Author's Note: Hello! So, this crossover idea has been rattling around in my brain for quite awhile, but I haven't had time to finally write it. I promise to make this story as realistic as possible with a lot of Serenity/Endymion love and Oliver/Chloe love and possibly Serenity/Oliver love (which I have a perfect reason to justify). I promise to make this story as realistic as possible. Anyways, a few notes:

1) This is set in Smallville Season 10 so Chloe is still MIA and the identities have been revealed but this is before Clark proposed.

2) I'm using Japanese names for the Sailor Moon universe but that's about it when it comes to Japanese terms. This is more set in the manga universe than anime.

3) I haven't seen too much of Smallville so I may alter some things as I see fit.

Please enjoy!

To her, Earth was like a beautiful piece of glass.

It sparkled in the distance and outshone the stars that tried to eclipse its beauty. The wonderful bright blues and greens that slowly melted into an amazing blur as the Earth spun around brought her a sense of excitement and joy into her normally tedious day. Every day, she would sneak away from her duties to stand on her bedroom balcony and stare out at it. It never ceased to amaze her.

But like the glass she compared it to, in the wrong hands the Earth could be shattered by corruption and evil. No one knew this better than the Crown Princess of the Moon Kingdom, Princess Serenity. Her mother, the Queen that ruled the Silver Millennium, had always been sure to remind her of her duty.

"My daughter," The silver haired queen would begin with a small smile gracing her features. "You must learn all you can and become a strong, confident queen and guide Earth with your wisdom."

And Serenity really did try to learn. But the lessons were so boring. Unlike her guardian scouts, she was not allowed to train for combat for fear that she would be injured, or worse yet –killed. Sailor Mercury had once tried to explain the logic behind this choice, stating that even if the others must die, she had to live.

"But you all must live too!" Serenity had exclaimed. Ami chuckled dryly and grinned at her Princess.

"Princess," She began slowly, happiness in her sea-green eyes. "You are what we live for."

So, Serenity had come to terms that she must play the helpless princess, but she had decided that if she had to skip combat training, she could skip some of her other lessons. Every other day when the Scouts trained, Serenity would skip her decorum classes and go somewhere a little bit more exciting. Her mother—upon learning about her daughter's sudden disappearance—would call the palace guards to chase after the rogue princess and bring her back.

And it was on one of these chases Serenity panicked and she ended up in one of the teleportation chambers used for officials traveling to various planets. About to be caught, Serenity pressed a random button and landed on Earth.

The first thing she noticed was the light. Her home was always bathed in the night sky and thus the sun's light was unfamiliar territory. Confused, the fair-skinned girl held up a hand to block the bright sun from its harsh light. Then, slowly, as her eyes adjusted to the light, she felt herself be taken aback by the sheer magnificence of it. Unlike her home which was filled with cold, smooth white marble and fake plants that Makoto kept up, Earth was filled with trees that seemed to dance with the brilliant sky up above and grass and that felt soft under her feet. There were birds chirping, their noise foreign to the princess who was entranced by it. And the flowers! So many flowers of different shades and colors and all glowed like stars.

"Who's there?" The voice was harsh and yet Serenity could detect an undercurrent of kindness in it. She could make out a figure of a man in the distance but the sun prevented her from seeing his face or being able to make out any distinct features. "Who dares to enter the royal gardens?" Serenity froze and wondered whether she should run, but realizing that she was in unfamiliar territory, she decided to choose another route.

"I am," Her voice was shaky and Serenity forced herself to appear strong and make her voice loud and proud. She could practically hear her mother's voice in her ear urging her not to back down. "I am Serenity, Crown Princess of the Moon Kingdom. Who are you?" The man didn't say anything for a few seconds and Serenity wondered if she had failed in her introduction or had she simply scared the man? Then, he slowly stepped out of the glare of the sun and appeared before her. To say he was handsome would be an understatement for while the young princess had seen her share of handsome young men at balls, she had never seen a man quite like this. His eyes were the same color of the sky of his home and his black hair reminded her of the night sky that she saw so often. His face showcased his perfect features and Serenity could tell that the man she was dealing with was a kind one. He was dressed in black cloth that was adorned with silver armor and various gold embellishments. A cape of red and black flowed behind him.

"My name is Endymion, Princess," He informed her, bowing courteously. "And I am Prince of this planet which you have landed on." Serenity did her best to hold back her surprise, trying to make her face appear as stoic as possible. Slowly, she picked up the edges of her gown, put a smile on her face, and curtsied.

That day began everything.

Serenity began to disappear more often to go to Earth and be with Endymion. He had shown her a world full of light and warmth and more than ever, the princess' love for Earth grew. Endymion and she had begun as close friends that discussed various aspects of royal life—she told him about her boring classes and he explained that he was forced to practice chess for two hours a day—and then, they slowly morphed into something more.

Their first kiss was shared as the sun was setting and Serenity would never forget it. She knew there was no turning back now and that she was meant to be with Endymion. Somehow, someway, they would need to figure out a way to be together forever.

"I love you," She confessed as he held her as they lied underneath the shade of an old oak tree. "Endymion, I just can't stop myself from feeling that way." He gently stroked some of her blond hair away that was obscuring her porcelain face.

"And I love you," He replied. "Serenity, I loved you when I first saw you. I thought you were some sort of fallen Goddess and then when you spoke . . ." His voice trailed off back into that distant memory of their meeting a year ago. "I love you more than anything." She smiled and gently kissed his lips before letting her head rest on his shoulder.

That night, everything changed.

"Princess!" Serenity froze as she opened her eyes. Sailor Mars, the warrior with the gift of fire and a temper to match, stood before her. "You've been off at Earth?" Serenity bit her lower lip and let her gaze drop in shame. Rei and she were friends—just like she was with all the Scouts—and she couldn't bring herself to lie to anyone of them.

"Rei, please—" Serenity began pleadingly.

"Serenity," Rei snapped. "You know better than this! Do you know how danger you put yourself in every time you go there?"

"There is no danger!" The Moon Princess protested.

"Serenity, the people of Earth are jealous of us."

"Jealous?" She questioned. "Why?" Mars sighed flicked her raven hair to the side angrily.

"They hate the fact that we have such long life spans," Mars paused and softened her gaze a little bit. "The people of Earth want the Silver Crystal, Princess, and they will go to any length to get it."

"Including making you believe that you're in love." A voice piped up from the back. Venus stepped into the room, her golden hair shining. The Scout of Love wore a grim expression on her face and sighed.

"Minako," Serenity began. "You can't be saying that—"

"Endymion is their prince, Princess," She explained. "He's using you to get the crystal."

"You're wrong!" Screamed Serenity as tears began to fill up her eyes. Wiping them away, Serenity realized that she just couldn't stand here and listen to this. So, she did what she was good at—

She ran.

Leaving her two scouts behind her, the Princess sprinted to the sacred chamber where only the members of the royal family were allowed for it was where the Silver Crystal was stored. Serenity let her tears fall freely as she picked up the piece of crystal.

"I just wish," Serenity sobbed. "I wish Endymion could be together."

Wish granted.

"Who said that?" The crystal glowed bright pink and a scream escaped Serenity's lips before she was blinded by the light. The Moon Princess felt herself falling and it was somewhere during this free fall that she blacked out.

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