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The Queen of the Moon tried her best to remain the very definition of calm and regal. Her mother had taught her that if nothing else, a Queen must radiate calm. Still, it was hard to remain calm when you knew that your daughter had vanished. Still, Queen Serenity sat on her throne and forced her expression to be stoic. She stood when the doors burst open and the leader of the Senshi entered. She knelt before the Queen.

"You have found my daughter?" The Queen questioned, her voice bubbling with an undercurrent of hope.

"No, your majesty," Venus replied. "We have searched the entire Kingdom and no trace can be found of the Crown Princess." Queen Serenity's heart plummeted. Her only child was missing.

"You said she ran off into the palace," The Queen muttered. "Where could she have gone then?" Venus rose and crossed her arms.

"Your majesty," Venus began, uncertainty lacing her voice. "I feel I must tell you that the princess . . ." Her voice trailed off as she stood.

"Speak, Venus." The Queen ordered, though not unkindly.

"The Princess was involved with the Crown Prince of Earth." Venus answered simply.

A moment of silence passed.

"Involved?" Queen Serenity questioned. "Explain."

"The Princess often snuck off to Earth, you majesty," Venus began. "And sometime during her travels, she met the Crown Prince of the Earth. It is believed that she and the Prince were lovers." Despite all of her mother's training, Queen Serenity could not help, but let shock grace her features. She slowly sat down and processed the information. "And the Princess stormed off into the palace after I explained to her that the Prince must've been using her to get to the crystal." Venus bowed her head in shame. "I beg your pardon, your majesty, I did not think before I spoke."

"She was in love," Queen Serenity mumbled. "With the Crown Prince of the Earth?"

"Yes, your majesty," Venus replied. "I hid this from you, my Queen, and I take the full responsibility for the Princess' disappearance." Venus knelt once more and bowed her head in shame.

"Venus, rise," The Queen commanded. "This is not your fault. I am at fault for not noticing this change within my own child."

"No, your majesty," Venus protested. "You can't blame yourself!" The Queen held her hand for silence and instantly Venus shut her mouth. Queen Serenity rose from her throne and walked towards one of the many windows that allowed her to see Earth. So, her daughter had fallen in love with the planet and its prince. What was she to do? Venus could be right, perhaps the Earthlings did want the crystal for themselves. Still . . . Queen Serenity liked to believe that the Earthlings were good people.

"Where do you plan to search next?"

"I wish to call upon Uranus and Neptune, your majesty," Venus informed her. "They could comb the other planets while we focus our search here and on Earth."

"Yes, send Mars to meet with Uranus and Neptune to inform them of the situation," Queen Serenity ordered. "As for Earth, I shall meet with Prince Endymion and the court of Earth."

"You, Queen Serenity?" Venus muttered.

"Yes," The Queen said firmly. "I will inform the monarchy there of our situation and then see if their Prince Endymion is responsible. I do not want to jump to conclusions because of our alliance with Earth."

"I shall escort you-"

"No," The Queen interjected. "I want you to remain here and conduct the search. Mercury and Mars will accompany me."

"Yes, your majesty." The Leader of the Senshi answered.

"We must find her," Queen Serenity murmured. "We must find my daughter."

"Where will she stay?" Oliver asked Clark as they watched the sleeping form of the Moon Princess. "I mean, she can't stay here. Even if she is the Moon Princess-"

"Which I strongly believe she is." Clark interrupted.

"Then, it might not be safe for her." Oliver concluded.

"True," Clark agreed. "She certainly is very noticeable in those clothes."

"We need to get her out and somewhere safe."

"Watchtower?" Clark suggested and Oliver couldn't stop the frown from appearing on his face. Watchtower reminded him of Chloe and memories brought pain. "Oliver-"

"I'm fine," Oliver replied cooly. "No, we can't send her there either. We can't watch her all the time. For all we know, her story could be a lie."

"With powers like that?" Clark argued. "Whoever she is, she's powerful and she's clearly not from around here."

"Endymion," Serenity mumbled as she turned over in her sleep. "Wait."

"Who's Endymion?" Clark asked.

"No clue," Oliver replied. "But she keeps calling to him every time she's asleep."

"Hmmm," Clark paused. "We should ask her about him. He might be after her or he might be able to tell us more about her."

"What about Lois?"


"Yeah," Oliver answered. "Couldn't Lois watch her? At least until we know with what we're dealing with?"

"I could ask." Clark mumbled as he pulled out his cellphone. He punched in a number and then stepped outside. Oliver sighed and ran a hand through his hair. This girl . . . who was she really? Moon Princesses were the stuff of fairy tales and most certainly not real. Then again, he was a superhero and one of his best friends was an alien. Still . . . there had to be a logical explanation for Serenity.

Her crescent moon glowed a golden yellow and Oliver had to shield his eyes from the blinding light. When the shine finally dissipated, Serenity had changed completely. Her golden locks had been cropped into a blonde bob. Her dress had been replaced with skinny jeans and a pink sweater. The crescent itself had seemingly disappeared and Oliver suddenly wondered if it even existed at all.

One question remained for sure:

What the hell was going on here?

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