A Knight by Honor


Thwack! Two wooden swords connected, the noise ringing across the courtyard. Mirandia pulled back and moved in for a jab but her brother, Edward blocked smartly, and swung it over his head going for her forehead, but she blocked the blow.

"Good! Good! Feel your opponent's motions lads!" Markus, our swordsmaster cried out from the edge of the fighting circle. Mirandia nimbly and quickly danced behind Edward. Raising her wooden sword, she jerked it down, but Edward whirled around and blocked her.

The fight went like so. Finally, Mirandia had the advantage, and hit Edward on the head. He fell limply unconscious. Markus nodded and looked down at the sweaty Edward. "He was tired, becoming slow. Well done, Princess Mirandia." Markus commented. Mirandia bowed her golden head, long hair flowing in the wind and handed the wooden sword to Markus.

Markus heaved up his bucket of water, and poured it on the unconscious prince. He revived sputtering.

"Can't beat me, older brother!" Mirandia couldn't help but grin foolishly and she helped him up. It was a little hard to compare us as brother and sister. Edward was tall and handsome, with unruly black hair, a long nose, and a muscular build. Mirandia was beautiful, she had golden hair, was slender, had blue eyes, and a smaller nose.

He fell to his bum, pulled her knees out from under her, and together the two went rolling down the courtyard. Markus smiled gruffly into his salt-and-pepper beard. "Ah, young'uns, so pure, so childish! Also, so whole, and loving towards each other, though the Princess is sixteen and her brother the Prince is eighteen. They are as close as the King and Queen, in a manner of speakin'." Markus shook his head and put the training things away.

They went rolling until they hit the stone wall of the fountain in the middle of the courtyard. Laughing, out of breath but happy, the two got up, and began to wrestle. It wasn't until Edward dumped Mirandia into the fountain did the trouble begin.

"Edward! Mirandia!" it was the gruff voice of the King.

"Uh-oh," Edward muttered, looking over his shoulder. But before he could say anything else, the drenched Princess pulled him into the fountain with her. Then she saw the King.

"Oh, Father!" Mirandia gasped. Edward sat up, both of them completely drenched. The king, with his large belly, iron-gray hair, and stern face, would make you think he was a general, but for his royal robes.

There was a visitor in the kingdom. He was short, with white hair, and light, light green eyes. His cloak was thick, like a peasant's, and he had a jolly smile. He was laughing a hard, deep laugh. It certainly was hard to not laugh with him, but their father's face told them not too.

"Mirandia, Edward! I hope you have an explanation for this abominable rough-play! It is not acceptable in the height of a guest!" they guiltily looked at the visitor. He was still laughing.

"Oh, by all means Icarius! Be easy on them! They are just children after all, and you must admit, that was funny!" the man doubled over laughing again. He had a strange accent, that made their hearts leap. "Where are you from?" Edward asked, stumbling out of the fountain and sloshing water everywhere.

The old man smiled. "I am from a far away country. I am from the kingdom of Swadia, in the land of Caladria."

They gasped.