looked up and my husband let out a heavy sigh of relief before zipping over to us. He hugged Esme first, kissing her cheeks and then moved onto me, placing a hungry kiss on my lips. His hands dug into my hair, where in his mind, he felt grounded again.

"Never disappear like that again. I was going beyond insane with worry." he whispered to me, looking at me with sparkling green emerald eyes. I kissed his lips again, and wrapped my free arm around his waist, snuggling my face in his chest. "I'm sorry, love. I just wanted to check something." I was honest with him instead of giving him the story of wanting to take the children out like I had done with Emmett.

He glimpses into my mind, and nods his head. He understands, and instead of pushing it, he lets it go. He again kisses my lips slowly, and sighs into it. "I would like to go home to the cottage." I whispered, wanting to be with him while our children sleep. He agrees, gathers the twins from Esme, and after saying goodbye, we leave the main home, heading back to our little slice of heaven.

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