"True we Swadian's are not tough with sword play, we have excellent archers!" the old man smiled at the two youngsters gazing eagerly up at him.

"Sir, are there any other kingdoms?" Mirandia couldn't help but ask eagerly. The old man nodded. "Of course. There is Swadia, Khirget Khanate, Nords, Rhodoks, Vaegirs and Sultanate Sannate."

"What battles have you been in sir?" Edward looked up at the old man in respect. "Have you ever besieged a castle? Have you ever almost died? What-" the old man laughed.

"Slow down there, my Prince! I will tell you, of course!" But the Princess rudely interrupted:

"Sir, do you have tournaments?" he nodded and looked thoughtful. "We do, and the winner gets to come to the feast and celebrate." He winked at Edward. "It is a good time to try your luck and court the ladies that watched you!" Mirandia smiled but shook her head.

"What is the prosperity like sir? Are a lot of Bandits running around?"

"Now, hold your horses young'uns! I'll start with the Princess's questions. The prosperity depends. And, oh my, Bandits are everywhere! Also SeaRaiders, Tundra Bandits, all sorts!" She shook her head. "Poor peasants. They must have a ruff time."

"Oh yes. Now-" The door of the Library swung open. A servant bowed nervously, and said "The King wishes to see Princess Mirandia in the courtroom, immediately." Mirandia stood up, wondering what father wanted. The man stood up as well, and held her hands in his.

"Mirandia, whatever happens, you will know what to do when the time comes." His eyes looked a little unclear, and she wondered what he meant. Then he smiled, and turned to Edward.

"Now, about those battles-" Mirandia smiled and shut the door. Walking down the long halls, she wondered what on earth he had been talking about. "Mirandia, whatever happens you will know what to do when the time comes," the Princess blinked and shook her head. It didn't make sense. Patting her hair into place in the braid she had falling down her back, She reached the courtroom doors. The guards nodded, and let her through.

Bowing before the King was an old, old man. He was bent over slightly, and his white hair was combed neatly on his head. Mirandia came up next to him, and bowed.

"Father," she muttered.

"Rise both of you." We stood up, and Mirandia realized she was taller than the man. A sudden fear stabbed her heart, and it flitted across her brain. "Would father possibly…? NO!" she pushed it out and focused on the king.

"-This is Sir Ublar. He has come in peace, and has talked for sometime about having a suitable wife. Now-" She gazed up in horror at her father, who was seated on his throne, and looked around like he ruled the world. Her eyes flipped to Sir Ublar, and looked at his old, white, wrinkled face.

"Father, give me, to HIM!" she turned back to her father.

"Father," Mirandia barley dared to whisper it. She was in shock, and the ground was spinning. Was she fainting? She had never fainted before, but she had read about it in books. The poor, distressed Dame would clasp her hands together, stagger, and then faint, her true love catching her in his arms.

No way was she going to let his claw-like hands touch her! She nodded mutely to whatever her father was saying. Finally, he waved his hand to the doors, and she rushed out, and leaned against the wall.

"Princess…Princess? You alright?" One of the guards said hesitantly. She shook her head, and leaned against the wall.

"My own father!" she cried out.

P.S. Pronunciation: Swadia(Swa-Dee-A), Khirget Khanate(Kire-Get Khan-Not-Eh), Nords(Duh, Nor-Dz), Rhodoks(Row-Docks), Vaegirs(Vay-Gears) and Sarrinda Sannate(Sull-Tah-Nate Suh-Not-Eh)