Valmont was not happy. After contacting his men to find out what was keeping them all Ratso's response was "flat tire" .So now he was currently racing to his underlings last known location to at least salvage some of the loot.

"Stop" Valmont told the driver of his truck. "Well well" he said stepping out of the truck and seeing the person standing before him. Unaware of his presence.

The air shimmers for a moment as the spectral form of Shendu appears. Looking around the vanquished dragon takes stock of the situation. He sees a capsized truck surrounded with lots of money. he sees Chan's little brat being chased around by that fool Finn. Then he looks up and spots his prey on the top of the cliff. "Chan"

"this is just perfect" Valmont thinks as he runs down the hill "Chan's to preoccupied with his niece to notice me".

"Now is the perfect time to take Chan's body and make it mine" Shendu thinks as he flies to the top of the cliff.

Valmont picks up speed when nearing Chan's location. Grinning as his nemeses is completely fixated on the girl, who seems to have problems with her jet-pack "time to rid myself of this pest" he thinks.

"It is now or never. Chan's body is right for the picking" Shendu thinks as he speeds towards his quarry. "Soon I will free my brethren"

Valmont can't help but smile as his kick connects with Chan's back. Knocking him off the cliff. that smile quickly vanishes as something hits him in the chest.

Shendu's eyes widen in surprise as Chan is knocked off the cliff by Valmont. Mere moments before he could posses him. At the same time he realizes he is going too fast. And once he possesses Valmont his siblings curse will not allow him to leave.

Desperately trying to think of something Shendu does not notice the small orange blur entering his vision.

Valmont slowly gets up wondering what hit him. When he hears a long cry. Looking around his eyes widen in horror at the sound's source.

As Shendu feels the locking-curse taking effect. He realizes something is wrong. The body is smaller than he expected and feels familiar?. He opens his new eyes and looks down at himself. Upon seeing the orange hoodie, realization hits him as Po Kong Kong an all-you-can-eat buffet. "NOOOOOO"

At first glance Chan's little brat standing before him. Would be an excellent opportunity for revenge. If not for the Blood red eyes. And the obvious evil aura surrounding her.

The words she spoke however chilled him to the bone. Not because of their meaning. But because they are spoken in the voice that haunts his nightmares.

"Greetings Valmont, it would appear we have much to discuss"

To be continued.

Author note

I created this story in response to Eduard Kassel and Nocturne no Kitsune's dark jade Project.

They make great story's and I just got inspired.

I have a busy life so I don't know when I have time to write. None the les I hope you enjoy the story.

(PS And a big applause to whoever guesses the reverence to the show I put in the title)